A New Marian Dogma and the Amsterdam Apparitions

In the Summer of 2019, an international group of bishops and cardinals wrote an open letter to Pope Francis out of concern for the peoples of this world. “There is so much suffering. We see more coming. The world is out of balance, politically, economically, morally, ecologically, and is on the edge of a world catastrophe.” Behind all the external events, they continue, “more than ever a spiritual battle is going on between good and evil, light and darkness, in the hearts of humanity. Here the real battle must be fought. Mankind is in great need of conversion, and of help from the Lord, his angels and his Mother. They call the Church to gather in a new way around Mary, “the Woman clothed with the Sun”, and ask the Pope to honor the role of Mary in Redemption in a new and final Marian dogma.

Also, spontaneous comments by Pope Francis during a December 12, 2019 homily ignited a new worldwide discussion to both the Co-redemptrix title and the possibility of a new Marian dogma.

This request for a new dogma has a one hundred year-long history in the Church. We also find it in private revelation. Here we will focus on the Amsterdam Apparitions. There is a widely unknown prophetic relation between the Fatima, Amsterdam, and Akita apparitions. All three highlight the spiritual causes of war and disasters, and the crucial role of the Virgin Mary in this spiritual battle against the forces of darkness.

In 1917 in Fatima, Our Lady explicitly relates the external events in our world to the spiritual and moral life of the peoples. She indicates the ending of World War will soon come, but at the same time warns of another: “If people do not cease offending God, a worse one[war] will break out…(July 13, 1917).” When the peoples of the world do not change their ways, Our Lady warns that the future could bring a deep crisis in the Church itself, persecution of the faithful and of the Holy Father, and a worldwide catastrophe. She calls for conversion and prayer, especially the Rosary, and gives herself as the remedy against the dangers of our time. She asks the pope to consecrate Russia to her Immaculate Heart, and invites each Christian faithful to personally do the same for their families and for themselves— a consecration to her Immaculate Heart which she connects with great promises of grace and peace. The Church and the world did not truly listen and respond or did so too late, and so World War II could no longer be prevented.

28 years later, at the end of this second World War, Mary comes again, now in Amsterdam. The first time, in March 1945, she appears to a young woman, and introduces herself: “I am the Lady, Mary, Mother of all Peoples. With urgency, she repeats the warnings of Fatima, and warns of a new downward spiral of the Church and the world into even deeper crisis as a result of this spiritual and moral decay, which ultimately will lead to a “world catastrophe.” “From degeneration comes disaster, from degeneration comes war,” says the Mother of all Peoples. She asks for more Justice, truth and love” among peoples, and encourages the Rosary. Our Lady also reveals a new short but strong prayer to implore her Son, through her own powerful advocacy, to send now his Spirit over the earth, that all nations “may be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war.”

Again, the Mother of All Peoples gives herself as remedy. When the Church dogmatically recognizes her human but unique role in God’s plan of Redemption as the “Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate,”then she will be able to fully execute her maternal power over the heart of her Son on behalf of humanity, and bring about peace, “true peace” for the world. For a long time, the Church did not truly listen.

Another 28 years passed. In 1973, the Virgin Mary appears again as “the Lady of All Nations,” but now at the other end of the world in Akita, Japan. Religious Sisters of Eucharistic Adoration had made a wooden statue after the image of the Lady of All Nations in Amsterdam, and diligently prayed the Prayer of the Lady of All Nations every day.

Then, miracles of healing began to take place. The statue wept human tears on 101 different occasions, including five times in presence of the local bishop. After years of scientific investigation by the University of Akita, Bishop Ito recognized the events as consisting of a supernatural origin in 1984, and concluded that “Akita is the continuation of Amsterdam.” The messages given by the Lady of all Nations to the visionary, Sister Agnes Sasagawa, were, in essence, the same as at Amsterdam, but with even greater urgency. If people still do not listen and respond, Mary warns, she will not be able to prevent world catastrophe anymore, nor division within the Church: “The work of the devil will infiltrate the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres… I alone am still able to save you from the calamities that approach (October 13, 1973).” But once again, the world and the Church have not listened and responded.

In 1996, however, a new chapter was opened in Amsterdam. With the consent of Rome, the local bishop at the time, Bishop Hendrik Bomers, together with his auxiliary bishop, Jozef Punt, granted permission for the public veneration of the Blessed Virgin under the title, “The Lady of all Nations.” Six years later in 2002, Bishop Punt, the new local bishop of Amsterdam, approved the apparitions of Amsterdam as “in essence consisting of a supernatural origin.” The prayer had already spread around the world and had been translated in numerous languages. From that time onwards, prayer days were held in many countries, and churches were dedicated to “the Lady of all Nations” or “the Mother of all Peoples.

