The Lady of All Nations - May 31, 1955: "Ask For This Dogma"

Updated: May 30

May 31, 1955

The Lady Appears in Public

In the morning, during Holy Mass, I suddenly hear the voice of the Lady saying, “I will come today. Go to the chapel.”

In the evening there is adoration, and the church is very crowded. During the fifth glorious mystery I hear the voice of the Lady saying again, “Go to the chapel.”

However, since the church is so crowded, I don’t dare go, and I remain seated. A bright light comes from behind, from out of the chapel, and goes through the church. I am terribly frightened by this. Now, all of a sudden, I hear the voice of the Lady very clearly, right by my ear. I hear the Lady say, “Get up!”

It sounds so commanding that I rise with a start and walk towards the back. I feel as if I am floating. When I arrive at the chapel where the painting is, I see a sea of light there. I kneel down on the stone floor. Out of that light the Lady suddenly comes forward, more beautiful than I have ever seen her.

The Lady says, “Pray my prayer.” But I am so deeply touched and impressed by everything that I can’t speak. Interiorly I tell this to the Lady. Then she smiles and says for the second time,

“Pray my prayer.” And then she herself starts to recite it, “Lord Jesus Christ …”

Suddenly I recover my voice, and I am again able to repeat her words. Then she lets me continue praying.

The Lady Addresses the Nations

After this, the Lady pauses for a moment and gazes before herself. Then she starts to speak, “I am standing here as the Lady of All Nations, the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate.”

The Lady pauses again for a moment, gazing forward. Then she says, as if speaking over my head to an invisible crowd, “I promised to come today, May 31. The Mother, the Lady of All Nations, is standing here before you. Today she wants to address the nations. Listen carefully to my words.

I am coming to warn the nations. Satan is not yet expelled. Nations, be warned of false prophets. The Lady of All Nations may come every year. She promised to give her sign. This sign has now been given. I said: I will return, but in public.”

As the Lady points at me, she says, “Very well then, nations, this instrument hears the voice of the Lady so that she may bring you her word.”

She Will Defeat Satan

The Lady again pauses for a moment, and then she says, “Satan is not yet expelled. The Lady of All Nations may now come in order to expel Satan. She comes to announce the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will then come over this earth. You, however, shall pray my prayer which I gave to the world. Every day and every moment you shall think of the prayer which the Lady of All Nations gave to this world in this time. How strongly Satan is ruling, God alone knows. He now sends His Mother, the Lady of All Nations, to you, to all nations. She will defeat Satan, as has been foretold. She will place her feet upon Satan’s head.”

The Trinity

Then the Lady says with great concern, “Peoples, do not let yourselves be taken in by the false prophets; listen only to Him, to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. For the same Father is the same Son. The same Father and Son is the same Holy Spirit.” The Lady says this very slowly.

God Will Hear His Mother

Now the Lady pauses for a long time, and then she says, “You will go through a great deal yet, in this century. You, nations of this time, know that you are under the protection of the Lady of All Nations. Invoke her as Advocate; ask her to stave off all disasters. Ask her to banish degeneration from this world. From degeneration comes disaster. From degeneration comes war. Through my prayer you shall ask that this be staved off from the world. You do not know how great and how important this prayer is before God. He will hear His Mother, as she wants to be your Advocate.”

Trust in Your Mother

Again the Lady pauses for a long time. Then she says, very concernedly, “Great events are going to happen. You young people, you will experience great changes. It is the Lady of All Nations telling you this. She will protect you. She will stand in this time … in this time, in this world, above all nations as the Lady. A time of great inventions is to come. There will be alarming inventions, such that even your shepherds will be astonished and say: we are at a loss. At that time mark well these words which the Lady said to you on May 31st. The Father knows and allows everything that is going to happen in the world.

Understand, the Holy Spirit is nearer than ever. The Holy Spirit will only come when you pray for it. From the beginning, He already was. Now, however, the time has come.

The world no longer knows where to turn. Very well then, peoples, trust in your Mother, for she has never forsaken her children. She may come under this new title: ‘Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, Advocate.’”

The Lady Will Give Her Blessing

“Ask your Holy Father to proclaim this dogma which the Lady is requesting.”

Now, all of a sudden, I see the Lady join her hands in a graceful gesture. She stops speaking, and, with her eyes, she draws my attention to what is happening in the distance. At that moment I recover my natural hearing and I hear the altar bells for the blessing with the Blessed Sacrament. With a tender, devout expression on her face, the Lady looks in the direction of the altar. It is as if a radiant light comes over her and as if she receives the blessing together with all of us. After the blessing, the Lady calmly continues with her message, “Once the dogma has been proclaimed, the Lady of All Nations will grant her blessing, the Lady of All Nations will grant peace. She will help you when this dogma has been proclaimed.”

