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March 20, 2023 Message to Janie Garza

Solemnity of St. Joseph March 20, 2023

Our Lady: Dear children, today I your heavenly Mother implore you to honor St. Joseph and always call upon his powerful intercession. He was chosen by God to be my spouse and the foster father of my Son Jesus. This was God’s plan.

Today, dear children, I ask you to remember that your family is a gift from God, and you should live according to God’s will, loving your family with all your heart, thanking God for your family. You must give yourself totally to one another, accepting one another and praying for those in your family who have turned away from God, so that through your prayers, they will have a contrite heart. In this way they will not listen to the voice of my Adversary, but they will listen to the voice of God.

Dear children, I want you to know the importance of family life, and you must follow and imitate the reflection of the Holy Family, allowing the husband to be the head of the family and the wife to be submissive to her spouse. In this way, they can love and train their children about the importance of family life.

Remember that the demons fear St. Joseph so much. Anytime you call upon his protection you will truly receive his protection in a mighty way. Remember this always and love and honor St. Joseph. Thank you for listening to my message.

This message has been approved by Msgr. Leonard Pivonka, Janie’s spiritual director.

Msgr. Pivonka added: It seems very relevant for our times.


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