Summary Points of Clarification Regarding the Pope's Comments & the Legitimacy of the Co-redemptrix

Updated: Mar 31

Why the Mary Co-redemptrix Title is Legitimate

  • The Holy Father’s comment, “There are no co-redeemers with Christ” is absolutely true in the context of Jesus Christ being the only divine Redeemer and Mediator, and no others can be seen to be on a level of equality with our divine Redeemer. Video: The Annunciation, Pope Francis, Crowning the Mother

  • All Christians are called to participate in the life and redemptive work of Jesus through prayer, evangelization, sacrifice, and intercession (cf. 1 Tim 2:1; 1 Cor. 3:9; Col. 1:24), and in this entirely subordinate sense are rightly identified, in the papal teachings of Pope St. John Paul II, as “co-redeemers for humanity” (April 5, 1981). Essential Catholic teaching mandates human participation in Jesus’ work of Redemption, as St. Augustine states: “God created us without us, but he did not will to save us without us” (CCC 1847). Article: Observations on Pope Francis' "March 24" Comments

  • Christian participation in Jesus’ work of Redemption applies in a unique and privileged way to Mary, who, like no other creature, participated with and under Jesus, by bringing the world its Redeemer, and suffering with him at Calvary. [link to with Jesus] link. For this unique though subordinate human role with her divine Son in the Redemption, Mary has been referred to as the human “co-redemptrix” by popes, saints, cardinals, bishops, theologians, and mystics for the last eight centuries, including by Pope St. John Paul II on seven occasions. Article: Is Mary Co-redemptrix A “False Exaggeration”?

  • The Holy Father’s comment that Mary comes to us as a “Mother” and “not as a goddess, not as a co-redemptrix” can correctly be understood as a condemnation of any association of the co-redemptrix title with Mary being a “goddess,” which constitutes blasphemy and idolatry. Within authentic Catholic Tradition and Papal Magisterial teaching, the co-redemptrix title never denotes Mary as being divine or equal to Jesus, but rather expresses her unique human participation in the Redemption accomplished by Christ, the one Redeemer. IMA Theological Statement: The Role of Mary in Redemption

  • The Holy Father’s warning of any association of the Co-redemptrix title with Mary being a “goddess” must be fully adhered to. The international movement, Vox Populi Mariae Mediatrici, which is currently praying and petitioning (cf. Canon 212) for the solemn papal definition of Mary as the Spiritual Mother of All Humanity, inclusive of its three maternal aspects as human Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix of all graces, and Advocate, peacefully continues in full obedience to the Holy Father and the papal Magisterium. Article: Why the Time is Ripe for the Fifth Marian Dogma