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Message from Our Lady to Janie Garza - January 20, 2021

Message from Our Lady 6:30 p.m., January 20, 2021

Our Lady: Dear children, I urgently invite you to entrust your country and the world to the prayers and protection of St. Joseph. This is his time. I invite you to do this every day, little children. I come to comfort you, little children, for many of you are in the state of turmoil, and my Adversary continues to attack you as a family and families throughout the world. Every day entrust your country and the world to St. Joseph, to his care and protection. He will protect you from a pagan and hostile world where many have abandoned their faith. Pray your Rosary and invite St. Joseph to be present with you when you pray your family Rosary.

Dear children, St. Joseph will help you to have peace and support you in every need that you have. Invite him to pray for you to Jesus, my Son, so that you may welcome St. Joseph in your home as protector of your family, and you will find joy in your walk with St. Joseph. Pray to him, asking him to help you to love your family and the world and not to judge one another and to forgive.

Little children, my heart is sad for the many of you who continue to ignore the messages that come from heaven. I am, little children, asking St. Joseph to pray for you to endure the storm that you are experiencing. Again, I ask you, little children, to turn to St. Joseph like never before and know that whatever he requests from God the Father for the families will be granted to him. His intercession before the throne of God is powerful, little children; it is powerful!

This is a time when you will see many changes in the world. That is why it is important for you to pray to St. Joseph, and his prayers for you and his protection will remove all the fears and anxieties, the hatred and the lack of forgiveness that exists in your family.

Dear children, know that I am praying for you and with you, as well, and the love of the Cross of my Son is protecting you as well. Draw closer to St. Joseph, and he will draw closer to you. Every day, when you wake up and when you retire, say these words to St. Joseph: “Beloved St. Joseph, Protector of the Church and Family and Terror of demons, pray for our family and our world today. Amen.”

Thank you for listening to my message.

Mrs. Janie Garza, a visionary from Austin, Texas, has received permission from her last two local ordinaries to continue her ministry. This message has been approved by Fr. Henry Bordeaux, OCD, spiritual director to Janie Garza.

Janie: Our Lady came, dressed all in white. She wore a soft white tunic with a white sash around her waist and a mantel over her head that draped to the floor. Over the mantel was a white veil. She had two white roses on her feet. And she held a Rosary that glistened like crystal. As she spoke, different colored lights radiated from her hands. To me, she looked like a Bride.

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