The Lady crowned in heavenly glory

It was almost three o’clock Sunday afternoon. We were all gathered in the living room. From our window I suddenly saw something happening in the air. Startled, I said to my relatives, “Look there!” as I pointed at the sky. We all went over to the window. Suddenly I saw the light, a tremendous light over the Wandelweg. I could not look into it and covered my eyes with my hands. The others did not see it and asked what was happening. I knelt down and folded my hands. Yet I was compelled to look at it. While looking at it, I thought that the sky was being torn apart. What I saw was really a tearing apart of the sky.

Then I suddenly saw the Lady in all her glory. I cannot possibly describe this overwhelming, heavenly, glorious sight. Never before had I seen her like that. I did not see the sheep, globe and Cross; I only saw the Lady, but with an immense splendor of light and glory about her. Then I suddenly had to look at her head, and I saw that now she was wearing a crown. This I had never seen before. I didn’t see a crown with diamonds or of gold, yet I knew that it was a crown, sparkling with light on all sides, more beautiful than the most beautiful diamond crown. Moreover, the Lady herself was one blaze of light. Again, it was something heavenly, glorious! I cannot explain it any better.

Do penance

Then, below this glorious scene, I saw a piece of thin, blue sky and, beneath it, the upper part of the globe. It was completely black. This gave me a terribly sad and ghastly impression. Then I saw the Lady waving her finger continuously to and fro and shaking her head––as if in disapproval and warning––at that black world. I heard,
“Do penance.”

Then I saw something very peculiar. From out of the dark, black globe I saw all sorts of human heads emerging. I saw them rising slowly upward, then their bodies, and finally I saw those people whole and entire, standing upon the round hemisphere. While looking at them, I thought: how is it possible that there are so many different races and sorts of people? As I looked on in amazement at all those people, I saw the Lady extending her hands in blessing over those people, and then she no longer looked so sad. I heard,
“Make reparation to Him.”

The Lord appears

Suddenly the Lady was gone, and in place of her I saw a Host. It was an incredibly large Host. Thus I could clearly see that it was a normal Host, one like those we see in church––a wafer. Then, in front of the Host, there appeared a large chalice. I saw that the chalice was of splendid gold. It toppled over, with the opening towards me. From the chalice, then, I saw thick streams of blood flowing forth. All of that blood fell upon the globe and streamed down from the earth; it was a very distressing sight; it made me feel quite sick, all the while streams and streams of blood. This went on for quite a while.

But suddenly all of that was transformed and everything became a brilliant, dazzling Holy Host. Such a brilliant light emanated from it that I covered my eyes with my hands. I could not look into it and feared to go blind. But inwardly I was forced to look at it. The Holy Host seemed to be like white fire. In its center there was a little opening or hollow––I cannot describe it any better. Then all of a sudden the Host seemed to burst open and I saw a floating figure emerging from it, a Person, so mighty, so majestic––forgive me, I cannot convey the majesty and might which was emanating from this figure. It was too overwhelming! I hardly dared to look. When I did look at that mighty and majestic Figure, I felt within me very strongly: it is the Lord. I felt myself so terribly small compared to that indescribable majesty. A kind of cloth was wrapped around His body––over His shoulders and then slanting down around His body. His face was shining incredibly. His feet were placed one upon the other, as you sometimes see on a crucifix. On His feet I saw a scar, from which beams of light were coming forth. His hands were a bit raised, one hand somewhat higher than the other. In His hands, too, I saw some kind of scars. From them as well, great beams of light were coming forth. I saw one Person, but all the while I kept thinking: and yet there are two. But when I looked, I saw only one. Still, it kept going through my head: and yet there are two.

Then all at once an indescribable light came from out of their midst, and in it I saw, coming forth from their midst––I cannot express it otherwise––a Dove going down to the globe as fast as an arrow. Going ahead of that dove was an indescribable light and, behind it, an enormous bunch of rays. That light was so immense that, once again, I couldn’t look into it and had to cover my eyes with my hands. My eyes were hurting from it. Again, however, I was forced to look. What glory and what power were shining forth from it all: that floating Figure, majestic, mighty, grand; and then that light with the now brightly illuminated world. Then I heard,
“Whoever eats and drinks Me acquires eternal life and receives the True Spirit.”


After I had been allowed to behold this for quite some time, the Lady came back again in all her glory, exactly as at the beginning. Now, however, I very clearly saw the difference between her glory, if I may express it this way, and the great power and majesty of the floating Figure. It was as if the Lady were standing in the shadow of the Lord––that was the feeling which came over me.

Now the Lady looked happy. She looked at me full of love, and I heard her say very softly, from afar,

And then very softly she added,
“See you in Heaven.”

This made me so sad that I could no longer repeat her last words. I began to cry, for I felt that this was her departure, for good.

Very slowly I saw the Lady go away, and then the light.

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The Paschal Mystery & Mary

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Lepanto, Fatima, Amsterdam

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Three thoughts, one whole

“Here I am again. I have come to bring a special message. Pass on everything well.
Never has Miriam, or Mary, officially been called Coredemptrix in the community, in the Church. Never has she officially been called Mediatrix. Never has she officially been called Advocate. These three thoughts belong closely together. These three thoughts form one whole. That is why this will be the keystone of Marian history; thus will this become the dogma of Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.
And I am not reproaching theologians now as I say: why can’t you agree about this dogma? I will explain it yet again and make it even clearer.”

From the beginning

“The Father sent the Lord Jesus Christ as Redeemer for all peoples. The Lord Jesus Christ was this from the beginning. He became this at the Sacrifice and at His departure to the Father.
Miriam, or Mary, became the Handmaid of the Lord, chosen by the Father and the Holy Spirit. At the beginning she was––by this election––the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate of all nations. Only at the departure of the God-Man, the Lord Jesus Christ, did she become the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.
At the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ, He gave Miriam, or Mary, to the nations in one act, giving her as ‘The Lady of All Nations’. For He spoke the words, ‘Woman, behold your son; son, behold your mother.’ One act, and by this Miriam, or Mary, received this new title.”

The other dogmas

“How is it that this is entering the world only now: ‘The Lady of All Nations’? Because the Lord has awaited this time. The other dogmas had to precede, just as her life first had to precede the Lady of All Nations. All the dogmas that preceded comprise the life and the departure of the Lady. For the theologians this simple explanation will be sufficient. It was necessary to give this explanation once again.”

