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The Lady of All Nations - Jan. 25, 1951: "A New Decree"

January 25, 1951

A Dream

This message was actually a dream. I had really fallen asleep and was dreaming. Yet I was half awake at the moment I received this message. When it was finished, I woke up completely. I then got up and wrote down the message myself:

In the night, between January 24 and 25, 1951, I dreamed that I was standing somewhere far away in a peculiar hall or room. All at once the Lady was standing opposite me. She was wearing a wide cloak draped about her; the shawl she usually wore over her head was wrapped about her neck, and she was wearing sandals on her bare feet. She said to me, “Look carefully and listen.”

The Last Supper

Then I saw a long table before me and behind it a kind of couch, upon which several men sat down, half reclining. In the middle I saw a luminous figure with bread and a chalice of wine before him. The Lady stood behind it all and told me once more, “Look carefully and listen.”

Fasting Before Approaching the Lord’s Table

And the hall suddenly became a large church full of people, in the middle of which the Lady and I stood watching. Next I heard the Lady’s voice, saying: “A decree shall and must be issued to the effect that people no longer have to fast before going to communion. There are so many people who, especially when they are in church, may feel a strong desire to go to the Lord’s Table, but are kept from doing so because they have not fasted.”

Then the Lady pointed at those men and said, “These men also went straight from the street to the table.” And all of a sudden I saw that room again for an instant.

A New Decree

“Look,” the Lady said, “at first, few people are going to the communion rails …”

And then I suddenly heard a voice as if coming from outside and issuing that decree. And then I saw people streaming to the communion rails.

“It must and shall be like this”, the Lady said. “Do you see the difference now?”

And immediately everything was gone and I woke up.

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