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On May 1, 2022, two separate YouTube channels, “People of God for Mary” and “Youth for the Mother” have each put out excellent short videos as open letters to Pope Francis for the papal definition of Mary as the Spiritual Mother of All Peoples!


Both videos thank the Holy Father for his March 25 Consecration, but ask him now, in light of the grave possibility of nuclear arms in Ukraine and even a potential Third World War, to fully invoke Our Lady’s intercession by solemnly proclaiming her as Mother of All Peoples, and thus activating her maximum motherly help in these troubled times.


PLEASE view both 2-3 minute videos, and LIKE them both!  Each "like" can be considered a petition to our

Holy Father for this fifth Marian dogma - an act of encouragement to Holy Father to dogmatically crown our Mother as soon as possible.


For the “Open Letter to Pope Francis for Peace” video by the People of God for Mary:

For the “Letter to Pope Francis” video by Youth for the Mother:


Please LIKE these two videos, as a special gift for Our Lady, and for the inestimable fruit of  world peace which can only come through the fullest possible intercession of the Spiritual Mother of All Peoples. As the videos say, it is time the entire world knows it has a Mother!

With full permission from both People of God for Mary and Youth for the Mother YouTube channels, we here publish the “Open Letter to Pope Francis for Peace” (with their extended permission to be used by anyone seeking to further this great Marian cause):


Read and Download the Open Letter:


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