On Monday, March 26, the great Solemnity of the Annunciation, we are happy to announce the first public online viewing of “www.AmsterdamApparitions.com”, the official English website of the Lady of All Nations Apparitions.  This website carries the approval of His Excellency, Josef Maria Punt, Bishop of Haarlem-Amsterdam, who granted local Church approval of the Amsterdam Apparitions on May 31, 2002.  AmsterdamApparitions.com will provide you with an accurate translation of the Lady of All Nations Messages, the  “Eucharistic Experiences” of visionary, Ida Peerdeman, the Prayer of the Lady of All Nations for immediate download, petitions for the Fifth Marian Dogma in six languages, and numerous articles on the Lady of All Nations, the Fifth Marian Dogma movement, along with the official ecclesiastical statements from the Diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam.

AmsterdamApparitions.com is also the home site of the new dynamic documentary, “Peace Through A Woman”, a documented study of the predictions given by the Lady of All Nations, many of which are being fulfilled in our headlines today.  Narrated by Hollywood star, Martin Sheen, “Peace Through A Woman” has been aired in over a dozen countries worldwide, and is available for your own personal viewing by visiting AmsterdamApparitions.com.

Visit www.AmsterdamApparitons.com.  

Download the Prayer of the Lady of All Nations.

Download and mail a petition to Pope Benedict XVI for the fifth Marian Dogma.

Let us all do our part in bringing true peace to the world by responding to the call of the Lady of All Nations.