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“Proclaim the Lady All Over the World”

In the August 15, 1973 Eucharistic Experience (ecclesiastical approval, May 31, 2002, see “Church Approves Apparitions of the Lady of All Nations” article), Ida Peerdeman has a vision of the Kingdom of Heaven, and sees Our Lord and Our Lady in great glory. Our Lord exhorts his priests to preach the true Gospel, warns of false ecumenism and commands that the truth of the Lady of All Nations be made known throughout the world: “Bishops and priests, My apostles, bring back My people… Go to the Roman Pontiff and implore him to proclaim the Lady all over the world.” – Asst. Ed.

At the Elevation of the Chalice during the Consecration I saw “the Light” coming over the altar and the priests. It was a magnificent, radiant Light. At saying “The Lord’s Prayer,” I saw a…

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Interview with Cardinal Toppo on Fifth Marian Dogma and Ecumenism

Telesphore P. Cardinal Toppo, former president of India’s National Conference of Catholic Bishops, granted the following interview with Zenit News Service concerning the drive for the new solemn definition of a fifth Marian dogma that would define Mary’s spiritual maternity under its three essential aspects—Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix of all graces, and Advocate. Contrary to the opinions of some who believe that such a solemn definition would adversely affect ecumenical relations, Cardinal Toppo believes that such a definition would enhance the ecumenical mission of the Church. “I have no doubt that non-Catholic Christians participating in ecumenical dialogue, either will find this position acceptable or at least will have no valid or convincing argument against it.”
—Asst. Ed
RANCHI, India, MAY 5, 2008 – Proclaiming Mary as the Spiritual Mother of All Humanity would benefit ecumenical and interreligious dialogue because it would help non-Catholics to understand many things about the Mother of God, says…

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Mary Co-redemptrix and Christian Unity

The proposal that the Holy Father may declare Mary Coredemptrix with Jesus has evoked many voices expressing concern. This is especially noticeable among those on both sides of the Tiber who are interested in furthering the Ecumenical impulse released by the Second Vatican Council.

The mildest, and most common, reaction is that such a declaration of Marian dogma would be “inopportune,” suggesting that damage would be done to the fragile ties that have been knitted with great effort during the last thirty years.

Far from being “inopportune,” such a declaration is precisely what the ecumenical movement needs at this time to bring it to completion.

To mute the voice of the Church on this issue is to buy into the idea, unconsciously, that the Church makes reality. This is a common error in the secular media who eagerly report petitions to declare such-and-such a “saint”;…

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Ecumenism is the Issue: On Declaring the Dogma of Our Lady

Ecumenism is the Issue: On Declaring the Dogma of Our Lady as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix of All Grace, and Advocate  Forthwith!

In chapter seven of Pope John Paul II’s, Crossing the Threshold of Hope, the Holy Father addresses the question of why the Holy Spirit has permitted so many divisions and enmities among those who claim to be disciples of Jesus Christ. (1) In his answer, Pope John Paul II offers a profound way of viewing things and presents us with a challenge and a hope.

While the historical reasons for our divisions are well known, the Holy Father says we need to ask ourselves if there is what we might call “a metahistorical reason.” (2)  He explains that from a negative view, this would lead us to see our divisions as the “bitter fruit of sins committed by Christians.” (3) However, if we search for a positive view, we…

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A Response to Anti-Marianism

The primary purpose of this article will be to refute two principal elements of anti-Marianism: Mary as the rival to Christ and Marian devotion as unecumenical.

Let us begin with Mary as “the rival.” Underlying this element of anti-Marianism is a fundamental presupposition: devotion to Christ is one thing (let us call it A), and devotion to Mary is another thing (let us call it B).

This assumption rapidly evolves into a psychological compartmentalization. Since they are all “B,” and, therefore, not “A,” the “Marian” things—Marian devotion, Marian dogmas, etc.—are filed in Compartment B. The “Christian” things are put into Compartment A. Separate residences having been established; it is remarkable how quickly the question of compatibility arises.

This Compartment A-Compartment B split is not a conclusion, not something to which a person affected by anti-Marianism reasons, but, rather, the automatic assumption from which he (or she) reasons.

For example, I have in my…

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Mary as Co-redeemer Would aid Evangelization, say Asian Archbishops

Two Asian bishops have backed a move to formally recognize Mary as “co-redemptrix, mediatrix and advocate for all Christians.”

Archbishop Ramon Arguelles of Lipa, Philippines, and Archbishop Malayappan Chinnappa of Madras-Mylapore, India were among six speakers from four continents supporting a movement to officially declare Mary “co-redemptrix, mediatrix and advocate for all Christians,” The Catholic Spirit reports.

They spoke at “A Day of Dialogue on the Fifth Marian Dogma” – a Rome event sponsored by the magazine Inside the Vatican.

Archbishop Chinnappa said a formal recognition of Mary’s role in God’s plan to redeem the world would “favor interreligious dialogue and healthy evangelization.”

It also would help ecumenism, he said, by clarifying that…

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The Blessed Virgin Mary’s Cooperation in the Redemption: An Ecumenical Perspective

In his classic work on heaven and hell, The Great Divorce, my famous Anglican confrere, C.S. Lewis, provides a vivid depiction of what hell is like. He describes it as a town where all the inhabitants are quarrelsome. Their quarrels with one another are so constant that they are continually moving from house to house and from street to street to get away from one another. This moving away from one another has been going on for so long that no one would think seriously about turning around and going back to the center from which they each came. All of the inhabitants have built houses that please them individually without ever realizing that they have needs that only living in proximity with others can fulfill (1). In Lewis’ words, “The trouble is they have no needs. You get everything you want…

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Our Lady Speaks Through Anne A Lay Apostle

Listen to the beauty, gentleness, and maternal solicitude contained in the following message of Our Lady though Anne a Lay Apostle, as they appear in Volume I from the Direction For Our Times message to the world – Ed.

The Blessed Mother adds: “My heart aches for my little ones. I see them twisting and turning in despair. How I hover near them, waiting for them to glance at me so that I may rush in to comfort and guide them. Alas, they look everywhere but to heaven. It was never this way to such a degree in the world. People are ashamed to ask God for help because they feel it is a sign of weakness. They fear trust. They think it makes them like children.

So it does. And that is what they must be to enter in the kingdom of heaven, which is their eternal home. We must…

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Is Medjugorje Real? Facts and First-hand Accounts


The reported apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Bosnia-Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia) have attracted the attention of the world and approximately 30 million pilgrims. Since June 24, 1981, six children began to report daily visits from the “Queen of Peace” and several of the “visionaries” continue to report receiving a daily apparition from the Mother of Jesus over 25 years later.

Is Medjugorje real? Are these authentic apparitions of the Virgin Mary? What is the official position of the Catholic Church about their authenticity? Could these simply be the fraudulent deception of hysteric children (now adults) for reasons of attention and personal gain?



These and other…

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