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The Lady of All Nations - April 1, 1951

All Nations

I see a bright light and I hear a voice say, “Child, last time I came only to let you know that it was I.”

And now all of a sudden I see the Lady emerging from that bright light. She says to me, “Now I am here to give you further explanation. Watch closely and listen carefully to what I am going to say. I am standing here, and I wish to be: The Lady of All Nations––not of one nation in particular, but of all.”

At that the Lady extends her hands, and I see many different people, even sorts of people whom I never knew existed.

The Final Marian Dogma

The Lady continues, “Now I will explain something to you again; listen carefully. Try to understand what this message means. I am standing before the Cross with my head, handsand feet as of a human being; my body as of the Spirit. Why am I like this? My body has been taken up, like the Son. Now I am standing in sacrifice before the Cross. For I suffered with my Son spiritually and, above all, bodily. This will become a much contested dogma.”

I say that this message makes me afraid. Then the Lady says, “Child, pass it on, and say: this brings the Marian dogmas to a close.” While saying this the Lady makes a kind of ring or circle, which, so to speak, she closes with a lock.

“You have nothing to do other than pass this on. I have said: theology must give way to the concerns of my Son. By this I mean to say: theologians, the Son always looks for the little and simple for His cause. Do you believe in the little and simple, just as you tell others they should? Simple faith. We have no time for waiting around. This time is Our time.”

The Mother of the Son of Man

Now the Lady, without a word, remains before me for a long time, looking at me with a smile. Then she moves away from the Cross, and again those intense pains come over me. First, terrible cramps in the all the muscles of my body. Then this fades away, and spiritually I feel very strange and tired. All at once I see the Lady standing before the Cross again, and those pains stop. Now I see the Lady as in a haze. Her body is so translucent that through it I can now see, so to speak, the Cross clearly before me. Then suddenly those terrible pains begin anew. This lasts for a moment; then everything is normal again, and the Lady says to me, “Child, just as He suffered, so did I suffer as the Mother of the Son of Man. Repeat this correctly.”

In the Hearts of All Nations

After this the Lady points out to me the globe on which she is standing, and it is as if it is snowing around her. The Lady smiles and says, “You do not understand this? Look carefully at the globe.”

And now I see the globe covered with a thick layer of snow. Now the Lady smiles again and says,

“Now look at the globe again.” And it is as if the sun were shining upon it, as if the snow were melting and slowly disappearing into the ground. Then the Lady says, “You are wondering: what does this mean? Now you will receive the explanation of my coming today. Just as the snowflakes whirl over the world and fall upon the ground in a thick layer, so will the prayer and the image spread over the world and fall down into the hearts of all nations.”

As she says this, I see all those nations standing before me. Then the Lady points first at her own heart, and then at the hearts of all those people, and says, “Just as the snow melts into the ground, so the fruit, the Spirit, will come into the hearts of all people who pray this prayer every day. For they are asking for the Holy Spirit to come over the world.”

Go With Great Ardor and Zeal

“And now I am speaking to those who want a miracle. Very well then, I tell them: go with great ardor and zeal about this work of redemption and peace, and you will behold the miracle. This is my message for today, because time presses. A great action must be set on foot for the Son and the Cross, and for the Advocate and bearer of tranquility and peace, the Lady of All Nations.”

Simple Faith

“You, child, will have to cooperate without fear or dread. Spiritually and physically you will suffer. Later they will see what my intention was. I will give you directions for the outspreading. I brought you here today in all silence and tranquility so that you may pass on my message well.

Say that this is urgent. The world is in such degeneration, is so materialistic, that it is high time to bring simple faith among the people again. And this is all they need: the Cross with the Son of Man. You, the older ones of this world, teach your children to return to the Cross. I will help them as the Lady of All Nations.”


“And you, child, into your womb I lay the people of the entire world. Look at me and trust.” Then the Lady looks at me for a long time, and, as I see her slowly disappearing, she says, “This time is Our time.”

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