May God be praised for the pontificate of Pope Francis! Truly the Holy Spirit was at work in the choosing of this man to guide the People of God at this pivotal moment in history of the Church and of the world.  During the first weeks of his pontificate, Pope Francis has already manifested his extraordinary love and devotion to the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of all peoples.
As you know, his very first papal act was to pray before Our Lady’s altar at Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica. During his first few Angelus addresses, Pope Francis has already referred to the Blessed Virgin Mary as the “Suffering Virgin” (March 24) and further instructed: “Let us invoke the intercession of Mary who is the woman who said “yes.” Mary said “yes,” all her life! …Mary, Our Mother, help us to know better the voice of Jesus and follow it, to walk the path of life! (April 21, 2013).”

Pope Francis prays the fifteen decades of the Rosary daily.  He previously played an instrumental role in bringing the powerful “Mary, Undoer of Knots” Devotion from Germany to Argentina and beyond. Our new Holy Father has also requested that Cardinal Policarpo, Patriarch of Lisbon, Portugal consecrate his papacy to Our Lady of Fatima, which he will do on this upcoming May 13!

These generous witnesses of Marian love by Pope Francis give every reason for hope as to his openness for the solemn of Our Lady’s Spiritual Motherhood under its three aspects of Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix of all graces and Advocate.

Dear friend in Jesus and Mary, during the beautiful month of May dedicated to our Spiritual Mother, would you prayerfully consider participating in an international letter campaign to Pope Francis by sending a brief personal letter of support to our Holy Father for the proclamation of the Dogma of Mary, Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate? You would be joined by Marian cardinals, bishops, priests, religious and faithful worldwide who, during this special May letter campaign to the Holy Father, will likewise be sending a short note of encouragement for the solemn definition of Our Lady’s Spiritual Motherhood.

Perhaps you have done so in the past (for which, surely, Our Lady is most grateful). But Pope Francis presents a new and exciting possibility that the fifth Marian dogma could indeed be accomplished during his papacy. Please consider sending him a brief personal letter of encouragement to proclaim this dogma, which remains a necessary condition for the Triumph of her most Immaculate Heart and for world peace.

Send your personal note to: Pope Francis, Vatican City 00120. He is a “Pope of the people.”  Let him hear your support for the dogma of Mary’s Spiritual Motherhood. Consider writing a quick note to the Holy Father during this Marian month of May as an expression of your love and gratitude for all Our Lady has done for you.

The time for the fifth Marian dogma and its heavenly remedy of world peace is now!

Gratefully in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Dr. Mark Miravalle