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“You Must Petition the Holy Father for this Dogma”

Introduction: As Our Lady makes clear, it is Her desire ( as well as Catholic precedence for Marian dogmatic proclamations) that we write letters of petitions to the Holy Father, so that the Pope has the support of the “sensus fidelium” (common consensus of the faithful) for his solemn defintion of Mary’s Spiritual Motherhood as Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix of all graces and Advocate. Why don’t we all respond by writing to Pope Francis, in honor of the September 15, Feast of the “Co-redemptrix”, in support of the proclamation of the dogma of Mary Co-redemptrix. You can write your own brief letter to our beloved Pope Francis by simply addressing your envelope to:

Pope Francis
Vatican City

Write a love letter to Pope Francis, from your heart to his, of your support for his declaring the fifth Marian Dogma, as the world needs Our Lady’s full intercession for peace in the world…

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St. Maximilian Kolbe’s Pneumatological Titles of Mary

St. Maximilian Kolbe’s use of three titles—Complement of the Trinity, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, and Created Immaculate Conception—are both Marian and pneumatological. This is the heart of his important contribution to the theological treatise on the Holy Spirit, and indeed may well be the heart both of pneumatology as well as mariology.

The titles only appear in the writings of St. Maximilian after 1932. Whether the order of their appearance is also their chronological order in the mind of St. Maximilian cannot be determined, as least as regards Complement and Spouse. It would seem that Created and Uncreated Immaculate Conception are terms which only entered his conscious reflection just before his arrest. How much before the dictation (Feb. 17, 1941) of his last material for the book on the Immaculate Conception, never completed, is not certain. Nonetheless the insight is not unconnected with the many years of reflection on…

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Padre Pio and the Mother Co-redemptrix

It has been written, and rightly so, that “if there is an aspect of the mystery of Mary especially fitting to the life and work of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, it is certainly the coredemptive aspect of the person and mission of the Immaculate in God’s salvific plan of love” (1).

The mystery of Mary Coredemptrix is present in the life and writings of St. Pio of Pietrelcina at the highest levels of mystical experience which he lived out in body and soul, and of the theologia cordis transmitted by him to his spiritual children in the language of that wisdom transcending by far a language limited to the solely notional and conceptual (2).

St. Pio of Pietrelcina in the first place lived the mystery of Marian Coredemption in his exceptional mystical experience of the Passion of Christ Crucified, of which he bore the living and bleeding stigmata in his body…

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St. Edith Stein and the Fifth Marian Dogma

St. Edith Stein’s Mariology stands in full support for the fifth Marian dogma now under consideration. She writes amply of Mary as Virgin-Mary, Advocate and Mediatrix, and as Co-redeemer of total humanity.

In the face of today’s skepticism regarding Mary as Virgin Mother, a skepticism which stems from pagan intellectualism and a corrupt lifestyle, the testimony of St. Edith Stein, this pure, holy woman who is considered one of the great intellectuals of the twentieth century, is indeed inspiring.

Purity was her forte in imitation of Mary. And, as we know, impurity is the root of all evils, impurity of mind, soul, spirit, and body.

Mary as Virgin initiated a new form of being—consecrated virginity—which becomes another status in the redemptive order.

Her example is vital to modern womanhood. Promiscuous violations of woman’s sacredness of being bring only misery.

She cites St. Augustine’s belief that Mary was not surprised by the angel’s announcement…

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Now is The Time To Petition Pope Francis For Our Mother

1On May 27, 2015 following the General Audience of Pope Francis, I had the great privilege of a brief but extremely blessed encounter with our Holy Father regarding the proclamation of Mary as the Spiritual Mother of All Peoples, Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate.

The Pope’s great personal love for Our Lady is simply beyond doubt. In fact, even during his General Audience allocution on “Engagement”, Pope Francis interrupted his own text by calling on the massive crowd to pray a “Hail Mary to the Madonna for all engaged couples.” A few weeks earlier, the Holy Father had revealed in an interview that he had given up watching television “as a personal vow to Our Lady of Mount Carmel.” Pope Francis emphatically lives the Church’s official teachings and his own heartfelt conviction that Our Lady is Spiritual Mother of all Peoples.


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Mary Co-redemptrix: Aid to Ecumenism

Telesphore P. Cardinal Toppo, former president of India’s National Conference of Catholic Bishops, granted the following interview with Zenit News Service concerning the drive for the new solemn definition of a fifth Marian dogma that would define Mary’s spiritual maternity under its three essential aspects—Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix of all graces, and Advocate. Contrary to the opinions of some who believe that such a solemn definition would adversely affect ecumenical relations, Cardinal Toppo believes that such a definition would enhance the ecumenical mission of the Church. “I have no doubt that non-Catholic Christians participating in ecumenical dialogue, either will find this position acceptable or at least will have no valid or convincing argument against it.”
—Asst. Ed
RANCHI, India, MAY 5, 2008 – Proclaiming Mary as the Spiritual Mother of All Humanity would benefit ecumenical and interreligious dialogue because it would help non-Catholics to understand many things about the Mother of God, says…

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The Case for Defining Mary’s Spiritual Motherhood

Almost one hundred years ago, the prominent Belgian prelate Cardinal Desire Mercier began an international petition drive for the papal definition of Our Lady as the Universal Mediatrix of all graces. By 1918, the renowned pioneer of both Marian and ecumenical realms had collected over 300 cardinal and bishop petitions directed to the reigning pontiff, Pope Benedict XV, for this requested fifth Marian Dogma. By the early 1920’s, Fr. Maximilian Kolbe and his nascent “Militia Immaculatae” (“Army of the Immaculate”) joined in the movement to proclaim the Mother of Jesus as the Spiritual Mother of all peoples.

What inspired Mercier and St. Maximilian to initiate a global call of support to the Holy Father to make an infallible statement regarding Mary’s relationship with you and me?

Grace and Precedence.

Of the four existing Marian dogmas, Mary’s Motherhood of God, her Perpetual Virginity, her Immaculate Conception, and her Assumption, the last two…

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Mediatrix and Co-redemptrix?

The following is an interview conducted by Legatus Magazine about the growing movement and pressing need for the Fifth Marian Dogma, declaring our Lady as Mediatrix, Co-redemptrix, and Advocate. –Asst. Ed.

Judy Roberts writes about the growing movement for a possible fifth Marian dogma . . .

The Catholic Church’s four key teachings about the Blessed Virgin were the instruments that drew Dr. Richard Russell to convert from Protestantism. Now the Georgetown University professor would like the Church to proclaim a fifth Marian dogma declaring Mary “Coredemptrix.”

This fifth dogma — a solemn definition of Mary as spiritual mother of all peoples: Coredemptrix, Advocate, and Mediatrix of all graces — is a cause for which hundreds…

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Dr. Mark Miravalle Answers Tough Questions

The following interview was conducted and published by ministryvalues.com. – Asst. Ed.

Last week, Ministryvalues.com was lucky enough to catch Dr. Mark Miravalle between radio broadcasts, and he was kind enough to give us some of his very valuable time to ask him some questions – tough questions, it turns out for many – questions that seem to consistently cause a stir in many circles of a very large family called the Catholic Church.

Today it seems the subject of a Fifth Marian Dogma and the events taking place at Medjugorje, certainly when it comes to debating the issues, can split even the most well meaning Catholics into a veritable Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s family feud. The Fifth Dogma seeks to establish the Blessed Mother as Co-redemptrix and the Mother of all graces. The concept of Co-redemptrix refers to an indirect or unequal but important participation by the Blessed Virgin…

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