The burdensome task of the Pope

“Now I ask you, child, to keep listening carefully. Tell all who are placed over you and are cooperating that the time is now dawning. Do not be afraid; you will get to your Holy Father. Do not be afraid, the Lady of All Nations will give him his sign. Then tell the Pope that he is the fighter, the pioneer for this new time.”
It is as if I again see a hall in the Vatican. Many clerics are together there with all sorts of papers before them. Then I suddenly see the Holy Father again, alone. He too has many papers before him. The Lady says,
“Tell the Pope that the Lord and the Lady will assist him in his difficult and burdensome task, that he should prepare and carry out everything for the coming times. He knows what I mean.”
The Lady says this with a very special intonation as if speaking about the future.
“This time is Our time. A burdensome task is resting upon his shoulders. He shall check whether everything which he says and wants of the community, the Church, is being carried through. Tell him that. You, child, will get there, and do not hesitate or be afraid to say all this, all this which the Lady of All Nations has come to say. For she is the one who brought these messages. She only wants you to be the instrument and to obey her.”

Empty hands

Now I inwardly tell the Lady that I have nothing to offer. I don’t understand why she is choosing me for this. Then the Lady says,
“You are telling me that you have only empty hands to offer. The Lady is only asking you to pass these messages on to those who need them. The Lady will do the rest. Be faithful. Help the people who are in need, and by this I mean: spiritual needs. You can help by saying this prayer. More is not expected.
Tell your spiritual director to be at peace, that everything is all right. The Lady will help him too.”

Priests and religious

“Now I am speaking to all priests and religious. All of you are apostles and handmaids of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”
As the Lady is saying this, I see a great number of priests and religious standing before her. There is a sudden change in her bearing, her voice and her figure, which is otherwise very beautiful and lofty. It is as if the Lady is now standing there as a mother, an ordinary mother speaking to her children. She says,
“Now the Lady is not reproaching you. She knows she has human beings before her. It is hard for you in this time, but act in the Spirit of your Lord and Master Jesus Christ. He went before you as God, as Man.”

Unity among one another

“Be apostles among one another. For you are all one. Each of you must see to being an apostle. Be of one mind among one another. How can the community, the Church, be large and one if you are divided among one another? Be warned, and try to be honest and good to one another. No, the Lady is not reproaching you, but she has come, as a good mother, to warn the apostles of the Church about false prophets, about the wrong spirit.
Everyone pray the prayer which I have given. The Lady of All Nations has been sent specifically in this time in order to conquer spiritual decline, degeneration. You who are in spiritual need, come to the Lady of All Nations and she will help.”

Love embraces everything

“Next I tell the apostles of this time: be broad-minded, be mild. Be good to people. Condemn and judge just as the Lord Jesus Christ did. Understand your time, understand the fight. Be aware that the spirit is fighting. This is the time of the spirit. The fight is hard and difficult, but the True Spirit will triumph, provided that all of you cooperate. Church of Rome, seize your opportunity.
The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit now wants to make His Church large. Understand your doctrine well. It is necessary for the Lady to come and say all of this. Remember the first and greatest commandment: Love. That embraces everything.”

Amsterdam and the image. The Dominicans

“And now, lastly, I speak to N.

I am content with you. The Lord asked three sacrifices of you. Now the Lady has come to ask something of you. This image was your gift to the Lady. This image, however, is destined for all people, for everyone who wants to come to the Lady of All Nations. Give them this image. It is the Lady’s wish that this image go to the Netherlands and in particular to Amsterdam. The Lady has her special reason for this. To Amsterdam, the city of the Miracle, the Lady of All Nations, too, shall come there.
The Netherlands is on its way to degeneration. The Lady still wants to preserve this country from this, and that is why she is placing one foot upon it. She wanted the action to start from here, but she wants the image to be in Amsterdam.  Make this sacrifice. Hand it over to the Dominicans. Mark well, the offerings which are given will not be for the Dominicans alone, but for all the needs of the Church. The Lady of All Nations wants to entrust only the image to the care of the Dominicans. It is, however, no special privilege; it is destined for all peoples. Later I will come to speak about this in particular.”
And now the Lady slowly goes away.

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A principios de año me sorprendió la llamada de mi amigo José Manuel Canepa, quien me preguntó que si ya había leído el artículo de portada del National Geographic publicado en diciembre del 2015; le contesté que no, por lo que me sugirió que lo comprara y lo leyera, pues le había parecido muy interesante y sugestivo. No lo encontré durante varios días en la tienda que me indicó (HEB), ni en otras cadenas comerciales, pues ya se había agotado. Tuve que acudir a otro buen amigo, Eliud de la Cruz, quien es el encargado de sistemas de la compañía de ingeniería de mi querido amigo Ricardo Araujo, para que lo pudiéramos encontrar en internet, bajarlo e imprimirlo y leerlo con toda detención, encontrando en él, muchos elementos para un análisis detallado.

En síntesis, el artículo escrito por Moureen Orth -al que le agrego los símbolos de interrogación- presenta el fenómeno humano más impresionante que he leído sobre una mujer: María, israelita nacida hace aproximadamente 20 siglos en un pequeño poblado llamado Nazaret, quien habiéndose declarado “la esclava del Señor” (Lc 1, 38) -siendo una de las vírgenes del templo- fuera la madre de Jesús en quien creemos en el orden de 1,254 millones de católicos (incluyendo a los ortodoxos), significando el 17.1% de la población mundial, estimada en el orden de los 7,350 millones a finales del 2015.


Es impresionante visualizar gráficamente sus apariciones, a partir del 1,531 en la que se le presenta en el Tepeyacac al indio Juan Diego, diciendo “…yo soy la perfecta siempre Virgen Santa María, Madre del verdaderísimo Dios por quien se vive” (NM, 26), hasta nuestros días, mostrando una clara incidencia en el último siglo, siendo en el orden de 2,000 reportadas en el mundo.

Vale la pena anotar que si en el Corán -libro sagrado del Islam– se menciona el nombre de Maryam (María) en 34 ocasiones, siendo conocida por los aproximadamente 1,600 millones de musulmanes que hay en el mundo; entonces la veneramos e invocamos su intercesión, buena parte de los ¡2,854 millones creyentes del padre Abraham (2 de cada 5)!

