Reflections on Mary: Immaculate Conception & Co-Redeemer

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

The following article on Our Lady's role as Co-redeemer is one of the best popular explanations I have ever encountered. I strongly encourage taking the time to appreciate this anointed reflection, especially in the midst of such contemporary confusion over Our Lady's true and unique role as the human Co-Redemptrix with Jesus, the only divine Redeemer.

Dr. Mark Miravalle

Editor, Mother of all Peoples

Reflections on Mary

Understanding the Immaculate Conception and Mary's example for humanity as a co-redeemer

Anne, an Apostle of the Returning King

May 7, 2020

Nihil Obstat

Msgr. Liam Kelly

Diocesan Administrator Kilmore Diocese Ireland

Granted: 10th June 2020

When discussing our human role as co-redeemers, meaning, those who ‘make up for what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ’ (Col 1:24), we recognize that our relationship with Christ does not make us God. Neither does it make us perfect, nor divine, nor members of the Trinity. We, members of the human race, are offered opportunities to cooperate with God by helping each other and interceding for each other before God.

Our unique relationship with Christ does not make us equal to Christ, rather, it makes us servants to Christ, regardless of the scope of any sanctity we might possess or any contribution we might make. Jesus Christ does not become a lesser member of the Trinity because a human person is canonized, for example. A saint may possess considerable accomplishments, achievements or a high level of holiness. Jesus Christ remains the second person of the Trin