Marian leaders the world over have come together to form “The Marian Times,” an international Marian publication consisting of 16 different Marian websites in seven languages. (inclusive of Mother of All Peoples) on one single site.  As the description below from the website explains, this noble effort to accurately report the global activities of Our Lady and unite the children of Mary worldwide deserves our support and our participation.  Go to, and subscribe to their weekly newsletter.  Like them on Facebook, and spread the word about this unprecedented work in bringing together the international Marian movement on this single site dedicated to the truth and love of the Mother of God as she powerfully intercedes for our world in crisis.

Dr. Mark Miravalle

Editor, Mother of All Peoples E-Magazine

About The Marian Times

Do you want immediate updates about what Mary is doing in the world today and how people are responding? Then The Marian Times is for you!

Comprising 16 international Marian websites, and spanning the 5 continents in over 7 languages, Marian leaders from the world over have come together to bring you The Marian Times.

The Marian Times will bring you current and trustworthy global events regarding the Mother of Jesus, from solid Marian articles to authentic Marian devotion, from major Marian celebrations to approved Marian apparitions. There’s simply nothing else like it on the net dedicated exclusively Jesus’ Mother!

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