Tú y yo formamos parte del género humano que cubre la faz de la tierra, que como lo anotamos, en el 2015 fuimos en el orden de 7,350 millones de personas de todas las edades, razas, colores y religiones, incluyendo aquellos que se han declarado no creyentes,

Tú y yo nacimos de una mujer en cumplimiento con las leyes naturales de la vida, repetidas por milenios y por un sinfín de generaciones, a partir de la primera mujer y madre biológica de todos,

Tú y yo por nuestra experiencia de vida, sabemos y palpamos lo que es la maternidad y las huellas indelebles que han marcado nuestras vidas, siendo los ingredientes fundamentales el dolor que les causamos cuando nos dieron a luz y el amor y cuidados con que nos acompañaron, especialmente en los primeros años de nuestra existencia,

Tú y yo formamos parte de una familia, en un medio sociocultural específico, que nos aportó elementos claves para la definición de nuestra personalidad y la manera de relacionarnos con los otros, primero los más cercanos y luego los más alejados,

Tú y yo sabemos y hemos vivido en carne propia, que cuando algo no va bien en casa -ya sea salud, trabajo, problemas, etc.- ella, nuestra madre sufre, llora y se angustia, hasta que el hijo sane o se resuelva el problema que aquejaba a la familia; y sólo a partir de entonces, vuelve la paz y ¡el rostro de la madre se ilumina!

Dicho de otra manera, tú y yo compartimos como elemento común los orígenes y efectos de la maternidad, misma que se prolongará mientras permanezcan las leyes naturales y no alteremos el orden de las cosas.

Y, ¿a qué nos lleva todo esto?, te preguntarás…

Pues así de igual manera, ella, Maríala mujer más poderosa del mundo” sigue mostrándonos a ti y a mí, y al mundo entero -con intervenciones extraordinarias como las reportadas- su preocupación, cuidado y amor maternal, al ver que las cosas no van bien con nosotros la “familia humana” compuesta a la fecha por 194 naciones. No es necesario hacer una lista de lo que actualmente no está funcionando, para darle la razón.

Pero, ¿de dónde y porqué esa preocupación de su parte, ya que sigue actuante y presente en medio de nosotros? La razón es que cuando su hijo Jesús estaba agonizando, clavado en la cruz, en medio de tormentos indescriptibles, volteó a verla y exclamó: “Mujer, he ahí a tu hijo” y luego le dijo a Juan, el único discípulo testigo presencial: “He ahí a tu Madre” (Jn 19: 26-27).

Los milagrosos aprobados a lo largo de la historia y reconocidos como científicamente inexplicables, comprueban fehacientemente sus intervenciones extraordinarias. De acuerdo a Michael O’Neill en su página denominada: “miracle-hunter.com”, sólo “un total de 22 apariciones a través de la historia han sido investigadas y recibieron aprobación del obispo”.

Sí, esta entrega de la Madre al hijo como herencia póstuma, que estuvo dirigida al apóstol Juan, ahora se prolonga a ti y a mí en lo individual, y a todos los hombres en lo general, especialmente en una de las apariciones aprobadas por la iglesia -después de un proceso riguroso de observación, evaluación y reflexión- en que se le apareció a Ida Peerdeman, en Ámsterdam Holanda durante 14 años (entre 1945 y 1959), dictándole 56 mensajes, en los que se presenta como La Señora de todos los Pueblos, Abogada, (aunque originalmente insistió en que debería ser proclamada Corredentora, Mediadora y Abogada).

No es el objeto ahora, el relatar la historia ni de explicar el contenido de dichos mensajes, a los que tú y yo tenemos acceso por internet (www.de-vrouwe.info/es); baste que a manera de síntesis te comente que se muestra como una Madre profundamente preocupada por los acontecimientos mundiales que afectan a todas las naciones, todos los pueblos; que sus mensajes han sido validados por una serie impresionante de profecías y predicciones que se han cumplido al pie de la letra; y que invita a todos los pueblos a unirse e impetrar, por medio de la oración dictada por Ella misma -recientemente corregida y aprobada por la Congregación de la Doctrina de la Fe- la intervención extraordinaria de su divino Hijo, recordando aquello de que “hagan lo que Él les diga” ( Jn 2, 5), con la promesa de que esto traerá al mundo la verdadera paz tan anhelada. Esta es la imagen pintada bajo sus indicaciones, y esta es la oración:


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The following “St. Raphael Prayer for Troubled Marriages” is here published in honor of the great Feast of the Three Archangels on September 29.  This prayer may be freely distributed .-Ed.

St. Raphael Prayer for Troubled Marriages

O Glorious St. Raphael, Archangel of healing, intercede for our marriage today.
Bring our marriage the same heavenly gifts you brought Tobias and Sarah, the celestial graces of healing, deliverance, and marital unity.
Infuse into our hearts the peace and confidence that nothing is impossible with God concerning the renewal of our marriage.  Rekindle in our marriage new forgiveness, new humility, new grace, new peace, new purity, new trust, and new love.
O St. Raphael, one of the seven who stand before the throne of God, intercede to the Merciful Father for the miracle of peace and reconciliation in our marriage, through the infinite merits of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, and the consoling power of the Holy Spirit.
O blessed Raphael, guide us on the pathway of marital peace and unity.  Most loving Archangel of healing, I believe in you, I trust in you, and I thank you.  Amen.

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Messages of St. Joseph from Itapiranga, Brazil: March 1 to March 9, 1998

March 1, 1998 – St. Joseph:

In this apparition, St. Joseph appeared dressed in a white tunic with a blue robe, accompanied by several angels. St. Joseph held a lily bud and

revealed to me his Heart.

My dear son, Our Lord God has sent me to tell you about all the graces the faithful will receive from my Most Chaste Heart which Jesus and my blessed

spouse wish to be honored. I am St. Joseph and my name means “God will grow,” because I grew every day in grace and divine virtues. Through devotion to my

Chaste Heart many souls will be saved from the hands of the Devil. God our Lord has allowed for me to reveal to you the promises of my Heart. Just as I am

fair and righteous in the sight of God, all who have devotion to my Heart will also be chaste, righteous and holy in His sight. I will fill you with these

graces and virtues, making you grow every day on the road of holiness. This is all I will reveal to you on this day. I give my blessing to you my son, and

all mankind: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

March 2, 1998 – St. Joseph and the Child Jesus:

St. Joseph appeared with the Child Jesus, with a red mantle and a white tunic. The Boy Jesus had his head inclined on St. Joseph’s Heart, playing with

the lilies he held in his hands. St. Joseph had brilliant green eyes and a beautiful smile – he appeared to be very young with an indescribable beauty.

The Child Jesus:

My son, behold this heart…

With one of His little hands, the Child Jesus opened the illuminated chest of St. Joseph. In His other hand, Jesus held the Most Chaste Heart of St.


Here in this Heart you will find me living, because it is pure and saintly. That all hearts could be like this one, so they could be my home on earth.

Imitate this Heart so that you may receive my graces and blessings.

