Listen to the beauty, gentleness, and maternal solicitude contained in the following message of Our Lady though Anne a Lay Apostle, as they appear in Volume I from the Direction For Our Times message to the world – Ed.

The Blessed Mother adds: “My heart aches for my little ones. I see them twisting and turning in despair. How I hover near them, waiting for them to glance at me so that I may rush in to comfort and guide them. Alas, they look everywhere but to heaven. It was never this way to such a degree in the world. People are ashamed to ask God for help because they feel it is a sign of weakness. They fear trust. They think it makes them like children.

So it does. And that is what they must be to enter in the kingdom of heaven, which is their eternal home. We must help souls to realize that it is time to come back to Jesus now. Time is short. There is no other way to say that. I want all souls to convert in the silence of their hearts and Jesus and I will lead them by the hand. No harm shall come upon them if they turn to us in their hearts. My heart is soft and forgiving. Like any good mother, I forget the mistakes of my children almost immediately. I can help poor sinners to forgive them- selves and seek the forgiveness of my Son, a forgiveness that heals and strengthens. Sinners must not be afraid. They must simply close their eyes and say, ‘God, I have made mistakes. I’m sorry. I am Your child, though, and seek to be united to You.’ My child, all of heaven weeps for joy when even one soul makes this act of humility and love. How we rush in to assist this soul, and protect him from the attacks of the evil one. We nurture and guide this soul until he is back walking the path to Christ with confidence. Don’t be afraid, dear souls. You will find no recriminations. Only love. Be reconciled to the loving heart of my Son, who will lead you to the Father. What joy will be mine, to see you safely with Jesus.”

Our Mother adds: “See the beauty of my Son’s plan? Do you not feel it in your hearts, little children? There is no room for sadness and despair when you walk toward heaven, only happiness and hope, regardless of your earthly concerns. We are in every cross you carry. Jesus’ plan is perfect and allows for every eventuality. You may question Him at times, my small ones, but never doubt Him. You will know no disappointment if you follow us. Jesus is concerned about the fast- ness of today’s world. It provides distraction and causes the spirit to move constantly, never pausing and recollecting itself. This is why so many of our children struggle with anxiety. Remember that anxiety never comes from God and is a sure sign that something is amiss in the way you are living. We seek to change this now. You chosen ones are the beginning of our movement of silence, peace, and love. What you feel in your heart right now is my gift to you. Be joyful, my little ones. Your mother is with you and loves you immeasurably.”

Jesus is waiting for you, my little one. I will help you and show you the way. Pray more, even when you do not feel like praying. Pray always, even if it is just a simple sentence, a simple thought. We are slaves to your prayers, my dear little struggling souls. We hear a plea from you and we hasten to provide every assistance. Look closely for the answers to your prayers and you will find them. Never be fooled into thinking your prayers fall on deaf ears. We work quietly and sometimes our time is not like earthly time. But we hear your pleas and share in your concerns. Be certain that we have the answers. They are here for you and we will not leave you without guidance. Spend little time discussing problems with others. Often it is best if you listen to others. When you have a problem, come to me, your heavenly mother, and I will listen to you and help you find the best solution. You are not alone, my little ones. We long to help you and listen carefully to your petitions. The nicest prayers are the prayers of humble acceptance. You are right when you think that sometimes God must make decisions for your well-being and those things we cannot change. Acceptance moves you closer to God in a swift and beautiful manner. Strive for that always, but do not be afraid to ask for anything you want or need. Above all, we will give you peace in this journey. Our heavenly companionship provides you with a quiet certainty that you walk in the light and toward the light. Do you feel it, my little one? Truly, I am with you today, asking for your obedience to my Son. You will not be disappointed, little soul of my heart.