Note: Mrs. Janie Garza, a visionary from Austin, Texas, has received permission from her last two local ordinaries to continue her ministry in regards to her messages from Jesus, Our Lady, St. Joseph, St. Philomena, and several saints and angels, inclusive of the Three Great Archangels, St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael. -Ed.

Message of the Three Archangels – April 5, 2017

St. Michael: Behold, beloved of the Father, we, the Three Archangels, bring you guidance from heaven. Ponder all that we share with you.

Beloved, your Lenten journey has been a difficult one with much suffering through your illnesses. You have embraced your suffering with your all and God is pleased with you. Continue to surrender your all to God as you prepare to enter into Holy Week. During this period, beloved, your suffering for the world will intensify more than ever. The Eternal Father is taking your suffering and helping those souls that live in darkness and those who deny His existence.

Beloved, there is so much suffering in the world. So many souls continue to embrace the ways of the world, and many are on their way to perdition.

Pray and fast unceasingly, especially for the Bride of your Savior throughout the world, for there is much division. The Beast is trying to destroy the Bride of Christ and God’s people throughout the world, but the Beast will be defeated, for you have your heavenly Mother who is the Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. She will crush the head of the Beast.

Keep in mind the power of St. Joseph, for the Beast and his evil forces are much afraid of his powerful intercession, and they flee whenever the name of St Joseph is invoked for assistance.

Beloved, continue your complete surrender, for God is bestowing His mercy upon the world like never before, for the world is in the state of chaos and confusion. Heaven is at your disposal.

Pray your Rosary daily and call upon the Co-Redemptrix to intercede for all her children throughout the world. Peace, beloved, peace.

Note: During Holy Week St. Michael asked Janie to remain quiet and in contemplation for the sins and evil in the world.