St. Joseph:

My beloved son, today I bless you, I bless your mother and all your family. My beloved son, God, Our Lord, wishes to give all humanity countless graces,

through devotion to my heart. My son and Lord Jesus, that I brought up here on earth, with a father’s love, desires that all men practice devotion to my

Heart, for all those in need of graces from heaven.

He also asks that men help others in need with their good deeds. I promise to all that honor this Most Chaste Heart of mine and who do here on earth good

deeds in favor of the most needy, especially of the sick and dying for whom I am a consoler and protector, to receive in their last moment of their lives

the grace of a good death. I myself will be to these souls their petitioner to my Son Jesus and, together with my spouse, Most Holy Mary, we will console

them in their last hours here on earth, with our holy presence and they will rest in the peace of our hearts.

Just as you saw my Son Jesus repose His head on my heart, this way myself and my spouse Holy Mary will take these souls to the glory of paradise, in the

presence of their Savior, my Son Jesus Christ, so that they may repose, and incline themselves to His Sacred Heart, in the burning furnace of the most pure

and loving Heart. I give you my blessing: in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

March 3, 1998 – St. Joseph:

St. Joseph came dressed in a white tunic and a white cloak, holding a lily and the Child Jesus, also in white, on his lap.

My beloved son, listen and make it known to all men, what God has permitted me to reveal to you. My beloved son, how sin spreads in a such a strong way!

Men let themselves be led by the most insidious wiles of the Devil. The enemy of salvation wants to destroy all men so that, this way, all will be lost. He

is envious and hates the entire human race. So many go through trials and temptations, that the enemy of God throws at every moment, this way trying to

destroy mens’ mortal souls that were created by God.

The means that he most utilizes are the sins against holy purity, because purity is one of the virtues most beloved by God, and in this way Satan desires

to destroy the image of God present in each creature through this virtue. And it is because of this, that God asks all humanity to have devotion to my

Chaste Heart, he wants to give men the grace to overcome the temptations and attacks of the Devil in their day to day lives.

The invocation of my name is enough to make demons flee! I promise to all the faithful that honor my most Chaste Heart with faith and love, the grace to

live with holy purity of soul and body and the strength to resist all attacks and temptations by the Devil. I myself will preciously protect you. This

grace is not only destined for those who honor this heart of mine, but also for all their family members who are in need of divine help. I give you my

blessing: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

March 4, 1998 – St. Joseph:

St. Joseph came dressed in a wine colored cloak with a green tunic. He held a staff in his right hand and showed his Chaste Heart streaming intense

rays of light.

My beloved son, today is the first Wednesday of the month. On every first Wednesday of the month, my Chaste Heart pours numerous graces on all who rely on

my intercession. On these Wednesdays, men will not receive a shower of simple graces, but very strong torrents of extraordinary graces! I will share them

with those who honor me and rely on me, all the blessings, all the virtues, and all the love I received from my Divine Son Jesus and my spouse the Blessed

Virgin Mary while still living in this world and all the graces that I continue to receive in the glory of paradise.

My beloved son, what a great honor and dignity I received from the Heavenly Father, that made my Heart exult with joy! The Heavenly Father granted me the

honor of representing him, in this world, to take care of his Divine and Beloved Son, Jesus Christ. My Heart was also surprised by so such dignity, I felt

incapable and undeserving of such a great favor and benefit, but I put all in the hands of the Lord and, as his servant, I was ready to do his holy will.

Think, my beloved son, what joy I felt in my Heart! The Son of the Most high was now in my care and was known by all men as my legitimate son. To the eyes

of the world it was impossible, but for God everything is possible when he so desires it.

Because of this great grace and joy that God granted my Heart and, by such great mystery, I promise to intercede before him for those who come to me,

honoring this Heart of mine. I will give them the graces to be able to resolve the most difficult problems and urgent necessities, that to the eyes of man

seem impossible, but that, through my intercession to God, will be possible. I grant the graces of my Heart to all sinners so they may convert. My Heart

grants its rays of love on the entire Holy Church, particularly on my Son Jesus Christ’s Vicar, Pope John Paul II*. No one, such as he, has special access

to this Heart of mine. That he may trust in my Heart and in my intercession, I am to the Holy Father like a father and protector.

I give my blessing: in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

*8/15/89, Pope John Paul II released the Apostolic Exhortation REDEMPTORIS CUSTOS (Guardian of the Redeemer) that speaks of the life and mission of St.


March 5, 1998 – St. Joseph:

The Holy Family appeared: St. Joseph was in a beige cloak and blue grey tunic, in his arms was the Child Jesus wearing a very bright blue tunic. Our

Lady was in a white veil and blue grey dress.

My beloved son, my Heart desires to spill many graces this night on all men, because I desire the conversion of all sinners so that they may be saved. That

all sinners may not be afraid to approach my Heart, I desire to welcome and protect them. Many are those who are distant from God because of their grave

sins. Many of those, my children, are in that state because they let themselves fall to the wiles of the Devil. The enemy of salvation makes them think

there is no solution, nor return, because they have despaired and have not trusted in divine mercy. These will be easy targets for the Devil.

But I, my beloved son, tell all sinners, even those who have committed the most terrible sins, to trust in the love and in the forgiveness of God and to

trust in me also, in my intercession. All those who trustingly have recourse to me will have the certainty of my help to recover the divine grace and mercy

of God. Look, my son, what the Heavenly Father entrusted to me to take care of: his Divine Son Jesus Christ and the Immaculate spouse of the Holy Spirit.

My Heart felt a great peace and joy for having Jesus and Mary at my side in the same house. Our three hearts loved one another. We lived a Trinitarian

love, but it was a love united in the act of offering to the Eternal Father. Our hearts melted into the purest love as though becoming one heart living in

three persons.

But look, my son, how much my heart grieved and suffered in seeing my Son Jesus so little and already in danger for his life because of Herod that, taken

by an evil spirit, ordered the killing of the innocent children. My heart went through great tribulation and suffering because of the great danger my Son

Jesus suffered, but our Heavenly Father did not abandon us in that moment, he sent his messenger angel to direct me and what attitude to take in those

difficult moments of suffering. Because of this, my son, tell all sinners to not despair in the great dangers of life and in the dangers of losing one’s


I promise all who will trust in my most pure chaste Heart, devoutly honoring it, the grace to be consoled by me in their greatest afflictions of the soul

and in the danger of judgment, when by misfortune lose divine grace because of their grave sins. To these sinners, who have recourse to me, I promise the

graces of my Heart for the purpose of amendment, of repentance and of sincere contrition of their sins. Now, I say to all sinners: Do not be afraid of the

Devil and do not despair because of your crimes, but come throw yourselves in my arms and take refuge in my Heart so that you may receive all the graces

for your eternal salvation. Now I will give the world my blessing: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

March 6, 1998 – St. Joseph:

My beloved son, I would like to speak anew about the graces my Chaste Heart wishes to shower upon all humanity. My Chaste Heart, by the impulse of love,

searches all ways to save all men from sin. My Son Jesus, through my Heart, wishes to impart to all men his divine blessings. I know many of you suffer

many great difficulties because, in these last times, men no longer love or help one another but live with their hearts full of pride, falsehood, lies,

intrigue, ambition, backbiting, pettiness, and many wrong things that are the consequences of living far from God.

