“Tell the world that I wish to be the ‘Lady of All Nations’. Let the world pray to the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, that He send the Holy Spirit, so that the Spirit of Truth may dwell in the hearts of all nations. Ask the the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary, may be the Advocate. ‘ The Lady of All Nations ‘ is standing here before the Cross of her Son. Her feet are placed on the center of the earth; around her is the flock of Jesus Christ. I come as the Co-Redemptrix-Mediatrix at this time. Co-Redemptrix I already was at the Annuciation.

This means that the Mother became Co-Redemptrix by the Will of the Father. Tell your theologians this. Tell them, moreover, that this will be the last dogma in Marian history.

This picture shall prepare the way. Have this picture brought to the world; and thereby I mean the whole world, not only your country. The world is degenerating. The world is being afflicted with disaster upon disaster. The world will be and is – economically and materially at a dead end. Wars will continue until the Spirit of Truth comes with His help. Get the people back to the Cross.

This world can be saved only through the Church that holds this doctrine.

Tell all those you co-operate with, to spread the prayer-picture in even greater numbers farther afield. I shall assist them.”