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Who is the Lady of All Nations?

A Woman from Amsterdam Receives an Apparition from Our Lady

It is March 25, 1945.  A young woman in Amsterdam, Ida Peerdeman, is gathered with her sisters around the pot-bellied stove.  A priest friend of the family, Fr. Frehe, is presently visiting. As they are in lively talk, suddenly something strange happens.  Ida sees an overwhelming light. Her surroundings seem to disappear. From that light, a beautiful feminine figure comes forward and begins the communicate with Ida.  This would be the first of 56 apparitions that would continue until 1959.

The Heavenly Woman would later mention her name: “I am the Lady, Mary Mother of All Peoples.”  She explains that the Father and the Son have send her in order to help humanity.  She warns the world of “degeneration, disasters, and war,” and the danger of a third “world catastrophe.” She wants to save the peoples of the upcoming world, and unfolds her plan of salvation.  

The messages then start with several social and political predictions.  Specifically, in our own time, these messages reveal a staggering fulfillment, and are becoming more and more identifiable.  These predictions, however, are meant only as a sign of authenticity. The essence of the message is spiritual, and reveals a way to spiritual renewal and peace.

Visions of the Future

The Second World War in drawing to a close, as the Lady appears for the first time on March 25, 1945.  She puts up five fingers and announces that the war will end in May. In fact, Holland was liberated on the fifth of May.  She shows Ida the Rosary and encourages perseverance in its praying. Then, the Lady casts a glance further into the future.

The visionary gets a vision of the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt, and hear the words: “Israel will rise again.”  Indeed, in 1948, the new independent state of Israel is proclaimed.  This prediction, however, continues with a warning about the manner in which the Jewish people obtain possession of the land by ignoring the rights of the Palestinian people: “And Yahweh is ashamed of His People.” Today, this has become recognizable.

Also in 1945, the Cold War is manifested to Ida in several visions, and also the Iron Curtain, but, as well, its downfall. As Ida explains: “The Lady points to a bold line in Germany and states: “Europe is divided into two. “With my hand, I [Ida] grab it and throw it away.” This, however, does not mean peace.  The Lady emphasizes the necessity of a return to God and to his justice: “It is not to be found among the people: justice, truth, love.” The visionary then sees the Cross standing in the center of the world, and the Lady points to it.  Ida remarks, “I have to take it up, but I turn my head away. It is as if I represent humanity, and throw the Cross away from me.  ‘No,’ the Lady says, It must be taken up and put back into the center…first back to Him— only then is there true peace.”

A New Split in the World

The messages reveal a period of increasing moral degradation and disasters, which ends in total catastrophe, unless humanity converts: As Ida relays: “Then over Europe, I see heavy thick clouds coming, and, beneath that, big waves which sweep over Europe… The Lady says: ‘Europe, be warned. This is not only economic battle…  it is about ruining the spirit. Politico-Christian struggle…”. The time when this takes place, so the predictions state, will also be a time which experiences climate change: “Nature will change too… disaster on disaster…”.  We now know all about this.  “Meteors, be warned!” the Lady also adds.  It will also be a time of globalization.

Ida then recalls: “Then, in the distance, I see many Eastern Peoples.  “He will wake them up,” the Lady says.  She predicts a new division in the world. Ida explains: “Suddenly I see Cairo, and get a strange feeling about it. Then I see all kind of Eastern Peoples: Persians (Iranians), Arabs, etc. The Lady says: “The world is, so to speak, going to be torn in two. I now see the world before me and a big split coming, a crack that winds its way through the world.”  This, too, has become obviously visible in our own time.  

China, Russia, and the US  

Then Ida sees the Chinese people crossing a line. She says, “With my hand I must go up and down above Formosa (Taiwan) and Korea… ‘The war in Korea is just an omen and the beginning of great misery,” the Lady says. But Russia, also, will play its role: “The Russians will not leave it at that”, She warns. The effect of the dissolution of the Soviet Union will have serious impact: “Russia will do everything with pretence.” But the United States, is also to blame: “The Lady points to America and moves her finger in disapproval, while with a grave face she says:’ Don’t play off your policies too far! Then she makes me feel the Cross that also lies heavy over America, and warns: America… Russia. It is coming nearer.” What no one thought possible anymore, once again seems to have become possible. Our Lady warned of this already 60 years ago.

Chaos in the Middle East

The Lady points to the globe, and says: “Do see all these countries. Nowhere unity, nowhere peace. Everywhere tensions, everywhere unrest. The Lord Jesus Christ allows this. His time will come. But first there will be a time of commotion…  paganism, deniers of God, snakes, they will first try to rule this world”. In those times even between America and Europa will arise conflicts. The visionary sees the words written: “Trade War, boycotting, currencies, disasters”. Then I see the word ‘hunger’ and ‘political chaos’ written”. The Lady says: “This is not only for your country, but for the whole world”.  In the meantime, we can follow everything in the daily news.  But the center of all the chaos remains the Middle East. The visionary sees it in symbolic words and images: "Now I see a round dome. I am given to understand: that is a dome of Jerusalem. I hear now, In and around Jerusalem heavy battles will be waged… The gates are opening. The Eastern peoples are holding their hands before their faces in Jerusalem. They will wail over their city. There is a large well in which you all can wash yourselves…”.

