How truly blessed we are to have a man of such Christian faith and Marian love to be chosen by the Holy Spirit through the cardinals to become our Vicar of Christ.

From the very outset of his pontificate, Pope Francis has witnessed powerfully to Mary.  His first utterance as pope on March 13, 2013 was to state his intention to go to St. Mary Major’s Basilica to pray to the “Madonna” before the revered Marian image of the  Salus Populi Romani.

On the first Saturday of May, 2013, Pope Francis returned to the ancient Marian basilica to call the Catholic world to “pray the Rosary” and, leading by example, prayed five decades publicly. It has been also reported that Pope Francis typically prays the 15-decade Rosary daily, inspired by the example of Blessed John Paul II.

On September 7, 2013 for the “World Day of Prayer and Fasting For Peace,” Pope Francis had the Salus Populi Romani icon brought to St. Peter’s Basilica, where he directed much of his prayer for world peace directly to Our Lady, “Queen of Peace.”

On October 13, 2013, Pope Francis consecrated the entire world to Our Lady, and had the celebrated Fatima statue brought to Rome, before which he entrusted the world to its Mother.

On January 1, 2014, this profoundly Marian pontiff added to his ubiquitous Marian teachings, homilies, and references by connecting Our Lady’s role as Mother of God to her coredemptive role beneath the cross:

Our pilgrimage of faith has been inseparably linked to Mary ever since Jesus, dying on the Cross, gave her to us as our Mother, saying: "Behold your Mother!" (Jn 19:27). These words serve as a testament, bequeathing to the world a Mother. From that moment on, the Mother of God also became our Mother! When the faith of the disciples was most tested by difficulties and uncertainties, Jesus entrusted them to Mary, who was the first to believe, and whose faith would never fail. The "woman" became our Mother when she lost her divine Son. Her sorrowing heart was enlarged to make room for all men and women, all, whether good or bad, and she loves them as she loved Jesus. The woman who at the wedding at Cana in Galilee gave her faith-filled cooperation so that the wonders of God could be displayed in the world, at Calvary kept alive the flame of faith in the resurrection of her Son, and she communicates this with maternal affection to each and every person. Mary becomes in this way a source of hope and true joy!

My friends, the extraordinary Marian witness of Pope Francis should be a source of true hope and encouragement for the millions of Catholic faithful worldwide who have been praying and petitioning for the solemn papal definition of Mary’s Spiritual Motherhood as Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix of all graces, and Advocate.

Who better possesses the characteristics necessary for proclaiming this fifth Marian dogma than our present pontiff? Pope Francis is uncompromisingly Marian.  He is also not afraid to step out in faith, even without the full support of others, when he is convinced something must be done for the good of the Church. These two exceptional qualities make him perhaps the most likely pope in recent history to fulfill heaven’s request to proclaim the dogma of the Spiritual Mother of all Peoples!

Ultimately, what should encourage and console us is that the heart of Pope Francis is profoundly united to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  She will convey to him, Heart to heart, Her desire for this historic Marian proclamation, as She most likely has already done.

But this consoling truth should in no way remove from our hearts the individual responsibility and historic imperative to persevere in praying and petitioning for the Fifth Marian Dogma!

Sixty three years ago today, on February 11, 1951, Our Lady revealed the “Prayer of the Lady of All Nations,” during the now Church-approved apparitions of “The Lady of All Nations” in Amsterdam. Here, the Mother of God asked all humanity to pray this prayer every day for the Fifth Marian Dogma and for world peace.

On May 31, 1954, Our Lady told us “Work and ask for this dogma. You should petition the Holy Father for this dogma.” 

Today, on the great feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, I invite you to continue to say “yes” to Our Lady’s two action steps for the Fifth Marian Dogma. It is not novelty, my friends, but faithful perseverance which will bring forth this historic crown for our Mother.

Action step #1: pray the Prayer of the Lady of All Nations every day and spread it to family and friends (free prayer cards are available from us in both English and Spanish). 

Action step#2: write a personal letter to Pope Francis, expressing your support for the papal definition of Mary’s Spiritual motherhood (address: Pope Francis, Vatican City, 00120).

Most of all, pray for the Pope without ceasing.  The Adversary is busy spreading many lies about this holy and humble pontiff.  Don’t listen to them, but rather pray unceasingly for Our Lady’s Pope to fulfill heaven’s desires for his papacy, including the soon as possible proclamation of the Fifth Marian Dogma.

Be one with Peter.  Be one with Pope Francis.  Be one with the Mother of All Peoples. And the world will have peace. 

Sincerely in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Dr. Mark Miravalle
Professor of Theology and Mariology
Franciscan University of Steubenville
President, Vox Populi Mariae Mediatrici
February 11, 2014 Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes