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Saint Louis de Montfort's Hymn to Saint Joseph

The great Marian Apostle Saint Louis Marie de Montfort is well-known for his masterpiece True Devotion to Mary. Lesser-known, but nonetheless important, are the many catechetical hymns he composed throughout his lifetime. Here, for our readers, is Father de Montfort's hymn showing his great devotion to Saint Joseph.

Hymn 122: In Honor of Joseph, Spouse of Mary

1. Let’s sing a hymn in honor Of Saint Joseph,

the protector And humble spouse of Mary.

Lowly Joseph is little known,

No one on earth appreciates him,

But he ravishes the blessed.

May earth unite with heaven

And all proclaim his praises! (twice)

2. Great saint, you alone God found

To be the worthy spouse

Of his admirable Mother.

Spouse of the Queen of heaven,

This privilege is marvelous;

The witness of her holiness,

The guardian of her purity,

O incomparable glory!

3. The Eternal Father chose you

To nourish his Son on earth,

In fact, to be His vicar.

You have carried in your arms

The Child holding all things in His hand;

By a most special vocation

You have been the nurturer

Of your own Father.

4. Who would have seen Him caress you,

Smile at you, embrace you

With extraordinary love!

His smiles pierced your heart

Filling it with meekness.

All aflame by His love,

You told Him, in your turn:

My dear Son, I love you.

5. If a word of Mary was able

To sanctify, by its power,

Saint John with his mother,

What must have wrought in you

His words so meek and holy!

His talk surely ravished you,

And his presence filled you

With graces and with light.

6. How great your humility!

Humility prompted you

To keep silence,

To take the lowest place,

To live as a poor carpenter,

To appear ignorant,

Incapable, without talent,

Simple and unwise.

7. The more you humbled yourself

The more God has exalted you

Close to Him in glory.

Your merits are astounding,

Your privileges are great,

Heaven admires your splendor,

The world is full of your favors

Even in Purgatory.

8. Your intercession is supreme

As Teresa herself confirms.

Your Son is the glorious God

Your Spouse, the Queen of heaven.

Praying, you command them;

If you ask, nothing is refused.

O power without measure!


Try to be the last in all things,

To hide yourself, and grow in love

Of Jesus and Mary!

Seek what the world rejects

And flee from what it pursues.

Let faith alone govern you,

In order to be happy with me

By imitating my life.


Saint Joseph, be my patron

To obtain for me a great gift:

Divine Wisdom!

To glorify my Savior,

To convert sinners,

To help poor little ones,

To crush my enemies.

Love impels you.


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