People of God for a New Pentecost Through Mary

Updated: May 29

May 1, 2020

St. Joseph the Worker

Dear beloved Catholic Brothers and Sisters,

We, a group of Marian lay leaders of the People of God, are inviting you to participate in a very important worldwide Marian initiative!

On May 1, 2020, several conferences of bishops, including from Italy, Canada, and the United States, have consecrated their countries to Mary our Mother, in seeking her intercession against the Coronavirus pandemic. This idea came from a group of lay people in Italy who sent 300 letters to the Italian Conference of Bishops for this consecration. As Cardinal Bassetti, President of the Italian Conference of Bishops stated, it is the task of pastors to guide their flocks, “but often it is the flock, the Christian people, who push their pastors, as occurred in this case.”

Recently, Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has asked families during this month of May to pray the Family Rosary together and has added two beautiful prayers for us to pray daily in unison with him. We thank our Holy Father for this wonderful call, and we certainly will be, with a renewed devotion, praying the Rosary within our families.

This upcoming May 31, 2020, is also an extremely important day. Along with being the Solemnity of Pentecost, it is also typically the Feast of the Visitation of Mary, which concludes Our Lady’s special month of May. As the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles through the special intercession of Mary, as Pope St. John Paul II teaches, we believe it is time for a New Pentecost, a new and powerful descent of the Holy Spirit through the intercession of Our Lady as our Advocate. Particularly at this time of global Coronavirus crisis, its long-term effects, and the other grave challenges facing humanity today, we need the Holy Spirit to descend again now, in our own day. This New Pentecost will happen only through the powerful intercession of Mary, our Advocate.

That’s why we are confident that it would cause a truly great grace for the Church and the world if, on this upcoming Pentecost Solemnity, May 31, the bishops and priests of the world would publicly pray through the Advocacy of Mary, our Co-redemptrix and Mediatrix, for a new descent of the Holy Spirit, in order to prevent Coronavirus and other aspects of moral degeneration, disasters and war threatening humanity today. We are therefore asking our bishops and priests to publicly pray, on this upcoming Pentecost Sunday, this short but powerful prayer—a prayer given directly by the Mother of All Peoples herself through a local Church approved apparition:

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now your Spirit over the earth. Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all peoples, That they may be preserved from degeneration, disasters, and war. May the Lady of All Nations, the Blessed Virgin Mary, be our Advocate. Amen.

Certain cardinals and bishops and priests have already agreed to honor Our Lady by publicly praying this prayer on May 31 during their Pentecost liturgy. For example, His Beatitude and Eminence, Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rahi, Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and all East, will honor Our Lady by publicly praying the above Prayer on May 31 at his patriarchate in Lebanon, along with other Middle Eastern bishops.

What a historic grace it would be if bishops and priests throughout the world would join Cardinal Patriarch Rahi and the other Middle Eastern prelates by praying this prayer during this very special Pentecost Sunday, invoking Our Lady’s intercession for a New Pentecost against Coronavirus and the other global challenges facing humanity!

Dear Marian faithful, please consider contacting your local bishop and parish priest, and invite them to join these faithful cardinals, bishops, and priests worldwide by praying the Prayer of the Mother of All Peoples during their Pentecost homilies or at another special moment on this Pentecost Sunday. Ask your bishop and priest to call upon Our Lord Jesus through this prayer, that Our Risen Savior may bring about a new descent of the Holy Spirit through the powerful intercession of Our Lady as Advocate.

With this request, we take seriously our obligations as the Catholic laity (cf. Canon 212.2) at a time when the Church and the world so desperately need the Holy Spirit anew through the powerful intercession of Mary, the Spiritual Mother of all peoples.

Honorable Mercedes Tuason

Past Philippine Ambassador to the Vatican,

Manila, Philippines

Imaculee Ilibagiza

Author, Left to Tell

Josephine Bantug Ricardo and Lucy Araujo

Center for Peace Past Presidents,

Christian Family Movement

Lina Riachi-Berger

Mother of All Peoples Movement

Lebanon, Germany

Dr. Simona Rossi

Mother and Lady of All Peoples Movement

Rome, Italy

Hertha Oman

Our Lady of Fatima Mother of All Peoples Movement

Stockholm, Sweden

Lia Fry

Ave Maria, Florida USA

Gerda Matthews

Vox Populi Loretto House Vienna, Austria

Sharon Freeman

Winnipeg, Canada

Joyce Miranda

Mother of All Peoples Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pablo Licheri

Catholic Mass Times

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Rita Normant

Mother and Lady of All Peoples Movement Paris, France

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Mother of All Peoples is an international lay organization that seeks to spread knowledge of and devotion to the Virgin Mary, and works for the papal definition of our Lady as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate.

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