My son, look at how much I suffered beside my Son Jesus and my Spouse the Blessed Virgin Mary! Like I have told you, I received from God the mission to be

the guardian and protector of Jesus and Mary. My Heart was anguished because we did not live in the best of conditions in life, though I searched for a way

to give a dignified life to the Son of the Most High.

The only means I had to bring home our daily bread was through my work as a carpenter. Work did not always have its adequate profit. Life had its problems,

but I always trusted in Divine Providence. This was always our assistance for what was necessary for the survival of my beloved Son Jesus Christ. My heart,

would become distressed because I felt I was not giving my Son Jesus a dignified life. God permitted me to go through this so that I would grow to trust in

his Divine Providence. The virtue of humility would adorn my soul and I would be an example to all men and workers, so that they would also fulfill their

duties and work with patience and love.

My beloved son, to all who honor this Heart of mine and trust in me and in my intercession, I promise they will not be abandoned in their difficulties and

in the trials of life. I will ask Our Lord to help them with his Divine Providence in their material and spiritual problems.

Mothers and fathers, consecrate yourselves to my Heart, likewise your families, and you will receive my help in your afflictions and problems. Just as I

brought up the Son of the Most High in his holy laws, I will assist you with the upbringing and education of your children.

I will help all fathers and mothers that consecrate their children to me, to bring them up with love in the holy laws of God, so they may find the secure

road to salvation.

Now I tell all men: consecrate yourselves to my Chaste Heart. Consecrate all to me: your lives, your families, your jobs. Consecrate all to me, because my

Heart is the new font of graces that God concedes to all humanity. I extend my cloak over the whole world and all the Holy Church. Trust in me and you will

receive all graces. I give you my blessing: in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

March 7, 1998 – St. Joseph:

St. Joseph came in a leaf-green cloak and dark gray tunic. Our Blessed Mother came in a blue mantle and white dress with a white veil. The Child Jesus

came in a light yellow tunic. St. Joseph held the right hand of the Child Jesus.

My beloved son, this night I, my Son Jesus and my spouse the Blessed Virgin, bless you in the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. My

beloved son, my Son Jesus is very indignant with the sins of humanity.

He desires to pour his divine justice upon all men that do not want to repent and continue obstinately in their sins. Look, my son, I hold his right hand,

preventing Him from pouring out his justice upon all humanity. I ask Him, through the graces of my Heart and for being worthy to live by his side, taking

care of him with the love of a father in this world, and for Him having loved me with the love of a son, to not chastise the world for its crimes, but for

all my little ones who honor and will honor this Chaste Heart of mine, should pour out his mercy upon the world.

How many sins are committed in the world, my son! It is necessary that men do much penance, that they repent of their errant attitudes, because God

receives continued offenses from ungrateful men. Today there are so many outrages, the sacrilege and indifference by all men. It is because of this that so

many calamities like war, hunger and disease occur and so many other sad things man has suffered because of mans rebellion against God.

God lets men follow their own paths to show them all, without him, they will never be happy. He lets men go through so much suffering, to also show them

the consequences sin brings to their lives and so then the divine justice punishes humanity because of their obstinance in not being obedient to God’s

Will. Because of this, my beloved son, in these last times, humanity follows increasingly obstinate in their crimes, because what matters most for him are

the pleasures of worldly things, rather than the love of God and his Commandments. But God’s justice is close at hand in a way never seen before and will

come about suddenly upon the whole world.

So then, my son, tell all those that honor this Chaste Heart of mine they will receive the grace of my protection from all evils and dangers. For those who

surrender to me will not be slaughtered by misfortunes, by wars, hunger, by diseases and other calamities, they will have my Heart as a refuge for their

protection. Here, in my Heart, all will be protected against the divine justice in the days that will come. All who consecrate themselves to my Heart,

honoring it, they will be looked upon by my Son Jesus with eyes of mercy, Jesus will pour out his love and will take to the glory of his Kingdom all those

I put in my Heart. This is my message for tonight. I bless you: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

March 8, 1998 – St. Joseph

St. Joseph was dressed in a dark maroon tunic and light maroon cloak, surrounded by twelve angels with large wings.

My beloved son, my Heart exults in joy by these encounters, I want to pour out these graces that the Lord has permitted me to give. I want, through my

Heart, to lead all men to God. Here, in my Heart, all men are protected and through it they will understand the love of God in their lives.

My son, all those who propagate the devotion to my Heart, and practice it with love, have the certainty of having their names engraved on it just as my Son

Jesus’ cross and the “M” of Mary are engraved on it, as formed by wounds. This also applies for all priests whom I love with predilection. The priests who

have a devotion to my Heart and spread it will have the grace of touching the most hardened hearts and convert obstinate sinners. That all may spread

devotion to my Heart, it is God Himself who asks it. For all those who listen to my plea, I give my blessing.

You are to spread this devotion to all men, my beloved son, as you are designated by God to be the apostle of my Heart. Tell all of my love! Later I will

come to speak to you about other things that will be very important for the salvation of many souls. God has entrusted you with a great mission – trust in

me and you will know how to truly realize it. I give you my blessing: in the name of the Father of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

March 9, 1998 – Our Lady

St. Joseph came, in a burgundy cloak and white tunic, with Our Lady, in a blue mantle and white dress. The Child Jesus, all in white, was sitting on

St. Joseph’s lap.

My beloved son, this night I, my Son Jesus and my Most Chaste Spouse St. Joseph bless the whole world. I ask you to listen and to live the holy messages of

God. Convert. Continue to pray the holy Rosary everyday and, particularly, beloved son, the seven Apostles’ Creeds, because here in the

Amazon there will be a great loss of faith. It is because of this I ask you to always pray the seven Creeds, since many will loose their faith and abandon

the Holy Church in the difficult moments to come. I, your Mother, ask you to continue to pray to prevent that great danger and those difficult days during

which many will suffer.

