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September 6, 2018 Message of Saint Michael to Janie Garza

Visit of the Archangels September 6, 2018

St. Michael: Behold, beloved of the Father, we, the Three Archangels, bring you guidance from heaven. Ponder all that we share with you.

Beloved, God is pleased with all your efforts of prayer, fasting and suffering for poor unconverted sinners. Never allow yourself to become weary of serving your Creator with all your heart.

Beloved, continue to invite God’s children to pray every day so that their prayers and offerings can mitigate all the sufferings in the world. Prayer is powerful when it is offered with faith in your heart. Prayer is the weapon to destroy the many attacks of the Beast and all his evil forces. Beloved, pray for families that continue to ignore the warnings from heaven. Much more suffering will plague the world if God’s children do not listen.

Pray for the Bride of Christ, for the Beast continues to try to destroy it. Many of his attacks are manifested by the division between cardinals, bishops, priests and religious. The successor of St. Peter is under severe attack and persecution. Pray for his protection by offering your daily Masses and all your prayers. Pray for all the faithful who also persecute the successor of St. Peter. This is very displeasing to God.

Do not fear these times of great suffering but use the weapon which is prayer to destroy the Beast and his evil forces. Peace, beloved, peace.

Mrs. Janie Garza, a visionary from Austin, Texas, has received permission from her last two local ordinaries to continue her ministry. This message has been approved by Fr. Henry Bordeaux, OCD; spiritual director of Janie Garza.