The Spiritual Battle

As in Fatima so also in Amsterdam, Our Lady talks about the danger of world catastrophe, but always as being conditional.  She has been sent, precisely in order to avoid or mitigate it. The purpose of prophecy is not to announce an inevitable fate, but always rather to hold out a saving hand to humanity so as to prevent it.  Although, this requires conversion, repentance, and prayer.

This brings us to the essence of these messages, which is to testify to the spiritual battle going on in our times.  The social and political predictions are, in fact, just a prelude, as Our Lady points especially to the spiritual fight that exists veiled behind all external events.    Above all, she tries to bring home to the Church the serious and gravity of our times. It is necessary to act, and to act quickly: “The times are much too serious.  No one realizes how serious.

The Hand of Satan

Then the messages take a new turn.  Gradually, the divine plan unfolds by which the Lady may save the world, but first, she exposes, oftentimes, with concrete examples, the plan of her Adversary: “The hand of Satan goes all over the world, with die in it.  Do you know, Community, what this means…? The world is covered with a false spirit, Satan…this spirit is hard at work to influence and corrupt the world…this spirit tries to penetrate in all different forms, slowly and cunningly…”.  Already for decades, we have seen this diabolical reality taking place in the world.

Again and again, the Lady points to moral and spiritual degeneration as the core crisis in the Church and in the world, and the forces that are behind this: “Religion will have a hard struggle, and they want to trample it under foot. This will be done so cunningly that scarcely anyone will notice it.  But I am giving warning.”  Then, it is as though the Lady puts the Cross on a type of raised platform, and says: “Do you see this Cross?  That is where humanity must return to…Let the modern world, with all its technology, not forget this simple Cross!”


As early as 1951, Our Lady showed Ida a vision of the Second Vatican Council, and confirms the necessity of reforms and changes, disciplinary changes which include the formation of priests and religious. She is especially worried about Rome and the Vatican—it is in danger, but at the same time protected.  The visionary sees the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, and hears: “That shall and must be protected.  The other spirit is penetrating so dreadfully.”  Then, the Lady says: “That is the center…Let that remain the center!  The spirits of the world are working to destroy that center.  I will help you.” “Now I [Ida] notice that Our Lady is holding her hand above the Pope and St. Peter’s.  The Pope is sitting with his fingers raised, and above his head is written, ‘Fight.’  I see more and more fighting.  Then suddenly I see soldiers wearing high caps standing behind the Pope; they are raising two fingers.” Could this be a reference to Freemasony?

Mary and the Holy Eucharist

Sometimes, Our Lady becomes very concrete in her messages.  For example, she warns the celibacy is in danger from the inside, but that it must remain: “There are people who want this to be changed.  Only in great exceptions.”Often, refers to the Holy Eucharist as “the daily miracle,” and warns of errors concerning the Eucharist: “Warn the clergy about false doctrines, particularly concerning the Eucharist…”.  Ida then sees Our Lady shake her [head]vehemently: “No, nations, listen to what He said—not an idea, but Himself, under the appearance of a little bread, under the appearance of wine...Bring your children back to the Sacrifice, bring your children[people] back to the Sacrifice.”  Amsterdam has a special Eucharist mission: “I have chosen Amsterdam as the place of the Lady of All Nations. It is also the place of the Sacrament.  Understand this well.  In Amsterdam, therefore, she wants a new church to be built which will be dedicated to the Lady of All Nations, where people can find their Mother, and where her Eucharistic Son will be adored."

Men and Woman

Ida received a message concerning the proper role of men and women: “The Lady forms two rows of people. Now I see men standing to her right and women to her left. Then she points at the row of women with a compassionate look on her face. She shakes her head in pity and says, as though addressing those women: “Do you still know your task?” She then explains the extremely significant influence that women have on men: “Listen carefully. As a woman is, so is the man. You women, set the example. Return to your womanliness… Abandon all of your egoism and vanity, and try to bring to the center, the Cross, all children and those who are still wandering around grazing. Make sacrifice.”  Then she looks at the row of men and says: “I have one question for you, men: where are the soldiers for Christ?... from you, men, has tocome the strength and the will to lead the world to the sole Prince of this world, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

This Time is Our Time

Here we have the heart of her mission and her coming to Amsterdam.  Ida hears Our Lady saying: “I have said: this time is Our time. By this I mean the following: the world is caught up in degeneration and superficiality; it does not know which direction to turn. That is why the Father is sending me to be the Advocate, so that the Holy Spirit will come. For the world is not saved by force, the world will be saved by the Spirit. For it is nothing other than ideas which rule the world. Very well then, Church of Rome, know your task. Bring your ideas, bring Christ anew.’ Now the Lady remains standing without saying anything, as she gazes far into the distance. This lasts a while and then she says: ‘And the Lady stayed with her Apostles until the Spirit came.’  While she says this, that peculiar change comes over her face again; it is as if she were speaking from out of former times. I see priests and other people standing about her, as she says: ‘So also may the Lady come to her apostles and nations throughout the whole world, in order to bring them the Holy Spirit again and anew.”  