All who honor the Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph will benefit with my maternal presence in their lives in a special way.

I will be at the side of each son and daughter of mine, helping and comforting them with a Mothers’ Heart, just as I helped and comforted my Most Chase

Spouse Joseph in this world. To those who ask of his Heart with trust, I promise to intercede before the Eternal Father, my Divine Son Jesus and the Holy

Spirit. I will obtain for them, from God, the grace to reach perfect sanctity in the virtues of St. Joseph, this way reaching the perfect love in which he

lived. Men will learn to love my Son Jesus and myself with the same love as my Most Chaste Spouse Joseph, receiving the most pure love from our Hearts.

My Son Jesus, my Chaste Spouse Joseph and I are at your side. Fear nothing, because our hearts will protect you always. I give you my blessing: in the name

of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

At the end of this message the Holy Family gave their blessing and as they were rising to Heaven, Our Lady said: In the end our united Hearts will triumph!

For more information on the Church-Approved apparitions of Itapiranga, Brazil, please visit the official website: www.santuariodeitapiranga.com.br
Special thanks to Ana Ormonde for translating these messages into English.

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Dear Friends,

We just received this urgent request from a religious congregation of Sisters from Northern Iraq. URGENT PRAYER is needed for these heroic and endangered Sisters. Please pray!

-Ed., February 24, 2015



We have lost the town of Queragosh (Quaragosh) N. Iraq. It fell to ISIS who decapitated the children wholesale. We had stored smuggled food there. ISIS repelled the Peshmergas (Kurdish forces) and is now less than 10 minutes from where our team is struggling to survive. Last night thousands fled to Erbil. The UN has evacuated its team
from Erbil but our team is still here and will remain. Prayers for our protection are vital. Please pray without ceasing for the liberation of the people of N Iraq from this terrible, terrifying onslaught of ISIS and its extremists whose objective is mass conversion or death for all Christians in the region. I beg you therefore to join with me. Do not ignore or delete this email. Send it to your Christian friends, to prayer groups, to your pastors and priests. Ask them to intercede for us during Mass. Please spend time in prayer for us at this fear-filled time. We must stir ourselves in support of our Christian brothers and sisters. PRAY and if possible forward this.

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Imprimatur for Direction for Our Times Materials
November 11th, 2013

Dear lay apostles,

We are happy to share with you today the news that Bishop Leo O’Reilly has granted an Imprimatur for all of the writings of Direction for Our Times. This is good news and is another step forward for the Apostolate of Jesus Christ the Returning King. Below you will find the actual language, as well as the titles of the writings. Each reprint will now include the Imprimatur.


To appear in each book:

Nihil Obstat: Very Rev. John Canon Murphy, PP, VF

Imprimatur: +Most Rev. Leo O’Reilly

Bishop of Kilmore, Ireland.

The Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur are an official declaration that a book or pamphlet are free of doctrinal or moral error and that ecclesiastical permission for its publication has been granted.


The official Church diocesan commission is at a late stage of its process and therefore we are delighted to receive the Imprimatur now. We, along with you, peacefully await the outcome of that commission.

Apostles, thank you for your hard work, faithful support and kindness to us on the staff. We are seeing enormous growth in many areas so please continue to pray for us. We are here for you to support your good work in spreading this apostolate. Hopefully, the Imprimatur on the writings will make your jobs a little easier!


Fr. Darragh Connolly


p.s- as always if you have any questions, please contact the office.


Below are two letters from Anne’s bishop, Bishop Leo O’Reilly, bishop of the Diocese of Kilmore, Ireland. They contain statements on his position from June 2006 and September 2011. These statements reflect the current position of Bishop O’Reilly, who is the competent ecclesiastical authority in this matter.

For More Information – Clergy
Clergy members seeking further information may contact Fr. Darragh Connolly, Bishop O’Reilly’s designated representative in these matters, by calling the Direction for Our Times office – USA (708) 496-9300 or Europe +353(0)49 437-3040.

Letter from Bishop 2006

Letter from Bishop 2006

 Letter from Bishop 2011

Letter from Bishop 2011




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The Immaculate Conception of Mary is a key event in Salvation and the Redemptive process. This event, as is well documented by Catholic scholars, was foretold in key texts in Scripture; Genesis 3:15, the enmity between the serpent and the woman and her offspring, Luke 1:28, wherein Gabriel proclaims Mary as “full of Grace”. These powerful passages indicate the nature of Mary and her Holy Son. Furthermore, the chaste and upright nature of Mary was foretold from the beginning of humanity.

These two passages act as monolithic pillars upon which the Church can rest her teachings on the Immaculate Conception. Yet, in addition to these teachings are other Biblical traditions which form a “Theology of Preparation”.1 God prepared for Mary, as she was vital in the plan of Salvation which was completed by the Cross and through the Resurrection. The concept of “preparation” forms a theology which finds its culmination in Mary and the Immaculate Conception.


Mary was to give the human form to the Incarnation, the Word of God becoming flesh. The Introduction, or Prologue, to John’s Gospel is clear in that in Jesus is the converging of the pre-existent Word of God, Logos, and the fleshly realm. The Mother of the Son of God was to be of a special nature and would hold a special place in Salvation History. Therefore, God set about preparing for Mary and foreshadowing her role in the centuries before her lifetime.

Preparing the Body

Article 488 of the Catechism states that God would “prepare a body” for His Son;

“He wanted the free cooperation of a creature. For this, from all eternity God chose for the mother of his Son a daughter of Israel, a young Jewish woman of Nazareth in Galilee, ‘a virgin betrothed to a man whose name was Joseph, of the House of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary”.

Mary, as Gabriel said, was already filled with grace. However, chastity was part of the disposition for which God had prepared. The ideal of an immaculate and pristine body is rooted in the traditions of the Old Testament.

Judges 13

In the birth account of the Judge of Israel, Samson, we see strict dietary restrictions placed on the mother, who is not named in the text. She is to take no wine or strong drink, probably beer, and eat nothing unclean. Historically, this seems to be an early version of the Nazirite Vow that is recorded in Numbers 6.

However, in a theological, or prophetic, context we see a foreshadowing of Mary. YHWH is preparing for his “Holy One”, Samson. 2 While not austere, the restrictions placed on Samson’s mother seem to be designed to prepare her body to give birth to the miraculously powerful son who will begin the deliverance of Israel from Philistine oppression. God is preparing a clean host for the child which He has promised. Interestingly, the text gives no indication that the restrictions are to carry through to the boy who is to be born.3 The focus is on the mother. The text emphasizes the physical disposition of Samson’s mother in preparation for the birth. While not immaculate, chastity is not at issue with Manoah and his wife, she is to provide the proper physical environment in which the baby can grow and be readied for his unique mission.

