In these four messages of the early 1950s from the Lady of All Nations (ecclesiastical approval, May 31, 2002, see “Church Approves Apparitions of the Lady of All Nations” article), Our Lady explains and calls for a fifth Marian dogma. The message of April 29, 1951, speaks of how the Lady shared the bodily and spiritual sufferings of her Son. Several months later, on July 2, she explains that she became Co-redemptrix by giving her Son the flesh and blood with which he was to redeem man. That year, on the feast of the Assumption, she told visionary Ida Peerdeman that the final dogma would be the greatest one. Then, on October 5, 1952, she spoke of how the three thoughts of Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate form the one whole of the dogma that will be “the keystone of Marian history.” – Asst. Ed.

Message of April 29, 1951

I see a bright light; the Lady slowly comes forth from it. Now I see her standing before me clearly, and she says,

I am standing here as the Lady of All Nations, and I come right now in order to show that I wish to be the Lady of All Nations. Listen carefully. You see me standing here upon the globe, against the Cross of the Son. You have not forgotten to pass on anything. Only that the loincloth was not there yet. It was worn by the Son; say this.

The Dogma of the Coredemptrix

“I stand here as the Coredemptrix and Advocate. Every thought should be directed at that. Repeat this after me: the new dogma shall be the dogma of the Coredemptrix. ‘Co’—this I stress especially. I have said: much controversy will arise over that. Once again I tell you: the Church, Rome, will carry through with it and fight for it. The Church, Rome, will incur opposition and stand firm. The Church, Rome, will grow stronger and more powerful insofar as she stands firm in the fight. My intention and my instruction for you is none other than to urge the Church, the theologians, onward to this fight. For the Father, the Son, the Spirit wants to bring the Lady, chosen to bring the Redeemer, into this world as Coredemptrix and Advocate.”

“I have said: this time is Our time. By this I mean the following: the world is caught up in degeneration and superficiality; it does not know which direction to turn. That is why the Father is sending me to be the Advocate, so that the Holy Spirit will come. For the world is not saved by force, the world will be saved by the Spirit. For it is nothing other than ideas which rule the world. Very well then, Church of Rome, know your task. Bring your ideas, bring Christ anew.”

The Lady Under the Cross

Now the Lady moves away from the Cross, and once more I feel those terrible pains very fiercely. This lasts for a while, and then I see the Lady standing before the Cross as in a haze. Then again violent spiritual and bodily pains come over me. I feel so exhausted; it is as if I were going to collapse, and I say, “I can’t bear it any more.” Meanwhile I see the Lady collapsing beneath the Cross, and she throws both her arms around the feet of her Son, while weeping bitterly. After this I see her rise. From the right I see a sword appearing, with its point directed at the Lady’s heart. Then I hear her say, “That was the stab which was predicted to me.”

It Is Already Predestined

Then all pain and spiritual depression fall away from me, and I again see the Lady clearly, standing before the Cross. She looks at me and says, “Child, pass it on well that those who fight and work for this cause, which the Son wants to be realized, are to do so with great ardor and zeal.”

Now the Lady smiles and says,

I will help them. I told you, recited to you, that simple prayer to the Father and the Son. See to it that it is made known throughout the world, among all peoples. They all have a right to it. I assure you that the world will change.

But you, child, shall simply pass on what I say. Your spiritual director shall simply do my will. You ask how it will come about? Just by spreading it; nothing else is requested for the time being. It is only that this shall precede. I say once more: precede. This image will be used as a preceding work of peace and redemption. Later on they will use this image for the Coredemptrix …

Now the Lady pauses for a moment. Then she says once more very emphatically,


The Lady, the Mother, shared in the sufferings, both spiritual and bodily. She always preceded. When the Father selected her, she was already the Coredemptrix with the Redeemer, He who came into the world as Man-God. Tell this to your theologians. I know, the struggle will be severe and great…

And then the Lady smiles to herself, and it is as if she gazes into the far distance—”but it is already predestined.”

