June 15, 1952

The Great Action

“Here I am again, the Lady of All Nations.” Now the Lady looks at me for a long time without speaking. Then she says, “In the previous message I gave you the meaning of ‘The Lady of All Nations’. Today I have come to tell you: the great action of the Lady of All Nations has to begin now. Bring the messages into the world. The Lady of All Nations shall help you and all those who fight for this. The great action shall begin. This image will precede. Later on there will be no nation without the Lady of All Nations. This title begins now. This time is Our time.”


Now the Lady gazes before herself for a long time. Then she starts speaking again, saying,

“The Lady, who once was Mary…At the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ coredemption first began. It was not until the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ that she became the Mediatrix and Advocate. At the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ He gave the nations the Lady of All Nations. Now the time has come for her to bring this title into the world. Tell this to your theologians. Tell your bishop that I am satisfied. The prayer has now been brought forth correctly. Tell those who are cooperating that all people have to pray the prayer.”

With One Accord

“Let the regular and secular clergy work together. In other matters, too, they will have to come closer together. After all, you are all apostles of the Master. Seek and find one another. If the apostles are divided in their views, how can the peoples be one?

I implore and ask the Church of Rome: fight in this time with one accord for the one Truth, the Lord and Creator of this world, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This time is the time of the Holy Spirit. All of you, ask the Holy Spirit to bring the True Spirit over the world. The world is degenerating. The great ones of this world strive for power. The great ones of this world think only in materialistic terms. People are being scattered and misled.”

Now the Lady points at the globe. I see confusion and unrest among the peoples. The Lady says, “Just look over all these countries. Nowhere unity, nowhere peace, nowhere tranquility for the peoples. Everywhere tension, everywhere anxiety. The Lord Jesus Christ allows this. His time will come. Beforehand there will be a time of unrest. Humanism, paganism, atheists, snakes––beforehand they will try to rule this world.”

See to the Outspreading

“Today I have come to say that the great action against all this has to begin. And now I am speaking to your theologians and say: indeed, recognize the seriousness of this cause. And to those whom I chose at the beginning of this cause, I say: help with all your means and see to the outspreading, everyone in one’s own way. Now the time is at hand, the time of the Lady of All Nations. I shall help them.”

For a long time again the Lady says nothing and looks at me intently. Then she says, “To you, child, I still have this to say: you have a great task to accomplish. Have courage; have no fear. The Lady of All Nations is standing here before you. This image is to remain here for the time being. The Lady will give the sign.”

Then the Lady goes slowly away.


Mother of All Peoples is an international lay organization that seeks to spread knowledge of and devotion to the Virgin Mary, and works for the papal definition of our Lady as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate.

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