Isaiah 7:14

The famous “Immanuel” prophecy speaks to the issue of chastity and virginity. Matthew cited this text in his birth account (1:23). The Hebrew uses the termalmah to describe the virgin. This term denotes a young girl of marriageable age who is chaste. 4 This was to be a sign to the House of David. The sign is for Judah that YHWH is with them
in the midst of turmoil. The sign also speaks to the fulfillment of the promise made to the House of David (2 Samuel 7). Herein we see the promise of the eternal kingship.

This was to a sign of tremendous magnitude. It would follow, therefore, that the virgin would not be a common maid, but a girl of surpassing chastity. She was to be part of the Salvation History established by God. This was to be a sign that would transcend the centuries of oppression and subjection. Her chastity was the validation and affirmation that the sign was truly from God.

The prophecy is rather stark, in comparison with other prophecies in Isaiah and other books. It relies on the power of the words rather than eloquence. The transitions are abrupt and force the focus on the virgin. It is stated at the outset that this sign will be from God. However, the descriptions now focus on the virgin. It is the virgin who be with child, bear a son, and name him. The emphasis is on the disposition and actions of the virgin in preparation for this child, the sign to the House of David.

Overall, from these two major texts in the Old Testament we see the beginnings of the importance of the proper physical disposition of Mary. The immaculate nature of Mary, her chastity, fulfills these traditions. These traditions of Samson and Isaiah are both integral in establishing the eternal Kingship. In both of these traditions the physical disposition of the mother is emphasized. Mary was to give birth to the Davidic King, the Messiah, who was to complete the work of Samson and fulfill the words of Isaiah. Therefore, by extension, Mary’s physical nature must be understood to have surpassed, or completed, the nature of the women who went before her and led the way to her. To speak of her physically immaculate nature is to speak of her fulfilling the traditions which foreshadowed her.

Preparing the Mission of Mary

Article 489 of the “Catechism” argues that “throughout the Old Covenant the missions of many holy women prepared for that of Mary.” In recent decades, Biblical scholars have shed new light on the role of women in the Old Testament. B. Witherspoon argues that “within the OT . . . the women who
emerge as actors testify to the essential and active role of women in the formation and transmission of Israel’s faith.” He goes on, similarly to article
498, to say that “Israelite faith was . . . cherished, defended, and exemplified by women”.5

The Israel of the OT was a patriarchal society. Yet, despite this perspective the powerful role of women is still evident. The woman in the Old Testament displayed a quiet strength that was foundational and essential to the household. R. de Vaux states;

“All the hard work at home certainly fell to her; she looked after the flocks, worked in the fields, cooked the food, did the spinning, and so on. All this apparent drudgery, however, far from lowering her status, earned her consideration. Sometimes, in exceptional circumstances, a woman could even take part in public affairs, Israel honored Deborah and Jael as heroines (Judges 4-5), Athaliah reigned over Judah for several years (2 Kings 11); Huldah the Prophetess was consulted by the king’s ministers (2 Kings 22:14); and the books of Judith and Esther tell how the nation was saved by a woman.” 6

The Israelite, or Jewish, woman- wife or mother- was given a social status and dignity that was superior to other countries in the Ancient Near East. The women of the Bible rise to prominence because of their intelligence or devotion.

J.L. McKenzie points out that the passage of “The Fall” and the curse placed upon the woman indicates that the inferior position women had in relation to men does not represent the original order of creation. He states, “the inferiority of woman is thus presented as a deterioration from the primitive and unspoiled condition of man[kind].”7

Mary culminates these aspects of women in the Bible. She exemplified her faith in the quiet strength that was expected and that characterized her entire life. By virtue of her unassuming life and devotion she was worthy of dignity and social status. However, as indicated in Gabriel’s announcement, her grace was that of the original and, in McKenzie’s words, and unspoiled condition of humanity. The Greek word for “grace” derives from charis. The term contains the connotations of “to be highly favored”. All of the strong and devout women, known or unknown to history, pointed to Mary. Only Mary embodied the purity, only approximated by the women of old, that would make her worthy to be the mother of the Son of God. Mary’s mission, her calling to this role of motherhood grew from the pure, immaculate, nature that she possessed and manifested in her life.

Therefore, this shows that the Divine preparation of the body and the theological preparation of the mission converge in Mary. One form of preparation complements the other and each disposes Mary to the other. This “Theology of preparation” contains both physical and spiritual aspects, because the Incarnation was the merging of the Spiritual with the human spheres. The need for an immaculate nature resonates throughout this theological concept. It is only with an immaculate, surpassingly pure, nature could this merge, the Incarnation, occur.


Mary’s Immaculate Conception was needed if the Cross of Jesus was to be seen as a true sacrifice for our Salvation. John’s Gospel builds a powerful foundation for this connection between the Cross and the Immaculate Conception of Mary. John has the Baptist proclaim that Jesus is the “Lamb of God” (1:29). One must note the construction of the term; it is a possessive. This means that Jesus is the Lamb- the sacrifice. 8 The image of the lamb is a powerful symbol in Salvation History.

The Passover

According to McKenzie, “the lamb is most frequently mentioned in the OT as a sacrificial victim in ritual passages of Ex-Nm-Lv” The “singular title [Lamb of God] probably arises from a combination of the application to Jesus of Servant of YHWH (Isaiah 53:7). . . and of the Passover lamb.” 9 The lamb was, and is, to be unblemished, as is the case with most sacrifices. Passover was the great saving act of the Old Testament. It was the first step in the formation of the people of Israel. J. Miles argues that the Johannine Gospel synthesizes scriptural references. The title “lamb of God” is a passage “written deliberately” to link Jesus to the Passover lamb and the lamblike “Suffering Servant”. Miles also contends that Jesus’ crucifixion “at Passover, is described in a way that repeatedly draws attention to the season and underlines his identity as a new Passover victim.”10

John’s Gospel brings this point into bold relief by indicating that Jesus was not crucified on Passover itself, but on “preparation day” for the Passover celebration (19:14). B. Boksar argues that “John, in thus portraying Jesus crucified at the time the paschal lambs were being sacrificed at the Temple, depicts Jesus as a Passover offering. This synchronization explains how Jesus died for humanity and, it is claimed, gives his death a more enduring
redemptive quality than the regular Passover sacrifice.”11 Therefore the Cross is the new Passover, the great saving act of Christianity, which will herald a new Israel.

