The Suffering of the Co-redemptrix

O Good Jesus, Lamb without spot, who suffered so many torments on Your Cross, while beholding the virgin Heart of Your dearest Mother plunged into an ocean of sorrows, teach me, I beg You, to accompany You in Your sufferings and to feel Your afflictions.

What a sorrowful sight to see those two Hearts of Jesus and Mary, two Hearts so holy, so innocent, so full of graces and perfections, so enkindled with divine love, so closely united to each other, and compassionate towards each other! The holy Heart of the Mother of Jesus feels most keenly the terrible torments of her Son; the Only Son of Mary is wholly convulsed by the incomparable sufferings of His Mother. Jesus, the innocent Lamb, and Mary, His immaculate Mother, call to each other; the one weeps for the other, receiving no consolation; and the purer and more ardent their mutual love is, the more their sorrows penetrate and pierce.

O heart of stone! why do you not melt with sorrow and tears seeing that you are the cause of the unutterable sorrows of your spotless Mother and that most gentle Lamb of God? What have they done to suffer so many afflictions? O wretched sinner, it is you and your abominable sins that are the executioners of those most holy and innocent Hearts. O Hearts most kind, pardon me and exercise upon me the vengeance which I deserve. Since creatures obey you, command them all to punish me as I deserve. Send me your sorrows and sufferings, so that, as I have been the cause of them, I may succor you in your weeping and pain. O Jesus, love of my heart, O Mary, consolation of my soul, perfect image of Your Son, stamp upon my heart a great aversion to the pleasures of this life, which you have spent in suffering. I am yours, belonging to your house and your service, although I am unworthy. Let me take no pleasure in this world except where you find it. Grant that I may always bear your sorrows in my soul, putting my glory and delight in being crucified with Jesus and Mary.

O most holy Virgin, how are all your joys changed into sorrows? If they had been like those of the world, it would have been fitting that they should have suffered these changes. But, O Queen of angels, you have never taken pleasure except in divine things. God alone possessed your Heart and nothing was able to satisfy you but what proceeded from Him and led to Him. You have had the joy of seeing yourself a Mother, the Mother of God; of bearing Him in your sacred womb; of seeing Him resting on your sacred bosom; of waiting on Him with your most pure hands; of offering Him in the temple to His Eternal Father; and of seeing Him recognized and adored by Simeon the Just and holy Anna the Prophetess. All your satisfactions, throughout the thirty years of your life with Him, were divine, inward and spiritual. They were the jubilant, spiritual and interior delights with which your most holy soul, enkindled with love for Jesus, your Son and your God, was raised and transported into His divine majesty. Your holy heart, transformed and united to Him, received therefrom favors greater than all the ranks of heaven, since your love exceeded that of all the Seraphim. O Lady and Queen of angels, what can one find in satisfactions so pure and holy, in joys so spiritual and heavenly, that could turn into sorrows? Can it be that the wretchedness and the servitude of the poor children of Eve exiled and banished from paradise, in whose sin you have never had part, have reached even to you? Has that exile, then, not yet ceased to be for you a land of sorrows and a vale of tears?

O poor sinner, who would persuade yourself to find pleasure in this life which has only false and deceitful pleasures. Behold the sufferings of the King and Queen of heaven, and perish with confusion at the sight of your own disordered life and your aversion for crosses. The whole life of Jesus, who is innocence itself, is one continual suffering; the whole life of Mary, who is all holy and immaculate, is a perpetual Cross; and you, wretched sinner, deserving hell a thousand times over, you seek pleasure and comfort!

O Queen of angels, in all the years of the hidden life with your Son Jesus, you awaited the sorrows which were prophesied by holy Simeon, sorrows without parallel, since the magnitude of your love was the measure of your sorrow. When the time of the Passion of that loving Savior had come, He took leave of you to go forth to suffer, letting you know that it was the will of His Father that you should accompany Him to the foot of the Cross and that your Heart should be pierced with the sword of sorrow. St. John gave you the warning, when he saw the time come for the divine Lamb to be sacrificed. You left your house to bathe Jerusalem’s streets with your tears. You found your Son in the midst of an innumerable pack of human wolves and lions, howling and roaring at Him, shouting like madmen: Tolle, tolle, crucifige, crucifige! (John 19:15). You saw Him, now no longer adored by kings, but held up to the people as a false king, blasphemed, dishonored, condemned to death, shouldering His Cross, led to Calvary, where you followed Him, bathed in your tears and overwhelmed with sorrow.