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March 2, 2023 Message to Janie Garza

Message of the Three Archangels March 2, 2023

St. Michael: Behold, beloved of the Father, we, the Three Archangels, bring you

guidance from heaven. Ponder all that we share with you.

Beloved, do not grow weary of prayer and suffering, for your prayers and suffering

are helping to annihilate the attacks of the Beast, and many unconverted souls are

being set free. Know that evil is growing throughout the world and that the Beast

is taking this opportunity to lead many souls, who are no longer praying, to


Know, beloved, that you are being called to surrender totally to the Will of God, so

that you may focus only on what heaven is asking of you. For this reason, I, St.

Michael, repeat again, do not grow weary of suffering and praying! Many souls

throughout the world continue to live in darkness. Your sufferings and your prayers

are bringing the mercy of the Father upon the world like never before. Heaven has

given you the medicine to help heal the sinfulness in the world, and that medicine

is prayer and suffering.

The world is so in need of God’s mercy. This Lenten season is for you, beloved, a

time when you are going to suffer like never before. It is important that those souls,

who have embraced their Lenten journey, remember that God is using every soul

that surrenders to Him to help heal the world through the mercy of God.

Know, beloved, that every moment of your daily life is so important. God has

chosen this time to use all His prayerful children to give to the world His love and

to pour out His love and with it His mercy like never, never before, for the world is

in a state of chaos!

Beloved, pray for each soul throughout the world, not leaving anyone out and keep

your fidelity to God, no matter how intense your suffering may be. Do not let the

attacks of the Beast weaken you but look to the mercy of God to remain obedient

and be the light of His Son in the world. All of God’s children are called to keep

their fidelity to their beloved Father.

You are not alone, beloved, although you feel lonely and abandoned. You hunger

for comfort, but no comfort will come to you, because you have the comfort of the

Father, and that is enough! Let this comfort be the blanket of love that you yearn


Beloved, continue with prayer and fasting and continue to give to all who ask of

you, for God will supply everything that you need. He does this, not just to you,

but to all His faithful children throughout the world.

Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Glory be to the Father, to

the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy

Spirit. Peace, beloved, peace.

This message has been approved by Msgr. Leonard Pivonka, Janie’s spiritual director. Msgr. Pivonka added: This is a very serious message. Everyone needs to heed this message.

Note: The suffering St. Michael refers to is not only for Janie, but for all who are

praying and suffering in these times. In this way we are all spiritually connected

and are the reflection of Jesus in the world.

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