May 31, 1957 - "Ask for this dogma."

Updated: May 30, 2020

The Lady of All Nations - May 31, 1957

Lord, Your Will be done

My spiritual director had told me that I wasn’t allowed to go to St. Thomas Church that morning, nor to adoration in the evening. In addition, I was not allowed to call him that day. So I went to Holy Mass at Peace Church. All of sudden, just before Holy Communion, I clearly heard the voice of the Lady saying, “Today do what I tell you.”

I was startled by that and said inwardly, “But I promised to obey Fr. Frehe.” Yet I added humbly, “But Lord, Your will be done.” That day I had to go somewhere by train. I just went to the station. I took my seat in the train and started praying the Rosary, as was my habit. All of a sudden I heard the voice of the Lady startlingly clear, as a command, saying, “Go back, you have done your duty!”

Before I knew it, I was out of the train and standing on the platform. At the same moment the train left. I thought, what have I done? Now I haven’t obeyed. What now? All of a sudden the Lady’s voice resounded very loudly over the platform, “Three o’clock at the chapel!”

It sounded like an order. I went back home then. Since Fr. Frehe hadn’t forbidden me to go to the church in the afternoon, I went to St. Thomas Church that afternoon. At first I didn’t dare go in, but suddenly it was as if someone were pushing me, as if some kind of wind or force were carrying me into the church.

The Last Message to Be Given in Public

When I entered the church, people were praying the Rosary by the chapel. I prayed with them from the back of the church. Then they prayed the twelve articles of the Creed. At the words ‘who was conceived by the Holy Spirit’, I suddenly saw the light appear at the Lady altar. The light moved very slowly from the Lady altar, alongside the main altar, then alongside the St. Joseph altar where it halted for a moment, and then along the side of the church towards the chapel. It was as if a figure were floating along in that light. I stood up and went to the chapel because the Lady, as it were, beckoned me. When I entered the chapel, I saw the Lady slowly emerging from the light. She said to me, “Pray the prayer.”

Then she herself began to pray the prayer, very softly and devoutly, praying it together with me. At the end, however, I heard her say ‘your Advocate’ instead of ‘our Advocate’. At this she moved her head forward and looked at me very intently. This confused me, such that I seemed to have skipped the words ‚who once was Mary’, and repeated her words, ‘your Advocate’.

Then the Lady said, “Today I have come here in order to bring the last message given in public. Do not be afraid, child. It is the Lady of All Nations who says all of this.”

She paused a moment and then said, “You did well.”

Ask for the Dogma