Saint Peter Julian Eymard - Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament

Updated: May 30, 2020

The Month of Mary is the month of blessings and of grace, for, as St Bernard, in company with all the Saints, assures us, all grace comes to us through Mary. The month of Mary is a continuous festival in honor of the Mother of God, which prepares us well for the beautiful month of the Blessed Sacrament which follows it.

I. Because our vocation calls us to give special honor to the Holy Eucharist, we must not for that reason give any the less devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Far from it! He would be guilty of blasphemy who would say, “The Most Blessed Sacrament suffices for me; I have no need of Mary.” Where, then, shall we find Jesus on earth if not in Mary’s arms? Was it not she who gave us the Eucharist! It was her consent to the Incarnation of the Word in her womb that inaugurated the great mystery of reparation to God and union with us which Jesus accomplished during His mortal life, and that He continues in the Eucharist.

Without Mary, we shall never find Jesus, for she possesses Him in her heart. There He takes His delight, and those who wish to know His inmost virtues, to experience the privilege of His intimate love, must seek these in Mary. They who love that good Mother find Jesus in her pure heart.

We must never separate Jesus from Mary; we can go to Him only through her.

I maintain, moreover, that the more we love the Eucharist, the more we must love Mary. We love all that our friend loves; now, was ever a creature better loved by God, a mother more tenderly cherished by her Son, than was Mary by Jesus?

O yes, our Lord would be much pained if we, the servants of the Eucharist, did not greatly honor Mary, because she is His Mother! Our Lord owes everything to her in the order of His Incarnation, His human nature. It is by the flesh that she gave Him that He has so glorified His Father, that He has saved us, and that He continues to nourish and save the world by the Blessed Sacrament.

Our Lord wishes us to honor her so much the more now, for that during His mortal life He seemed to neglect to do so Himself. Our Lord certainly gave all honor to His Mother in His private life; but in public, He left her in the background, since He had ever and before all else to assert and maintain His dignity as God. But now our Lord wishes us, in a manner, to make up to the Most Blessed Virgin all that He did not do for her exteriorly: and we are bound (our eternal salvation is at stake) to honor her as the Mother of God and our Mother.

II. But since as adorers we are most especially consecrated to the service of the Eucharist, it is by virtue of this vocation that we owe a particular devotion to Mary. Religious of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Servants of the Blessed Sacrament, Associates of the Blessed Sacrament; we are, by reason of our profession, adorers of the Eucharist. This is our beautiful title, blessed by Pius IX. Adorers—what does this mean? It means that we are attached to the Adorable Person of our Lord living in the Eucharist. But if we belong to the Son, we belong to the Mother; if we adore the Son, we ought to honor the Mother: therefore we are obliged, in order to continue in the grace of our vocation and participate fully in it, to give very special honor to the Blessed Virgin under the title of our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

This devotion is not, as yet, much known, nor explicitly defined in the Church. But since devotion to Mary follows the worship of Jesus, it will also follow its various phases and developments.

When we honor our Lord on the Cross, we pray to our Lady of Seven Dolors. When we honor our Lord’s humble, retired life of obedience at Nazareth, we may take for our Model, our Lady of the Hidden Life. The Blessed Virgin shares all the experiences of her Son.