The Seriousness of the Times

Then the Lady says to me, while coming closer,

Now you see me standing here clearly, very clearly. This is how the image is to go over the world. Child, insist that these things be carried through. No, they shall not hesitate; they shall act. The times are much too serious. Nobody realizes how serious. I also want to come among those peoples who are being kept away from the Son. Save those who are being forced to turn away from Him. It is your duty. The world is degenerating so much that it was necessary for the Father and the Son to send me into this world, among all nations, in order to come as Advocate and to redeem. Tell this to the theologians.

Then I see the Lady leave, and again I hear her say, “This time is Our time.”

Message of July 2, 1951

I see the Lady again, standing in a bright light. She smiles and says, while looking around her, “I am content. See to the outspreading. I have said: from here a great action for God is to begin, and all are to cooperate in it.”

Explanation of the New Dogma

“Now look carefully and listen. The following is an explanation of the new dogma. As Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate I stand on the globe before the Cross of the Redeemer. By the will of the Father, the Redeemer came to the world. For this, the Father used the Lady. Thus, from the Lady the Redeemer received only—now I am stressing the word ‘only’—the flesh and blood, that is to say, the body. From my Lord and Master the Redeemer received His Divinity. In this way the Lady became the Coredemptrix. I have said: this time is Our time. This means that the Father and the Son wants to send the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate throughout the whole world in this time.”

Love of God, Love of Neighbor

Then the Lady remains before me for a long time without saying anything. Then, looking at her hands, she says,

Now look carefully at my hands. From them come forth the rays of Grace, Redemption and Peace. The rays are shining upon all nations, upon all the sheep. Among these people there are many of good will. To be of good will means to keep the first and greatest commandment. The first and greatest commandment is Love. One who possesses love will honor one’s Lord and Creator in His creation. One who possesses love will do nothing dishonorable towards one’s neighbor. That is what this world lacks: Love of God, Love of Neighbor.

Who Once Was Mary

“This time is Our time. All nations must honor the Lord and Master in His creation. All nations shall pray for the True and Holy Spirit. That is why I have given this short and powerful prayer. So I say once more: this prayer shall be spread rapidly. The whole world is falling into degeneration. People of good will shall pray every day that the True Spirit may come! I am the Lady of All Nations. This time is Our time.

‘Who once was Mary’ means: many people have known Mary as Mary. Now, however, in this new era which is about to begin, I wish to be the Lady of All Nations. Everyone understands this. Tell this to your spiritual director. Tell him that I am content with everything, and now I stress the word ‘everything.’ And I tell you, child, to do and pass on what I want. Have no fear; pass it on!”

And now the Lady slowly goes away.

Message of August 15, 1951

I see the Lady. She says, “Today I come as the Lady of All Nations.”

Then the Lady points around herself. She looks at me and says,

I crushed the snake with my foot. I became united with the Son, just as I was always united with Him. In the history of the Church, this, the dogma, preceded. (1) As Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate I stand here now in this time, in Our time. The dogma of the Assumption had to precede. The final and greatest dogma is to follow. The Sacrifice is present and shall be present in the midst of the world, in this time.

Entrusted to the Mother

Now the Lady moves away from the Cross and once again I feel intense pain. Then the Lady places herself again before the Cross, and I am greatly distressed at the sight of her suffering. I see a bright light coming from the Cross. The Lady says,

Humanity is entrusted to the Mother. For the Son said: “Woman, behold your son; son, behold your mother”—therefore Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. Tell this to your theologians. Say that I wish to be and shall be the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.

The Final Marian Dogma

“This image shall precede; this image shall be spread. Tell this to your spiritual director. I am satisfied with everything, including his prudence. But… the Lady of All Nations will place herself in the world. This is the will of the Father and the Son, with whom I am completely united again. Just as the Son knew me, so did He take me back again. The final Marian dogma will be the greatest one: to stand as Coredemptrix before the Cross in this time.”

Do Not Hesitate

“I have said: disasters will come, natural disasters. I have said: the great ones will disagree with one another. I have said: the world is falling into degeneration. That is why the Father and the Son now sends the Lady back into the world as she was. The Lady was once known as Mary.

