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Mother of the Redemption: Locutions, Commentary, and Your Role

I am most happy to promulgate the following 3 locutions from Jesus and Our Mother, along with concurring sublime commentary by Anne, a lay apostle, regarding Our Lady’s privileged role as “Mother of the Redemption.”  I am personally convinced of the supernatural authenticity of these locutions (everyone must make their own discernment) and the invitation from Jesus they convey: for all to acknowledge and to spread this full truth about Our Lady and her unparalleled human role in Redemption accomplished by Jesus Christ to the best of each person’s ability.


Though a distinct mission from that of the fifth Marian dogma, it is certainly complementary in seeking to make the whole truth about the inestimable role our Mother played and continues to play today in the role of human Redemption fully known and accepted in the Church and beyond.


Dr. Mark Miravalle

Download and read these locutions in the link below!

Download PDF • 2.58MB

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