The Legitimacy of Public Devotion to the Lady of All Nations

A recent article by the French Aleteia has published what by contemporary terms must be identified as “fake news” regarding the Lady of All Nations apparitions and devotion, with its illegitimate headlines that “The Amsterdam Apparitions are false.” This fake news has unfortunately been circulated internationally. In actual fact, there is nothing new.

The actual origin of this false narrative comes from a private letter of a Nuncio in Lebanon to Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Rai. In this private letter, the Nuncio refers to communication with the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith and states that they refer back to a 1974 statement which had already been on the CDF website for decades. In this 1974 statement, the CDF confirms the position of the first bishop, Bishop Hubers from 1956 regarding his two statements concerning public devotion and the issue of authenticity—both of which have experienced substantial development since 1974. This CDF statement from 1974 from 46 years ago does not include the CDF’s own modification of its position since then. In its official correspondence to the Diocese of Haarlem in 1984 and 1995, it revised its position regarding allowance for public veneration, which the local bishop officially enacted in 1996, see article, ( In fact, from 1996 onwards, numerous cardinals and bishops from all over the world have participated in prayer days and other forms of public devotion to Mary as the Lady of All Nations. Moreover, the similar Mariological title “Mother of All Peoples” has been used in veneration of Our Lady both by Pope St. John Paul II and by Pope Francis.

Regarding the second issue of authenticity, there were also substantial developments, including within the CDF itself. For example, in 1984, Bishop John Ito approved the supernatural character of the miraculous messages and events surrounding a statue of the Lady of All Nations in Japan, a supernatural approval granted with the consent of the Vatican. As mentioned above, the public veneration was officially allowed by the then local bishop of Amsterdam, Bishop Bomers. This official permission for public veneration was formulated in such a way as to be open to further positive developments regarding the issue of authenticity. Six years later, his successor, Bishop Punt approved the apparitions in essence as consisting of a supernatural origin, a local approval granted also in light of the 1984 approval of the authenticity of Akita.

Therefore, the recent private letter of the Nuncio regarding the Lady of All Nations, in light of the development of the position of the CDF itself, contains nothing new that would imply a necessary change in public devotion. The Diocese of Amsterdam has also not received any official letter regarding the apparitions or its devotion from the CDF, as is confirmed on the website of the diocese.

Recently, Spirit Daily published an article entitled, “Amsterdam Apparitions Remain Controversial.” While the article contains many true elements, a few important items require greater clarification and a more accurate context.

For example, the assertion is made: “…there is no question that some of the images were strange and the lingo at times distinctly unlike Mary at places such as Lourdes, Medugorje, and Fatima.” The overall Marian message to the modern world manifests within its individual apparitional expressions a great diversity of tone and cultural emphasis in seeking to universally convey the one celestial call to return to Jesus Christ and his Gospel through greater faith, prayer, penance, and conversion. If one rightly includes the approved Marian messages of La Salette, Kibeho, and Akita, for example, you will find examples of extremely strong and shocking visions and messages, such as Our Lady’s “holding back the arm of My Son” in justice (La Salette), visions of rivers red with blood and piles of dead bodies in anticipation of the Rwandan slaughter (Kibeho), and reference to a possible upcoming punishment “greater than the deluge [flood](Akita). “

It is quintessentially important to keep in mind that in all of the above cases, Our Lady was referring to potential chastisements, which were by their nature conditional or mitigatable thorough human prayer and penance. This constitutes an essential aspect of the Mother’s universal message, including in her messages at Amsterdam, where precisely for this goal of mitigation she reveals a short but powerful prayer asking Jesus to send the Holy Spirit now, in order to prevent “degeneration, disasters and war” – the very headlines of our times.

Moreover, the Lady of All Nations does not “demand” a fifth Marian dogma for herself, but rather reveals that it is the will of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that she be proclaimed as the “Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate” in order she may be able to intercede for us the precious gift of eventual “peace, true peace for the world.” As Pope Francis rightly referenced, Our Lady does not give herself the Co-redemptrix title, but rather it is a role, reflected in a title, which has been granted by Almighty God for her to fulfill as the immaculate human and female participant with the only divine Redeemer in the great work of human salvation. For a more complete treatment of Pope Francis’ comments on the Co-redemptrix issue (who, it should be kept in mind, made a complete change in his position regarding Medjugorje by recently allowing official pilgrimages) please see, (

Finally, for an truly accurate overall context of the revelations of the Lady of All Nations, I encourage the reader to personally and prayerfully read and thereupon discern for themselves the specific messages revealed by the Lady of All Nations and its proximate importance for our own critical moment of human history ( but always with an assent of mind and will for full obedience to the final and definitive judgement of the Church.

Dr. Mark Miravalle

September 21, 2020


Mother of All Peoples is an international lay organization that seeks to spread knowledge of and devotion to the Virgin Mary, and works for the papal definition of our Lady as Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate.

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