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Message to Janie Garza - Dec. 3, 2020

Mrs. Janie Garza, a visionary from Austin, Texas, has received permission from her last two local ordinaries to continue her ministry. This message has been approved by Fr. Henry Bordeaux, OCD, spiritual director to Janie Garza.

Visit of the Three Archangels December 3, 2020

St. Michael: Behold, beloved of the Father, we, the Three Archangels, bring you guidance from heaven. Ponder all that we share with you.

Beloved, continue to pray unceasingly, so that your hearts may be ready to embrace this holy season of Advent. Many souls throughout the world, especially in your country, are walking in darkness. Many of the faithful have stopped praying, and others are not praying the way they used to. The conditions of the world and your country are a big distraction for many souls. As the sufferings of the pestilences and calamities continue to increase, many are the souls who are doubting in God. Many of the souls are feeling like God has abandoned them and is not listening to their prayers, therefore, they have turned away from God.

Know, beloved, that this season of holy Advent will be different in the world, for many are the families that are separated and cannot be with their loved ones due to all that is happening in the world. Encourage souls to understand that the Little Prince of Peace will be with them, pouring out His Love and His Mercy upon the world. It is He, the Son of God, Whom you prepare for, knowing that God will never abandon His children. Continue to pray with your heart, so that your own heart will become the manger for Christ the King to be born. He knows your heart and He loves you, therefore, trust in Him, and give Him everything. Let yourself be a gift that you bring to Him with your family.

God the Father will be most generous during this holy season of Advent. Through His Son grace and peace will come upon the world, most especially for the unbelievers, like never before.

Beloved, continue to pray; again, I say, unceasingly, for your prayers, no matter how broken they are, are bringing unconverted souls to God. Your prayers have a profound effect upon those who do not believe. Always believe in your prayers and the power of your prayers. Beloved, go out into the world with your prayers and bring many many gifts of unconverted souls to the manger, where Christ the King will be waiting to receive everyone.

Pray for the condition of the world, especially in your country, and know that at this time when people are used to exchanging gifts, the best gift you can give anyone is the gift of love through Christ the King. Pray for the Church and pray for the world. God is with you. Peace, beloved, peace.

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