In the March 20, 1953 message from the Lady of All Nations (ecclesiastical approval, May 31, 2002, see “Church Approves Apparitions of the Lady of All Nations” article) Our Lady speaks of the imperative for the Holy Father to “prepare the Marian dogma of the Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate” while adding “she will do her part in it.” The Blessed Virgin then predicts a series of upcoming events which include a politico-economic struggle, false prophets, meteors, disasters and catastrophes of nature. She also directs the peoples of Europe to seek unity, but above all to be “of one mind in the True Holy Spirit,” and further prophesies that a new church will be built in Amsterdam dedicated to “the Lady of All Nations.” – Ed.

I see “the Lady of All Nations” standing before me. She says,

Tell them that the time has now come. It is upon us—the time, when the world will know that I have come as “the Lady of All Nations.” I wish that now to be made known to the world. Tell the Sacristan of the Pope, that my message to him is: fear nothing. He should read all the messages and pass them on to the Holy Father. Do not fear child. You will get there. Have no fear. It is I who gave you the message that the time has come.

After a long pause the Lady adds, “53 is the year of ‘the Lady of All Nations.'”

Now the Lady looks in front of Her for a long time and finally says, “Before the Lord Jesus Christ returned to the Father—before the Sacrifice of the Cross began—the Lord Jesus Christ gave to the nations of the whole world the daily miracle.” Now the Lady casts a searching glance over the globe and very slowly and questioningly says, “How many are there… (pause) who experience this great wonder? They pass this great miracle by. The daily Sacrifice has to have its place again at the center of this degenerate world.”

Then the Lady seems to look into the distance, saying,

And now I address myself to the Holy Father: you have accomplished much. Now “the Lady of All Nations” asks you once again to make sure to see everything through that remains to be done. He knows what I mean. The Holy Father should prepare the Marian dogma of the Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. She will do Her part in it.

Now there is an extremely long pause while the Lady looks searchingly into the distance. Then She says,

In order to prove that I am “the Lady of All Nations,” I said: great powers will be overthrown; a politico-economic struggle will arise; be on your guard against false prophets; be on the lookout for the meteors; there will be disaster; there will be catastrophes of nature. We are faced with weighty decisions—We shall be under heavy pressure.

Then the Lady gazes in front of Her as if into an abyss and says very slowly and distinctly:

53. Peoples of Europe, close your ranks. It is “the Lady of All Nations” who calls on you to do so—not as though you would want to destroy your enemy, but so that you might win him over to your side. Just as you are striving to achieve political unity, so you must also be of one mind in the True Holy Spirit. A great sense of oppression hangs over the world. Your enemy is lying in wait. Church of Rome, seize your opportunity. It is the modern humanism, realism, socialism and communism that have the world in their clutches. Listen to the Lady who wants to be your Mother.

Pray, nations, that your sacrifice may be acceptable to the Lord. Pray, nations, that “the Lady of All Nations” may be your Advocate.

Then the Lady, very slowly and distinctly, adds,

And now “the Lady of All Nations” promises to grant true peace to all nations. But the nations, together with the Church—understand well—together with the Church will have to say My prayer in that year. Inform the Sacristan. Tell him that this is the time for it. Great world events are still to come.

The Lady has stopped speaking and seems to be moving from Her place. Then She adds, “Watch where I am going.” Now I see the Lady as it were, standing near the “Wandelweg” in Amsterdam, above a plot of grass. “You see Me standing here in the field. This is where the new church is going to be.”

I seem to be entering the church with Her. Then the Lady speaks: “On the High Altar the Sacrifice of the Cross—the ‘Daily Miracle.'” I now see the High Altar and the Lady indicates the tabernacle and the crucifix, “Adjacent to it, on the Gospel side, will be the altar of ‘the Lady of All Nations,’ and on the Epistle side the altar of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Notice well, my child: on the same level with the Sacrifice.” Here the Lady indicates the High Altar again and I see the three altars adjoining on the same level.

The Lady continues,

I have chosen the Dominican Fathers for this task. There the donor should place the painting, which must promptly go to Amsterdam. It is Amsterdam I have selected as the seat of “the Lady of All Nations.” This is also the City of the Blessed Sacrament. Make sure you grasp all this. The work of spreading should be taken in hand by the monasteries and thence go to all the clergy, to all the peoples. Dominicans, remember what has been given into your charge. (This the Lady says with emphasis). 

Your director should see to it. Have no fear. It is Mary, “the Lady of All Nations” who brings you this message.

After a pause the Lady says, clearly and slowly, “She will save the world under this title.”

Then the Lady very slowly disappears.

This message was taken from The Messages of The Lady of All Nations, Queenship, 1996