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The Lady Crowned in Heavenly Glory

The Lady of All Nations, May 31, 1959

It was almost three o’clock Sunday afternoon. We were all gathered in the living room. From our window I suddenly saw something happening in the air. Startled, I said to my relatives, “Look there!” as I pointed at the sky. We all went over to the window. Suddenly I saw the light, a tremendous light over the Wandelweg. I could not look into it and covered my eyes with my hands. The others did not see it and asked what was happening. I knelt down and folded my hands. Yet I was compelled to look at it. While looking at it, I thought that the sky was being torn apart. What I saw was really a tearing apart of the sky.

Then I suddenly saw the Lady in all her glory. I cannot possibly describe this overwhelming, heavenly, glorious sight. Never before had I seen her like that. I did not see the sheep, globe and Cross; I only saw the Lady, but with an immense splendor of light and glory about her. Then I suddenly had to look at her head, and I saw that now she was wearing a crown. This I had never seen before. I didn’t see a crown with diamonds or of gold, yet I knew that it was a crown, sparkling with light on all sides, more beautiful than the most beautiful diamond crown. Moreover, the Lady herself was one blaze of light. Again, it was something heavenly, glorious! I cannot explain it any better.


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Elena Mateo
Elena Mateo
Jan 17, 2019

Thank you so much for all things you do to promote The Lady of All Nations ! God bless you and the staff.

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