This message of October 11, 1953 from the Lady of All Nations (Church approved apparition, May 31, 2002) emphasizes the universal call to pray the prayer of the Lady of All Nations as a powerful means for peace in the world. The message also reiterates the call for the Holy Father to “see to the last Marian dogma-the crowing of the Mother.” It has also been speculated that the repeated references to number fifty-three could be added to the year when the apparitions ceased in 1959.

The Lady of All Nations’ has the power to bring the world peace. Yet She has to be asked for it under this title.  The Lady of All Nations will assist the Church of Rome…

They should say my prayer against degeneration disaster and war, and spread it among all peoples. I shall help the Church of Rome – the Community. The nations should call me under this title.

The Lord is the Redeemer of all nations. Mary, the Mother, was from the beginning chosen as Co-Redemptrix. She became Co-Redemptrix at the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ to the Father. She became the Mediatrix and Advocate of all people.