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The Cross Laid Upon the World

The Lady of All Nations - December 10, 1950

To my left I see a light appearing. I have to fold my hands. Then suddenly I see the Lady, standing upon the globe again. After that it is as if the Lady takes me along, and now I see her spreading out the globe before me like a flat map. Then she places something on the map, and a terrible pain comes over me. I then see that the Lady has laid a very large, heavy Cross upon that map. While looking at it, I feel terrible pain in my hands and head. It is as if all the muscles in my body are contracting. The Lady says, “This is the beam that is being laid upon the world”, and she points at the long beam. Then the Lady points at the cross-beam and then again at the whole Cross, saying, “I am letting you feel the pains of that beam.”

After this a feverish sensation comes into my head, and it is as if I have a violent thirst, so terrible that I can hardly bear it. Then the Lady makes me lift my right hand, with two fingers and my thumb raised. I have to make my left hand into a fist. The Lady says, “The right hand is Truth and the other is the fist. You have to hold them up so that everyone can see them.”

While doing so, I suddenly see all kinds of people from all nations appear behind the globe with the Cross. Then I have to hold my fist in front of my eyes. At that such terrible pain seizes me that I double over and begin to cry. Again it is as if all the muscles of my body were contracting. “That fist hurts so much”, I tell the Lady. Then the pains slowly disappear. I fold my hands again.

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