This is the third in a series of three selctions by St. Alphonsus de Liguori on Our Lady as Advocate. -Asst.Ed.

Section III. Mary is the Peace-maker between sinners and God.

The grace of God is the greatest and the most de­sirable of treasures for every soul. It is called by the Holy Ghost an infinite treasure; for by the means of Divine grace we are raised to the honour of being the friends of God. These are the words of the Book of Wisdom: ” For she is an infinite treasure to men; which they that use become the friends of God.” And hence Jesus, our Redeemer and God, did not hesitate to call those His friends who were in grace: ” You are My friends.”  O accursed sin, that dissolves this friendship! ” But your iniquities,” says the prophet Isaias, “have divided between you and your God.”  And putting hatred between the soul and God, it is changed from a friend into an enemy of its Lord, as expressed in the Book of Wisdom : ” But to God the wicked and his wickedness are hateful alike.”  What, then, must a sinner do who has the misfortune to be the enemy of God? He must find a mediator who will obtain pardon for him, and who will enable him to recover the lost friendship of God.

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