Back to the Sacrifice

“Great things are at hand. The world is degenerating. Nations, remember the daily Miracle that the Lord Jesus Christ granted you! He gave it to you so that you could experience it every day. Do you realize what you are actually missing? Nations, I said: I will come to admonish the nations and to give consolation to my children, the apostles and all nations. Very well then, the Lady has now come.

You shall bring your children to the Lord Jesus Christ. You shall teach them how to pray again, just as the Lady of All Nations teaches you to pray her prayer. The Lady asks you, parents: teach your children this prayer. Bring your children back to the Sacrifice; lead your nations back to the Sacrifice. And when I say ‘the nations’, I mean my white and especially my black sheep, standing about me. Think, white people, about the black nations! They must be brought to the Lord Jesus Christ; they must be brought to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

The Kingdom of God

“Once you begin to ask the Holy Father for the dogma, the Lady will fulfill her promise, and true peace will come. True peace, nations––that is the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is nearer than ever. Understand these words well. It is really and truly the Mother, the Lady of All Nations, who is telling you this. My admonitions: do not listen to false prophets; listen only to your shepherds, to your ministers, to the voice of your conscience––to a Higher Being. And this I say for those who do not belong to the true Church.”

Now the Lady raises her finger and says with emphasis, “You, people of the Church of Rome, be aware of your great, great fortune. Realize what it means to belong to the Church of Rome. Do you really act accordingly?”

The Nations United Around Her Throne

“Your Mother, the Lady of All Nations, is allowed to come to you once a year under this new title. Later on this will cease. Understand these words well when I say: see to it that every year the nations are assembled around this throne, before this image.”

While the Lady is still standing in that beautiful light, I suddenly see the chapel with the painting of the Lady. Around it large groups of people are gathering, many, many foreign nations. The Lady says, “This is the great favor that Mary, Miriam, or the Lady of All Nations, may grant to the world.”

You Are Responsible

“She will return, I said. She will speak to her apostles. But the Lady will speak first to you, nations. Help your apostles; do not make it so difficult for them. Bring your children again as an offering before the Lord. Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ, your Lady understands you; your Lady will help you in all difficulties, your Lady will assist you. In her name, invoke the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, who will come now more than ever! The Kingdom of God is nearer than ever, I said. Nations, do you realize what that is going to mean? Do you realize, nations, that you are responsible? You, the high-ups of this world, do not mislead your little ones, do not mislead the least of my children. You are responsible before your Lord Jesus Christ.” And once again the Lady says with emphasis, “You are responsible!”

The Lady Begs You

“I just said: alarming inventions will be made. God allows this; but you peoples, you can see to it that it does not result in disaster. You peoples, I beg you … the Lady begs you; hear this well. Never has the Mother of God begged you …”

Now the Lady pauses again and then says, “So that you do not arrive at alarming things, nations, the Lady begs you now, today: ask the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to protect His people, to bring His people to unity once again. People have to attain unity, to be one, and over them: the Lady of All Nations. One community, peoples; here I am stressing these words: one community.”

One Community

“Think of the future.” And now it is as if the Lady is smiling as she says, “No, the Lady does not say: think of your material future. Understand well why I may come on this great day. This great day was chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ for the Lady of All Nations. She may bring her nations to unity. She may gather her nations into one large community. All nations into one Community, that is what this world, this time––as I have repeatedly announced––must see to. In private I have spoken repeatedly about this time. Very well then, nations, this time has come. Satan is not yet expelled, but you have to see to that, you peoples of the Church of Rome.”

Now the Lady raises her finger again in warning and says seriously, “Remember your sacraments––they still exist. By your example, nations, bring others to Him, to the daily Miracle, to the daily Sacrifice.”

Your Mother Went Before You

“And thus the words, ‘From now onwards all nations will call me blessed’, will be fulfilled. Today this message of the Lady of All Nations goes throughout the world. I said: I will give consolation. Nations, your Mother knows life, your Mother knows sorrow, your Mother knows the Cross. Everything you go through in this life is a passage that your Mother, the Lady of All Nations, went before you. She went this road before you.”

The Lady pauses again for a moment and then says slowly,

“But she went up to the Father; she returned to her Son. Nations, you also go up to the Father by your way of the Cross; you also go up to the Son by your way of the Cross. The Holy Spirit will help you. Invoke Him in this time. I cannot say this enough to the world: go to the Holy Spirit in this time!”

The Lady says the latter very slowly and with emphasis.

Return to the Community

“You will be helped. Return to the Church. Return to the community. Care for my other sheep––those who are wandering around grazing there. Do you know what that means: wandering around grazing?” The Lady says the latter, too, with great emphasis.

“Care especially for unity among the nations. That is what the Lady of All Nations came to tell you today. She will not forget you. You cannot yet understand my words. The signs, I said, are in my words.”

Consoling Promise

“Your Mother will tell you something consoling. When the time of the Lord Jesus Christ is at hand, you will notice that false prophets, war, discord, dissension are going to disappear. Now the time is dawning. The Lady of All Nations is telling you this.”

Then the Lady slowly goes away.


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