The Cross in the Midst of the World

February 25, 1946

Truth Has Been Lost

I see a bright light and the Lady standing above me. She is pointing downward and I see Europe lying before me. The Lady shakes her head. At her feet I see what looks like little angels, and as I look at them, they fold their wings over their faces. Then a great light appears around the Lady. The more I look at the earth, the darker it gets there; the Lady points this out to me. I look up at her again, but she points at the earth with a stern look on her face, and there I see in that darkness, written in large letters, ‘Truth’. All at once I see the little angels again at her feet, and their wings cover their faces once more. The Lady tells me, “You must warn them; Truth has been lost.”

I say to myself, “How can I do that?” The Lady points down and says, “Go and spread it”,

and she points her finger at the earth. There I see many clerics and churches, but vaguely.

The Cross in the Midst of the World

Again the Lady points at the world, and she says, “See whether you can find Him.”

I look and look and tell her, “I am getting so tired, and a terrible pain is filling me.” Suddenly I see a large, long Cross coming down from her. It is as if someone is dragging it along, but I do not see the person, only the Cross. The Cross goes all the way down to the earth, and suddenly I see it standing in the midst of the world. I look again at the Lady, and I see a long line––it seems like pilgrims to me––moving along.

Truth, Faith and Love

The Lady says to me, “Look”, and she traces a semicircle, a curve, over the world. She seems to write in it, and I read the words aloud. ‚Truth’––this is in the middle. Then she writes a word on the left, and I read ‚Faith’, then on the right, and I read ‚Love’. The Lady points to it and says,

“Go and spread it!”

Then she points at the curve again, and says, “That has to come back. To all appearances it is there, but in reality it is not.” And she looks terribly sad.

Disaster Upon Disaster

After this I have to say, “Disaster upon disaster, natural disasters.” Then I see the words ‘Hunger’ and ‘Political Chaos’. The Lady says, “This goes not only for your country, but for the whole world.”

I feel a terrible pain and say, “That is yet a period of pressure and pain, which is still going on throughout the world.” I then see the word ‘hopeless’.

It suddenly gets light around me, and I see the Lady, so to speak, coming down. She points out to me those three words, ‘Truth’, ‘Faith’ and ‘Love’. The Lady laughs and says to me,

“But there is a lot to be learned.”

Ecce Homo

She suddenly points to the right and I see someone with a long white beard, seated. He is wearing a long robe and is holding two fingers together, pointed upward. Under his elbow lies a thick book and in front of him a large key. That scene disappears and the Lady says again, “Look.” And now she lets me see something else. It is a large stone and on top of it lies a lamb. I hear the words: “Ecce Homo.”

All at once the Lady is gone, and the light too.


Mother of All Peoples is an international lay organization that seeks to spread knowledge of and devotion to the Virgin Mary, and works for the papal definition of our Lady as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate.

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