The world is falling into degeneration, is in degeneration. The Netherlands is on the brink of degeneration; that is why I have put my foot on it. From the Netherlands I want to give my words to the world. My other foot is placed on Germany. Die Mutter Gottes weint über die Kinder Deutschlands. (2) They have always been my children, and that is why, from Germany too, I wish to be brought into the world as the Lady of All Nations.

I shall help you and all who see to this. I even want the outspreading to penetrate into those countries which are cut off from others. There also will the Lady of All Nations give her blessing. See to this; do not hesitate. For I myself never hesitated. I went before the Son on the way to the Cross. This image shall precede. This image shall be brought into the world. Do you realize, Rome, how much everything is being undermined? Years will pass by, years will elapse. But the more the years, the less faith; the more the years, the greater the apostasy. The Lady of All Nations stands here and says, I want to help them, and I may help them.”


“The first and greatest commandment for humanity is Love. One who possesses love will honor one’s Lord and Master in His creation, that is to say, see the greatness of His creation, including the Sacrifice. One who possesses love will do unto others all which one would want done unto oneself. Love is the first and the greatest commandment which Christ gave. This is what I want to bring today. This message is to be passed on. You are the instrument.”

To What Is Good, to Christ

“The Church will encounter much opposition on account of the new dogma. It will arouse astonishment in others. It will only make the Church stronger and more powerful. Do you know, Rome, how great your power is? Are you aware of what you have in your hands? Simply bring humanity to what is good, to Christ. Other little things do not matter.

I wish to be the Lady of All Nations. I will and may bestow Grace, Redemption and Peace upon all who ask me. I promise this today.”

One in Christ

“You, child, shall wait quietly. Your spiritual director should not be so afraid.

Bring all nations together as one mind. Let all nations be one in Jesus Christ.”

And now the Lady slowly goes away.

Message of October 5, 1952

“Here I am again. I have come to bring a special message. Pass on everything well.

Never has Miriam, or Mary, officially been called Co-redemptrix in the community, in the Church. Never has she officially been called Mediatrix. Never has she officially been called Advocate. These three thoughts belong closely together. These three thoughts form one whole. That is why this will be the keystone of Marian history; it will become the dogma of the Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.

And I am not reproaching theologians now as I say: why can you not come to an agreement about this dogma? I will explain it yet again and make it even clearer.”

From the Beginning

“The Father sent the Lord Jesus Christ as Redeemer for all peoples. The Lord Jesus Christ was this from the beginning. He became this at the Sacrifice and at His departure to the Father. Miriam, or Mary, became the Handmaid of the Lord, chosen by the Father and the Holy Spirit. At the beginning she was—by this election—the Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate of all nations. Only at the departure of the God-Man, the Lord Jesus Christ, did she become the Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. At the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ, He gave Miriam, or Mary, to the nations in one act, giving her as ‘The Lady of All Nations.’ For He spoke the words, ‘Woman, behold your son; son, behold your mother.’ One act, and by this Miriam, or Mary, received this new title.”

The Other Dogmas

“How is it that this is entering the world only now: ‘The Lady of All Nations’? Because the Lord has awaited this time. The other dogmas had to precede, just as her life first had to precede the Lady of All Nations. All the dogmas that preceded comprise the life and the departure of the Lady. For the theologians this simple explanation will be sufficient. It was necessary to give this explanation once again.”

The Burdensome Task of the Pope

“Now I ask you, child, to keep listening carefully. Tell all who are placed over you and are cooperating that the time is now dawning. Do not be afraid; you will get to your Holy Father. Do not be afraid, the Lady of All Nations will give him his sign. Then tell the Pope that he is the fighter, the pioneer for this new time.”

It is as if I again see a hall in the Vatican. Many clerics are together there with all sorts of papers before them. Then I suddenly see the Holy Father again, alone. He too has many papers before him. The Lady says, “Tell the Pope that the Lord and the Lady will assist him in his difficult and burdensome task, that he should prepare and carry out everything for the coming times. He knows what I mean.”

