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The Lady of Nations - March 4, 1951: The Spreading of the Prayer & Image

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

The Will of the Son

I see a bright light, and then I hear, “Here I am again.” Through the bright light I see the Lady. She says, “Look carefully and listen to what I am going to tell you.”

Then the Lady shakes her head at me in disapproval and says, “Child, you shall pass on my message! My only intention is that the will of the Son be done in this time. Understand well: you are only the instrument.”

The Image of the Lady

Then it is as if the Lady places herself before me very clearly, and she says, “Look at my image and examine it closely.” And she gestures as if wanting to say: just feel. I am actually allowed to feel the contour of her figure, but I feel that contour as something spiritual. Her hair is thick and wavy, flowing down over her shoulders. For a moment it is as if she is a human being, but at the same time not. I now see that her veil is of a kind of linen––white, but not snow-white. It is as if she has folded back the veil in order to let her face be seen. Then the Lady says, “Now, imprint this clearly upon your memory. I am standing on the globe and both of my feet are set firmly upon it. You also see my hands clearly, and my face, hair, and veil. The rest is as in a haze.”

For a moment it is as if I see a haze around her. “Look carefully at what is protruding on both sides at the height of my shoulders and above my head.” With astonishment I notice that it is a Cross, and I say to the Lady, “That is a Cross; I see the crossbeams and the main beam protruding.” The Lady smiles and says, “Well, did you see it clearly? I have let you see my head, hands, and feet as of a human being. Mark well, as of the Son of Man. The rest is the Spirit.”

The Spreading of the Prayer and Image

“You shall have this image made and spread together with the prayer I recited. That is my wish for today, and I want this to be done in many languages. That is the answer for your spiritual director. Child, once more I insist that this be carried through. It is of great importance that you, child, do not let others deter you from it. And you yourself shall stand strong and see it through.”

Now I ask the Lady, “I feel so weak for that. Will they believe it?” Then the Lady answers, “I am only asking you to do what I tell you. More is not expected. I only wish that this be done. You, child of man, cannot estimate what great value this can have. Tell that to your spiritual director as well. For I wish to be the Lady of All Nations in this time. And that is why I want the prayer with the image to be translated into all major languages and prayed every day. Do not be afraid.”

Explanation of the Image

Now the Lady pauses before me for a moment, and I see her very clearly. Then she says, “Now I will explain to you why I come in this way. I stand as the Lady before the Cross––with head, handsandfeet as of a human being; with the body, however, as of the Spirit, because the Son came by the will of the Father. Now, however, the Spirit shall come over the world, and that is why I want this to be prayed for.”

Now the Lady pauses a moment before adding, “I am standing on the globe because this concerns the whole world.” Then it is as if the Lady draws a semicircle with her hand, and she says, “Look carefully.”

Now I see a semicircle emerging, stretching from one end of the crossbeam to the other. It is as if that circle consists of a peculiar kind of light, and in it I see letters appear in black print: on the left, ‘de Vrouwe’, in the center, ‘van alle’, and on the right, ‘Volkeren’.

Then the Lady says, “There is a special reason why I am giving you this here. This is yet to come. Pass everything on carefully. That is my message for today. The spirit of untruth is penetrating so dreadfully that it is necessary to carry through with this quickly. The whole world is degenerating, and because of this the Son is sending the Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary.”

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1 Comment

Nov 04, 2018

How wonderful; you finally got it right! Our Lady of all Nations WHO ONCE WAS MARY I have been praying this prayer daily for 47 yrs.and gathered over 100 signatures and sent them to Pope John and distributed over 50 prayer cards with Our Lady of All Nations' original prayer. Thank God you will now have Our Lady's blessing and with her help the final Dogma will be approved and we will l have Peace as she promised.

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