The following is a selection taken from the recently published Mary at the Foot of the Cross – Vol. IX. – Asst. Ed.

Since the last decade of the twentieth century, Mariology, and particularly that part of it known as Marian soteriology, has thoroughly dealt with the subject of Marian Coredemption. To many, it is becoming ever more evident that, with the maturing of this soteriological theme, a fundamental step forward in our knowledge and understanding of the saving mission of the Virgin Mother in the Church has become possible. The truth about this saving mission is deeply rooted in the two primary sources of Revelation – Sacred Scripture and the Church’s perennial Tradition – a truth borne out by the Magisterium of the Church and by the sensus fidelium [mind of the faithful] of the People of God, ever sensitive to all that regards Blessed Mary, the Sorrowful Mother and our Mother-Coredemptrix.


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