Jesus, like the original Passover lamb, had to be unblemished. If the victim was flawed, the sacrifice was corrupted and the saving act would be emptied of meaning. Mary was to give birth to the perfect Passover victim, one that was wholly innocent and pure. Therefore, to preserve the integrity of the sacrifice of the Cross, Mary needed to be pure or immaculate as well. It was Mary’s immaculate nature that was integral to the Salvation and Redemption that was brought forth by the Cross.


In Romans 5:12-21, we read that sin and death has entered into the world through one man; Adam. This text is foundational to the concept of “Original sin”. However, as argued by M. Brauch, there is a relational aspect to Paul’s words. It reflects the relationship between Creator and creature. A relationship, though inherited, “can only be established or destroyed or affirmed or denied”.12

According to Biblical theology, sin breaks man’s relationship with God and separates man from God. Death is the result of Sin; therefore it takes on the separating power of Sin. Herein is the power of Death; that which needed to be broken by the Cross.

By virtue of Adam’s sin, all are in bondage and separated from God. Yet, we are all responsible for our participation in that bondage and separation, “because all sinned” according to Paul. The idea of all being subject to one man’s sin is the Biblical teaching of “corporate personality” or “solidarity”.  This concept “recognized the intimate interdependence of individuals and the effect that such solidarity could have. . . “ 13 Brauch explains the condition;

“Adam, the typical, representative first human being yields to temptation to determine his own existence and his own destiny (that is, he sins). The result of that self-determination is death. Death is the condition of separateness, since the creature apart from the Creator does not have life. . . Separation from the source of life results in decay and disintegration.”14

At the same time, Romans 5:12-21 depicts a human commonality. While we share the burden of sin, or separation, we are responsible and are to be held accountable “for the way we relate to that common humanity. . . Each individual participates in the Adamic humanity and becomes accountable for that participation. Death marches across the pages of human history because humans in their own individuality have sinned” 15

This “march” halts with the advent of Jesus Christ. Paul uses an “antithetical parallelism between the death wrought by Adam and the life brought by Christ”. Christ is the new Adam, whose grace and beneficence supplants the disobedience of Adam. 16 Christ had to overcome the universal separateness of humanity if he was to break the
power of Sin and death. Mary was his link to the human world; if she shared in the common humanity, so too would Jesus. She had to be of an immaculate nature to avoid passing on the universal separateness, or sinful nature, of humanity. Regarding the concept of individual responsibility, both Mary and Jesus re-established and affirmed the relationship with God, which was broken by Sin.

If Mary were not immaculate, Jesus would have shared in the separate nature of humanity by virtue of being born to Mary. If this were the case, the Cross would have been emptied of its Salvific and Redemptive power. Jesus would have died, technically, an innocent death as the legal charge against him was false. But, the Cross would have been in repayment for his own share in the universal, or collective, sin of humanity. In other words, without Mary’s
immaculate nature, Jesus would still have been an exemplary man. However, he would have been just an exemplary man who died for his personal beliefs and shortfalls. Therefore, the immaculate nature of Mary was the key to Jesus restoring the order which Adam destroyed.


The Immaculate Conception of Mary was the culmination of physical and traditional preparation, a key to the sacrifice of the Cross, and a vital part of the redemptive process wherein Jesus overcomes the Fall of Adam. Through one man sin and death entered the world. Therefore, only through a man can the effects of sin and death be broken. Mary was the lynchpin in Jesus, through the Incarnation, re-establishing and affirming man’s relationship with God through the
New Covenant. Mary had to surpass the separate nature of creation to give birth to the Savior and Redeemer. This was accomplished in the Immaculate

The Immaculate Conception was the key, albeit human, element in the power of the Cross. The Cross was a singular act of grace, wherein Jesus was allowed by The Father to take our sins and punishment onto Himself. Jesus was innocent and sinless; otherwise this redeeming act could not have taken place. Mary, and the Immaculate Conception, was the indispensable factor in the sacrifice of the new paschal lamb on the Cross. The Immaculate Conception was foundational
to the great saving act of Christianity.


Brauch, M. Hard Sayings of Paul. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 1989.

Brown, Fitzmyer, Murphy, eds. The Jerome Biblical Commentary. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice- Hall, 1968.

Catechism of the Catholic Church.
NY: Doubleday, 1994.

Freedman, D. N. Anchor Bible Dictionary 6 vols . NY: Doubleday, 1992.

McKenzie, J.L. Dictionary of the Bible. Chicago: Bruce, 1966.

Vaux, R. de, Ancient Israel: Social Institutions. NY: McGraw-Hill, 1965.


We will expand on the teachings found in Articles 488-489 in the “Catechism of the Catholic Church”.


We use this term because, significantly, it is used of Samson in the LXX. This is the only occurrence of this term in the Old Testament. Moreover, it
is a term used of Jesus.


Some scholars have attempted to argue that the restrictions of mother carried through to Samson. There is no textual evidence to support this argument,
but the idea of Samson breaking all of the restrictions placed on him makes for many fiery sermons.


Some scholars have proposed arguments that there are no specific connotations of chastity attached to this term. The semantic field of this term,
though limited, and the occurrences combine to indicate that this was not a common word for “maid” who was of age to be married.


B. Witherspoon, “Women (OT)” Anchor Bible Dictionary (NY: Doubleday, 1992 ), 6:956.


R. de Vaux, Ancient Israel; Social Institutions (NY: McGraw-Hill, 1965) 39.


J.L. McKenzie, Dictionary of the Bible (Chicago: Bruce, 1966) 936.


This is often misunderstood in popular theology. Jesus is not being sacrificed TO God, but being sacrificed BY God. God is not being depicted as the
removed Warrior-God who will only be satisfied with the blood of His only son. God is being depicted as a loving father who, by a singular act of
Grace, is giving His Son over to an innocent death for the Salvation of His people.


McKenzie, Dictionary”, 491.


J. Miles. “Lamb”, Anchor Bible Dictionary (NY: Doubleday, 1992) 4:132.


B. Boksar, “ Unleavened Bread and Passover, Feast of”, Anchor Bible Dictionary (NY: Doubleday, 1992) 6:763.


M. Brauch, Hard Sayings of Paul (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 1989), 29.


Ibid., 29


Ibid., 30


Brauch, 31-32.


J. Fitzmyer, “The Letter to the Romans”, The Jerome Biblical Commentary (Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall, 1968), 306. There is much more which
could, and should, be said about this monumental passage, but a full analysis would take far afield from our topic.

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September 29, 2010

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