” Now I will give a reply to all those who have asked for a sign.” ( Here the Lady compassionately shook her head.) ” To all them I say: My signs are contained in my words. Oh, you of little faith! You are like children who insist upon fireworks, whereas they have no eyes for the true light and for the true fire. ( Here the Lady smiled, full of compassion.)

” You seek and seek in para-this and para-that. But to this ‘the Lady of All Nations’ has a reply as well: it is the PARACLETE who effects all this.

” Before the Lord Jesus Christ died His bodily death; before the Lord Jesus Christ ascended to the Father; before the Lord Jesus Christ appeared in the world – moved anew among men..He gave you the great Mystery, the great Miracle of everyday, every hour, every minute. He gave you HIMSELF. No nations, ( She shook her head vehemently as she said this) NOT MERELY A REMEMBRANCE; no, nations, listen to what He said: NOT JUST AN IDEA, but HIMSELF, UNDER THE APPEARANCE OF A LITTLE PIECE OF BREAD, UNDER THE APPEARANCE OF WINE. THIS IS HOW THE LORD WANTS TO COME AMONG YOU, DAY AFTER DAY. DO ACCEPT IT. DO ACT ON IT. HE GIVES YOU THE FORETASTE – THE FORETASTES OF ETERNAL LIFE.”

” Go to the Holy Father and tell him that I have said: the time has now arrived for the Dogma to be proclaimed. I shall come back privately at the time chosen by the Lord to assist the Church and the priests. Say that celibacy is endangered from within, but the Holy Father must always uphold it, notwithstanding all opposition.”