Still today, unfortunately, the messages of Amsterdam has received too little attention and response from the Church and from the world. They are, however, among the most important and up to date messages for our time. “The signs are in my words, the Lady indicated, and further prophesied, “It will come true through the years.”Many messages relate to the situation for the world and the Church before the Second Vatican Council. The Lady shows the Council and asks for changes, “but in the true spirit, and in the good sense.” Many messages relate to that time, and many other messages relate to our times. Their authenticity through their contemporary fulfillment become obvious now.

More than 70 years ago, the Mother of all Peoples spoke about climate change: “Nature is changing, too;” about “economic warfare” between America and Europe in forms of “boycotting, currencies, disasters.” She also spoke about North Korea and turmoil in the Middle East and conflict around Jerusalem, etc. But these are only the signs and the reflection of a deeper spiritual crisis. Herein lies the true significance of the Amsterdam Apparitions.

The Lady of all Nations warned of a heavy spiritual battle in the decades to come, but also offered help and remedies. She warned: “The powers of hell will break loose… Religion will have a hard struggle, and they will want to tread it under foot. This will be done so cunningly, that scarcely anyone will notice. But I am warning you.”

The Church itself will also get into a deep crisis. The visionary sees dark clouds above the Vatican. “Rome still thinks that she is standing strong, but she is not aware of how she is being undermined… there will be a struggle in Rome against the Pope. I see many bishops sitting around the Pope, and then I hear, “catastrophic!” At times, Our Lady became very concrete and specific: “Say that celibacy is endangered from within, but the Holy Father must always uphold it, notwithstanding all opposition.” Sixty years ago, no one understood this message. Now, we know.

Time and time again, the Lady warns of “false doctrines,” particularly concerning the Eucharist and the Mass: “Bring your children back to the Sacrifice, bring your peoples back to the Sacrifice.” During later mystical Eucharistic experiences, the visionary was shown what will come. She heard through locutions the voice of Jesus: “And you, my apostles, who still are serving the altar, do not be discouraged. Do not fear. Continue faithfully along the same lines. Believe in Me and in Transubstantiation... Gather the remnants and assemble my flock. I am with you…. “Fight for the Truth and bring Her [Our Lady] back into your midst.”

The messages reveal that this is the time of Mary, the “Woman, clothed with the Sun.” The Lady explains: “Satan is still the prince of this world. He hold on to everything he can. That is why the Lady of All Nations had to come now, in this time… She will defeat Satan, as has been foretold. She will place her feet upon Satan’s head.” For this mission, she came. For this mission, she received her new title of the “Lady of All Nations,” or “Mother of All Peoples.” For this mission, she also gave a new prayer.

On February 11, 1951, a new historic prayer is revealed. The prayer is directed to the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, and implores him to sent his Holy Spirit over the earth, with special emphasis on “now.” Jesus will profoundly respond due to the powerful advocacy of his Mother, Mary, the Mother of all Peoples: “The Lady may come to her apostles and nations throughout the whole world, in order to bring them the Holy Spirit again and anew.” She reiterates that the world is in desperate need of the Holy Spirit: “This world is degenerating. The world will suffer disaster upon disaster. The world will be… economically and materially ruined. Wars will continue as long as no help comes from the True Spirit. The nations, however, must pray the prayer, “together with the Church.”

On May 10, 1953, the visionary then gets a special message for the Pope: “Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, teach your peoples this simple, yet profound prayer. It is Mary, the Lady of all Nations, who askes this of you. You are the shepherd of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Tend your sheep. Know well, great threats are hanging over the Church, are hanging over the world. Now the moment has come for you to speak of Mary as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate, under the title, “The Lady of all Nations.” Why is Mary asking this of you? Because She has been sent by her Lord and Creator so that under this title and through this prayer, she may deliver the world from a great world catastrophe.”

The Lady first explains her image as she appears to the visionary: “Listen carefully. The Son came into this world as the Redeemer of humanity, and the work of Redemption was the Cross, with all its suffering, spiritual and bodily… Then the Lady, as if surrounded by a haze, places herself before the Cross… I see her double over, and then she begins to weep. Such indescribable sorrow is written upon her face, and tears are running down her cheeks. Then the Lady says: “Child!”. And now it is as if she transmits that suffering to me. First of all, I am seized by spiritual exhaustion, which I feel very strongly… Suddenly it is as if I collapse, and I tell the Lady ‘I cannot bear it anymore.’ It lasts another moment, and then everything is over. In this way, She allows the visionary to experience how she suffers with her Son, and then she explains it in a theological way.

