This December 8th, 1952 message, continuing our series from the Lady of All Nations apparitions, reveals that the Mother of God is entering our present times as the “Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate,” and that the Lord gave her these titles “in one significant act.” These apparitions received Church approval on May 31st, 2002; for more information, see “Church Approves Apparitions of the Lady of All Nations,” Marian Private Revelation Category. – Assistant Editor

“My message of today is destined for all nations: I am entering these times as ‘Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.’ In one act the Lord gave Mary these three titles, gave these three concepts in one significant act. The dogma will be much disputed; therefore, I have given you that detailed explanation.

The time is at hand. Tell the Pope’s Sacristan to inform the Pope. He must bring ‘the Lady of All Nations’ to him. The Pope should prepare this dogma and offer it for consideration. Tell him the time is ripe. The Holy Spirit must come upon this world. Let the Holy Father not be hesitant about his decisions. For he is ‘the fighter.’ I shall give him My sign. I have said this picture is to prepare the way. This picture must be spread all over the world. It is the illustration of the new dogma. This is why I have personally given this picture to the nations. The prayer will remain to the end. The prayer that Mary as ‘the Lady of All Nations’ has presented to the world, will have to be said in all churches. You should employ your modern means to achieve this. Ask permission and it will be granted to you. Know well: the time is drawing near.”

After a moments pause, the Lady says very slowly and distinctly, “53.”

She indicates the globe on which She stands and says, “We are on the eve of weighty decisions. We are on the eve of great oppression. The enemy of our Lord Jesus Christ has worked slowly but effectively. His posts are manned. His work is almost finished. Nations, take warning: the spirit of untruth, lies and deceit, is carrying many away. The decisive day is beginning.”

The Lady silently gazes in front of Her. Then She resumes. “Great threatening dangers hang over the world. The Churches will be undermined still more.”

After another thoughtful silence, the Lady adds,

You must realize why I come as “the Lady of All Nations.” I come in order to rally all nations in the Spirit, in the Spirit of Truth. All men must learn to find the Holy Spirit. Strive after justice, truth and love. Do not reject your brothers. Lead them on to the knowledge of the True Spirit. A heavy responsibility rests upon the people of these times. Educators and parents, take care of the young. Do show them the way to the True Church—the Community. It was necessary for the Lord to send Mary, His Handmaid, into these times as “the Lady of All Nations.” I warn the world and therefore I bring this message.”

Now once more I speak to all apostles and all religious.” (Now the Lady looks very concerned).

Then the Lady says,

Listen well to a loving Mother. She wants to help you, too, in these times. Say this prayer and implore the intercession of “the Lady of All Nations” and She will help you. Be just, sincere and charitable to one another. Co-operate in the one great cause of making the Church reach out to everyone. Let the regular and secular clergy understand one another and work together for the one great cause! Are you not all the same?

In thoughtful silence the Lady again looks in front of Her. After a long time She says, slowly and clearly, “Know how to evaluate and judge after the example of the Lord Jesus Christ. ‘The Lady of All Nations’ cannot impress this upon you enough. Listen to My words, which in these anxious times I am allowed to speak. I am speaking to all when I say, ‘You have no idea how serious and how difficult these times are.'”

Another pause, while the Lady gazes into the distance. “The Pope of Rome,” the Lady resumes, “has a heavier task than any of his predecessors. People, do help the Holy Father. Imitate his example. Follow the precepts of the Encyclicals. Let the world be filled with their teaching! For then the spirit of untruth, lies and deception will be frustrated.”

Now the Lady looks at the sheep round about Her and says,

You that stand with your head upturned, do teach those that still roam about, grazing, to lift up theirs also.

White people, respect the rights of the black people. You should support and help one another and “the Lady of All Nations” will be there and help you wherever you are. She is indeed the “Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.” This will be the last dogma. Set to work at it immediately and speedily. “The Lady of All Nations” promises to aid mankind if they acknowledge this title and invoke Her under this title. Make this message known. It is high time! Fear not, I will help.

This picture will go to the Netherlands, to Amsterdam, and that in the year ’53. It will be placed in the new church—the Church of “the Lady of All Nations.” It will be entrusted to the care of the Dominicans and temporarily be brought into a chapel or church, the choice of which is left to the clergy and the donor of the painting. The new church must be built as quickly as possible. This picture is to be placed on the altar built on the Gospel side. On the Epistle side there will be the altar of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Where the grass is still growing, there “the Lady of All Nations” is soon going to be. Tell your Bishop that it is the wish of “the Lady of All Nations” that this church should be built there. The Dominicans are to take charge of the spreading of the Messages and of the picture.

As the Lady disappears, She says, “I shall bestow great graces under this title.”