The following is an excerpt from the great Marian classic “The Glories of Mary” by the Marian doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus de Liguori. Mary, “O, Gracious Advocate” is the first in a three part series dedicated to this important doctrinal role of Our Lady as advocate for all humanity.


Section I.  Mary is an Advocate who is able to save all.

So great is the authority that mothers possess over their sons, that even if they are monarchs, and have absolute dominion over every person in their kingdom, yet never can mothers become the subjects of their sons. It is true that Jesus now in heaven sits at the right hand of the Father, that is, as Saint Thomas explains it, even as man, on account of the hypostatical union with the Person of the Divine Word. He has supreme dominion over all, and also over Mary; it will nevertheless be always true that for a time, when He was living in this world, He was pleased to humble Himself and to be subject to Mary, as we are told by St. Luke: ” And He was subject to them.”  And still more, says Saint Ambrose, Jesus Christ having deigned to make Mary His Mother, inasmuch as He was her Son, He was truly obliged to obey her. And for this reason, says Richard of Saint Lawrence, ‘ of other Saints we say that they are with God; but of Mary alone can it be said that she was so far favoured as to be not only herself submissive to the will of God, but even that God was subject to her will.’  And whereas of all other virgins, remarks the same author, we must say that ” they fol­low the Lamb whithersoever he goeth,”  of the Blessed Virgin Mary we can say that the Lamb followed her, having become subject to her.