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The following is the September 15, 2016 letter by Dr. Mark Miravalle, President of the International Marian Movement, Vox Populi Mariae Mediatrici, sent out to all cardinals, bishops, clergy, religious and lay leaders worldwide who are praying and working for papal proclamation of the Fifth Marian Dogma: Our Lady’s Spiritual Motherhood as the Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix of All Graces, and Advocate.  Please consider joining in prayer and petition for this heavenly requested crowning for our Sorrowful Mother, which has not only been requested by Our Lady herself, but which heaven has also designated as a condition for world peace.-Ed.


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Telesphore Cardinal Toppo

Ricardo Cardinal Vidal


15 September 2016

                                                                                Memorial of the Sorrowful Mother


Dear Vox Populi Mariae Mediatrici Family: Eminences, Excellencies, Fathers, Deacons, Sisters, Brothers, and beloved Laity,

The peace of our Lord, through our common Mother, Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix of all graces, and Advocate, be with you all!

I write this annual letter especially, but not exclusively, with you contemplative religious brothers and sisters in mind who do not have regular internet access and are, therefore, unable to view either the weekly Mother of All Peoples Internet Magazine or the FifthMarianDogma.com website.  In virtue of your extraordinary prayers and persevering sacrifices for the Fifth Marian Dogma, you remain the spiritual foundation, the petri of the entire worldwide movement, and we always want you to be informed and included in the efforts of Vox Populi.

As you may know, the year 2015 marked the one-hundredth anniversary of the ecclesial movement for the Fifth Marian Dogma as initiated by the renowned Churchman, Cardinal Desire Mercier of Belgium.  In May of 1915, Mercier began gathering hundreds of bishop petitions and hundreds of thousands of clergy and faithful petitions for the solemn definition of Our Lady’s Spiritual Motherhood, and soon after presented them to the Holy Father of his time, Pope Benedict XV.

Why did Cardinal Mercier begin this movement for the Fifth Marian Dogma?  For one simple reason: to bring historic graces to the Church and to the world through Mary’s intercession.  Mercier rightly knew that if the pope solemnly proclaimed Mary’s roles of motherly mediation, Our Lady would then be able to more fully exercise these intercessory roles in a momentous release of grace for the human race.

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