In the image, the Lady stands before the Cross and says: “Listen well and understand well what I am now going to explain. Once again I say: the Son came into the world as the Redeemer of humanity. The work of Redemption was the Cross. He was sent by the Father. Now, however, the Father and the Son wants to send the Lady throughout the whole world. For in the past too, she went before the Son and followed Him. That is why I now stand on the world, on the globe. The Cross is firmly fixed upon it, implanted in it. Now the Lady places herself before it, as the Mother of the Son, who with him accomplished the work of Redemption. This image speaks for itself and shall already be brought into the world because the world needs the Cross again. The Lady, however, stands as the Coredemptrix and Advocate before the Cross. Much controversy will arise over this. The Church, Rome, however, shall not be afraid to take up this struggle. It can only make the Church stronger…”.

With these words, The Lady then encourages the Church to take up the struggle fort he new and final dogma and several times during the messages, the Lady offers the theological foundation and explanation for the dogma. For example, during this July 2, 1951 message: “As Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate, I stand on the globe before the Cross of the Redeemer. By the will of the Father, the Redeemer came to the world. For this, the Father used the Lady. Thus from the Lady, the Redeemer received only -now I am stressing the word “only”- the flesh and blood, that is to say, the body. From my Lord and Master, the Redeemer received his Divinity. In this way, the Lady became the Coredemptrix. I have said: this time is Our time. This means that the Father and the Son wants to send the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate throughout the whole world in this time.”

Our Lady repeatedly points to her Immaculate Conception as basis for these titles and for the dogma: “Because Mary is Coredemptrix, She is also Mediatrix, She is also Advocate. Not only because She is the Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ, but -and mark this well- because She is the Immaculate Conception. Theologians, I ask you: do you still have objections to this dogma? The Blessed Virgin Mary, in virtue of her Immaculate Conception, is created in original purity and freedom, and as such, the Fathers of the Church always described her as the New Eve, “the cause of salvation for herself and the whole human race, as St. Ireneus wrote back in the second century. The messages of Amsterdam confirm this long Tradition of the Church.

On several occasions, Our Lady emphasizes that the three titles of Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate must be seen as one whole concept: “In one act, the Lord gave Mary these three titles, these three thoughts in one act…The Lord is the Redeemer of all nations. Mary, the Mother was chosen from the beginning as Coredemptrix. She became Coredemptrix at the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ to the Father. She became Mediatrix and Advocate of all nations.” Again, She stresses that a dogma must contain the three titles: …These three thoughts belong closely together. These three thoughts form one whole. That is why this will be the keystone of Marian history. Thus, this will become the dogma of the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate.”

The dogma, she makes clear, is not just to honor her: “The Divine Trinity will again reign over the world. The Lady stands here as the Advocate. The issue here is the Creator, not the Lady. Tell this your theologians.” The Lady adds: “Now I speak to the nations of the entire world: apostles and nations, kneel down before your Lord and Creator and be grateful. The science of the world has made people forget gratitude. They no longer know their Creator. Nations, be warned. Kneel down humbly before your Creator.” The Lady, the visionary relays, says these words with immense reverence and devotion. She falls to her knees and bows her head so deeply that it nearly touches the ground.

It is for reason of this new dogma that the Lady of All Nations is entering the world now: “The other dogmas had to precede, just as her life had to precede the Lady of all Nations. All the dogmas that preceded comprise the life and the departure of the Lady…. the final Marian dogma will be the greatest one: to stand as Coredemptrix before the Cross in this time.” She concludes: “Fight and ask for this dogma. It is the crowning of your Lady.”

Great promises are essentially connected with this new and last Marian dogma. She promises peace in the end through a new descent of the Holy Spirit, as she reveals: “The Lady of all nations wishes for unity in the true Holy Spirit. The world is covered by a false spirit, by Satan. Once the dogma, the final dogma in Marian history, has been proclaimed, the Lady of all Nations will grant peace, true peace, to the world. The nations, however, must pray my prayer, together with the Church. They shall know that the Lady of all Nations has come as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate. So be it.”

For a more complete treatment of Our Lady’s actual messages which urgently call for a new Marian Dogma, please see the article, “Mary’s Own Request for the Co-redemptrix Dogma,” by Joseph Aiuto, February 2, 2020, www.motherofallpeoples.com.

Dr. Courtenay Bartholomew

February 2, 2020

Feast of the Presentation of the Lord

Dr. Courtenay Bartholomew is an internationally respected Scientist and Professor of Medicine also has published several works on the Blessed Virgin Mary.


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