The Mystery of Coredemption in the Message of Fatima

Updated: May 30, 2020

Let us meditate on the great mystery of Mary the Coredemptrix. We are small and we have to ask the light of the Holy Spirit to be able to adequately express and know this mystery. What good would it be to talk about this title if we are not joined in common prayer? Therefore, we are united about Our Lady and in union with the Holy Father in one spirit of profound prayer.

Our Lord Jesus, from the heights of the cross gave His Mother to all redeemed by His blood. Paul VI proclaimed the Virgin Mary Mother of the Church, during the Second Vatican Council, and already in this title we can understand the other three:

Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate

While speaking about the value of suffering, I would like to start the theme of Coredemption with a thought from St. Thomas Aquinas. He said that one drop of the blood of Jesus Christ would be enough to save the whole world, even hundreds of worlds. Yet we also know the words of St. Paul very well: “. . . to make up in my own body all the hardships that still have to be undergone by Christ for the sake of his body, the Church” (Col 1:24).

How can we describe this seeming contradiction? If one drop of the blood of Jesus is enough to save the world, why did Christ have to suffer so much, and why did the Church have to suffer so much in these 2000 years in order to save the world?

Our answer, dear friends, can only be one of faith. God, in His infinite mercy, wanted our cooperation in the redemption which His Son attained for the salvation of all souls. Just as He redeemed us through suffering, we can contribute in the work of redemption only through suffering. St. Paul testifies that Christ wants our contribution in the work of redemption through our suffering.

Our late beloved pope, John Paul II, used more than once the word “coredeemers” in his addresses to the sick. In an audience for the sick on September 8, 1982, he calls Our Lady “Coredemptrix.” He said:

My word goes out to you too, dear sick ones. I invite you to rejoice about the birth of the immaculate Mother, the Immaculata. Mary, who was conceived and born without any stain of sin, participated in a wonderful way in the sufferings of her son, in order to become Coredemptrix of mankind. You know that every pain which is united with the pain of the Redeemer has a great and irreplaceable value for the salvation of souls. Therefore, recognize the inestimable value of your great mission, for which I invoke the consolation of Mary, the deepest joy which the purest Mother’s heart has prepared for you.

John Paul II, who knew from personal experience the value of suffering, called on the Mother of God several times during his pontificate as “Coredemptrix of the human race.” In the light of the Gospel, we understand that we, too, can become coredeemers along with Mary, if we offer up our sufferings.

Our Lady of Fatima’s Invitation to Coredemption