A Mystical Experience of the Divine Redeemer and the Human Co-redemptrix on Good Friday

Updated: May 29, 2020

On this most holy occasion of Good Friday, we would like to share with you an extremely profound mystical experience of the historical event of Calvary as revealed to the mystic, Janie Garza, an authentic visionary and stigmatist who has the permission of her spiritual director and her bishop to speak publicly of her mystical experiences. Wishing you and your families a most blessed remainder of the Triduum and Easter -Editor.

I was awakened at 2:50 a.m. My body felt like it was on fire. I found myself in spirit in the Garden of Gethsemane. I was suffering intensely. My body was wet with sweat, and I was in such distress. My feet were pounding with pain, and I felt the crown of thorns on my head. I prayed, so that all this suffering would pass, and perhaps I could go back to sleep, but I continued to suffer. I prayed and suffered all night until it was time for my family to wake up. I went to Holy Mass, and I continued praying and suffering throughout the day.

Later the same day, I was praying my Rosary and my Lord came to me and said, “Come, beloved of My Most Sacred Heart; journey into the mystery of my crucifixion. You will witness what others before you have also witnessed. You will suffer as they suffered. During these forty days of Lent I, your merciful Savior, will teach you the mysteries of my seven last words on the Cross.”

I found myself in a strange place of the past. There were many people who appeared to be from different places or nations. It was a very busy time. There were many Roman soldiers on horses. They were trying to keep order. The people were pushing against one another. Some were crying, others were using profanities, others were angry at the soldiers. Although everybody spoke in different languages, I could understand as if they were speaking in English. I found myself trying to see where everybody was going. Then I found myself, at what I believed to be, Mount Calvary.

I saw my sweet Jesus arrive at Calvary. He appeared extremely weak, and He was extremely worn out. His body was all torn and disfigured by many wounds. I could barely recognize His sweet face. He looked at me, and I cried to see all His pain and sorrow. Our sweet Lord stood weak, worn out by all the suffering He had already endured. He waited as His executioners prepared to strip Him of His garments for His crucifixion. I cried and prayed. Then it happened.

The executioners stripped Jesus of His garments. The stripping of His garments caused severe pain on His sacred head where the crown of thorns had been placed. The rudeness from those who stripped Our Lord reopened, once more, all the wounds on His most sacred head. By the tearing off of His garments from His precious body, the wounds of His entire body reopened. The tearing off of His garments also tore off the flesh that was stuck to His garments. My sweet Lord was treated like a criminal with such cruelty. His poor body all scourged, all torn, and all the loss of his precious blood made me weep and weep. There are no words that can describe His inhumane suffering.

I continued to witness the horrible cruelty inflicted upon the innocent Lamb, of God our Heavenly Father.