The Lady says this with a very special intonation as if speaking about the future.

This time is Our time. A burdensome task is resting upon his shoulders. He shall check whether everything which he says and wants of the community, the Church, is being carried through. Tell him that. You, child, will get there, and do not hesitate or be afraid to say all this, all this which the Lady of All Nations has come to say. For she is the one who brought these messages. She only wants you to be the instrument and to obey her.

Empty Hands

Now I inwardly tell the Lady that I have nothing to offer. I don’t understand why she is choosing me for this. Then the Lady says,

You are telling me that you have only empty hands to offer. The Lady is only asking you to pass these messages on to those who need them. The Lady will do the rest. Be faithful. Help the people who are in need, and by this I mean: spiritual needs. You can help by saying this prayer. More is not expected.

Tell your spiritual director to be at peace, that everything is all right. The Lady will help him too.

Priests and Religious

“Now I am speaking to all priests and religious. All of you are apostles and handmaids of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” As the Lady is saying this, I see a great number of priests and religious standing before her. There is a sudden change in her bearing, her voice and her figure, which is otherwise very beautiful and lofty. It is as if the Lady is now standing there as a mother, an ordinary mother speaking to her children. She says, “Now the Lady is not reproaching you. She knows she has human beings before her. It is hard for you in this time, but act in the Spirit of your Lord and Master Jesus Christ. He went before you as God, as Man.”

Unity Among One Another

“Be apostles among one another. For you are all one. Each of you must see to being an apostle. Be of one mind among one another. How can the community, the Church, be large and one if you are divided among one another? Be warned, and try to be honest and good to one another. No, the Lady is not reproaching you, but she has come, as a good mother, to warn the apostles of the Church about false prophets, about the wrong spirit. Everyone pray the prayer which I have given. The Lady of All Nations has been sent specifically in this time in order to conquer spiritual decline, degeneration. You who are in spiritual need, come to the Lady of All Nations and she will help.”

Love Embraces Everything

“Next I tell the apostles of this time: be broad-minded, be mild. Be good to people. Condemn and judge just as the Lord Jesus Christ did. Understand your time, understand the fight. Be aware that the spirit is fighting. This is the time of the spirit. The fight is hard and difficult, but the True Spirit will triumph, provided that all of you cooperate. Church of Rome, seize your opportunity. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit now wants to make His Church large. Understand your doctrine well. It is necessary for the Lady to come and say all of this. Remember the first and greatest commandment: Love. That embraces everything.”

Amsterdam and the Image: The Dominicans

“And now, lastly, I speak to N (3). I am content with you. The Lord asked three sacrifices of you. Now the Lady has come to ask something of you. This image was your gift to the Lady. This image, however, is destined for all people, for everyone who wants to come to the Lady of All Nations. Give them this image. It is the Lady’s wish that this image go to the Netherlands and in particular to Amsterdam. The Lady has her special reason for this. To Amsterdam, the city of the Miracle (4), the Lady of All Nations, too, shall come there.

The Netherlands is on its way to degeneration. The Lady still wants to preserve this country from this, and that is why she is placing one foot upon it. She wanted the action to start from here, but she wants the image to be in Amsterdam (5). Make this sacrifice. Hand it over to the Dominicans. Mark well, the offerings which are given will not be for the Dominicans alone, but for all the needs of the Church. The Lady of All Nations wants to entrust only the image to the care of the Dominicans. It is, however, no special privilege; it is destined for all peoples. Later I will come to speak about this in particular.”

And now the Lady slowly goes away.

The messages were taken from The Messages of the Lady of All Nations, The Lady of All Nations Foundation, 1999.


(1) The Lady is here referring to the dogma of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven.

(2) This sentence was said in German and means: “The Mother of God weeps for the people of Germany.”

(3) Here the Lady says the name of the person who funded the painting of the Lady of All Nations.

(4) Our Lady is here referring to a Eucharistic Miracle that took place in Amsterdam on March 15, 1345.

(5) The visionary received this message in Germany. The painting, which had been made in Germany, was still there (The first prayer cards were spread from Germany, too).