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Open Letter to Pope Francis for Mary

Updated: May 28, 2020

On August 22, 2019, six distinguished bishops and cardinals representing the global Church wrote a public letter to Pope Francis in filial petition for the solemn proclamation of a dogma proclaiming Mary as the Spiritual Mother of all humanity.

As published on the website,, the cardinals and bishops are making this public appeal to Pope Francis, as they state, in light of "so much suffering" and their concern of "more to come." The prelates believe that a solemn definition or "dogma" of Mary's unique role in Redemption will allow Our Lady to "fully exercise her maternal mediation on our behalf." The signatories go on to state: "We are convinced that the Father awaits his church to specifically and dogmatically honor her co-redemptrive role with Jesus, for which he will respond with the historic new outpouring of his Holy Spirit."

The letter from these international cardinals and bishops spanning the globe ends with this direct appeal to Pope Francis: "Our Lord gave Peter the keys of the kingdom. We ask you, dear Holy Father, to use them now, in these dramatic times, and with your powerful word, in the fullness of your office as Successor of Peter, proclaim the great role that the Virgin Mary played in God’s plan of Redemption. Surely, it will release great graces for today!"

Here is the complete letter, followed by a link to the website,, where people can add their own petition to Pope Francis in support of the letter from cardinals and bishops.

To add your name to this letter to Pope Francis, please visit

To download the petition in English click here.

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