The Ash Wednesday Prophecy of the Lady of All Nations

Updated: May 29


February 19, 1958

Ash Wednesday

Prediction of the death of Pope Pius XII

Last night I again woke up with a start, because, at exactly three o’clock, I heard someone call me. I saw the light again and heard the voice of the Lady saying,

"Here I am again. The peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you. You did well. Of your own free will you chose to bring the message to your spiritual director. This obedience will bear good fruit, which you will experience in a short time. Your spiritual director knows his duty. You may be at ease.

I shall make an announcement that you may not tell anyone about, including the Sacrista and your spiritual director. When it has happened, you may tell them that the Lady told it to you at this time. The announcement is:

Listen. This Holy Father, Pope Pius XII, will be taken up among Us at the beginning of October of this year. The Lady of All Nations, the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, will lead him to eternal joy.”

I was shocked at this announcement and hardly dared to believe it.

The Lady said, “Do not be frightened, child. His successor will proclaim the dogma.” I thanked the Lady and she said very solemnly, “Amen.”

The visionary explains what happened the week before she received the message of February 19, 1958:

The night of February 12, 1958

It was exactly three o’clock in the morning. Something woke me up with a start, but I didn’t know what it was. I saw a bright light in the room and heard the Lady’s voice, saying, “Tell the Sacrista that it is I, the Lady of All Nations, the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, who is asking him to really do what I want. It is good this way. This is my answer for him.” I answered that I didn’t dare do this. The Lady said, “And you child, pray, pray much that peoples search their hearts and for good priests and vocations. Sacrifice your life for this. Once more I say: this is the answer for the Sacrista.” Then there was silence, and the light slowly disappeared from the room.

The night of February 17, 1958

Each night after the 12th, the Lady came with the same message, which, however, I never passed on. Last night, that of February 17-18, 1958, the Lady began with the following words, “You still haven’t done what I told you.” I answered, “I don’t dare do it.” Then the Lady said: “Tell the Sacrista: it is good this way. But you, child, obey me. Do what I tell you.” I went to my spiritual director and told him everything. But he forbade me to write this message to the Sacrista.

On October 14, 1958, Fr. Frehe O.P. wrote the following letter to certain priests:

Most Reverend Father,

We would like to inform you of a remarkable event in connection with the Lady of All Nations. On Ash Wednesday, this year February 19th, I.P. [Ida Peerdeman, the visionary] visited us and handed over to us a letter which was sealed with wax seals.

According to her, this letter contained a prophecy given by the Lady, a prophecy, however, not to be disclosed until it was fulfilled. We then put this sealed letter away, safely and carefully. We call to your attention the fact that we are absolutely certain that I.P. did not speak with anyone about this prophecy, let alone its content—not even to her sisters. Thus the undersigned alone knew about it. During the next eight months we inquired now and then as to whether the prophecy had yet come true. Her reaction to this was always negative, with a shake of the head or a simple ‘no’.

On the day the pope died, however, she phoned and asked to see us. We received her, and she then informed us that the prophecy had come true and therefore could now be disclosed.

She immediately asked, “Where is the letter—you know, the one with the wax seals on it?” I did remember the letter, but not exactly where I had carefully put it away for safekeeping, so I started searching for it in some drawers, but without success.

She suddenly grew pale and said with a serious look, “I hope you didn’t throw it away or lose it.” I tried to reassure her, and meanwhile, I had to swallow a remark about my lack of orderliness. Finally, the letter turned up, sealed with its wax seals, in a drawer where it had lain untouched for nearly eight months. Seeing that we wanted to open the letter, she asked emphatically that we not do this, but rather send it sealed to the Sacrista in Rome as soon as possible, which meanwhile has been done. 92 Fr. Frehe wrote this letter in an old formal style of Dutch, in which one customarily refers to oneself as “we” and “us,” instead of “I” and “me.” “But”, we asked her, “how will we know the authentic prophecy?” She answered, “You will know, because I kept the carbon copy, which is, of course, identical, and I have it with me.” Enclosed here you will find an exact copy of the carbon copy. We leave further judgment to yourself.

Fr. J. Frehe.


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