A New Prayer is Given

To invoke the Holy Spirit over our wounded world the Lady of all Nations gave a new, short and beautiful prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, send now your Spirit over the world. Let the Holy Spirit live in the hearts of all Nations, that they may be preserved from degeneration, disasters and war. May the Lady of all Nations, the Blessed Virgin Mary, be our Advocate. Amen” (1). She explains that time is pressing: “This time is Our time. Now the Father and the Son wants to be asked to send the Spirit. I recited to you the simple prayer and let you see how I wish to have it spread over the whole world…This simple prayer has been given for all peoples… All of you, no matter who or what you are, ask that the true Holy Spirit may come. This you shall ask the Father and the Son. The Divine Trinity will again reign over the world. The Lady stands here as the Advocate. The issue here is the Creator, not the Lady. Tell this to your theologians….” In the last 70 years the prayer has progressively been spread throughout the whole world. It has been translated in almost all languages, and has received the imprimatur from more then 60 bishops and cardinals.

A Message for the Pope

The prayer, Our Lady promises, has great power, especially when prayed with the Church.  She then addresses the Pope directly: “I have come today to bring a special message. Ask the Holy Father to pray the prayer, which Mary as Co-

redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, under the title ‘The Lady of All Nations’, has given to the world, and to lead the nations in praying it. Tell him: Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, teach your peoples this simple yet profound prayer. It is Mary, the Lady of All Nations, who asks this of you. You are the shepherd of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Tend your sheep. Know well, great threats are hanging over the Church, are hanging over the world. Now the moment has come for you to speak of Mary as Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, under the title ‘The Lady of All Nations’. Why is Mary asking this of you? Because she has been sent by her Lord and Creator so that, under this title and through this prayer, she may deliver the world from a great world catastrophe.”

The Last Marian Dogma

The last and most climactic element in the plan of the Lady of All Nations is the repeated request for the dogmatic proclamation by the Holy Father of her roles as Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate. If the Church solemnly proclaims her mission as Spiritual Mother of all Peoples, under the titles Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate, then She will be able to unfold her motherly mediating power in its fullest possible capacity.   She makes a promise:“The Lady of All Nations wishes for unity in the true Holy Spirit. The world is covered by a false spirit, by Satan. Once the dogma, the final dogma in Marian history, has been proclaimed, the Lady of All Nations will grant peace, true peace, to the world. The nations, however, must pray my prayer, together with the Church. They shall know that the Lady of All Nations has come as Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate. So be it.” (2)

Three Thoughts in One

Again and again, Our Lady explains why the dogma is necessary, and what it means.  Ida gets a vision, in which she sees a hand, which looks more like a claw. In the claw, there is a die. The Lady says: “Satan’s hand is passing over the whole world, holding a die. Do you know, Church, Community, what this means? Satan is still the prince of this world. He holds on to everything he can. That is why the Lady of All Nations had to come now, in this time. For she is the Immaculate Conception and thus the Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. These three thoughts in one. Theologians, do you hear this well?” She stressed that the dogma is not a Marian idea apart from Christ and his Cross and God’s great plan of Redemption.

Explanation for Theologians

Our Lady repeatedly offers explanation of the new dogma to the theologians: “Once again I say: the Son came into the world as the Redeemer of humanity. The work of redemption was the Cross. He was sent by the Father. Now, however, the Father and the Son wants to send the Lady throughout the whole world. For in the past, too, she went before the Son and followed Him. That is why I now stand on the world, on the globe. The Cross is firmly fixed upon it, implanted in it. Now the Lady places herself before it, as the Mother of the Son, who with Him accomplished this work of redemption. This image speaks for itself and shall already be brought into the world, because the world needs the Cross again.”

Still again, she addresses directly the theologians: “Because Mary is Co-redemptrix, she is also Mediatrix, she is also Advocate. Not only because she is the Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ, but -and mark this well - because she is ‘the Immaculate Conception.’ Theologians, I ask you: do you still have objections to this dogma?

Controversy But Ultimate Victory

At the same time, Mary foresaw that much controversy will arise over this final Marian dogma: “The Church, Rome, however, shall not be afraid to take up this struggle. It can only make the Church stronger and more powerful… Fight for and ask for this dogma. It is the crowning of your Lady.” … I know well, the struggle will be hard and bitter (and then the Lady smiles to herself and seems to gaze into the far distance), but the outcome is already assured.” This dogma will be the last Marian dogma, the Lady emphasizes, but also the most important one: “Just as the Son knew me, so did He take me back again. The final Marian dogma will be the greatest one: to stand as Co-redemptrix before the Cross in this time.”

For over 100 years, many bishops and faithful have been zealous for the cause of this last Marian dogma. Saints have spoken in favor of this. In our own time, millions of faithful and hundreds of cardinals and bishops have requested the Holy Father to proclaim this truth now, amidst our own grave and troubled global times-- not as a purely theological issue, but as a testimony of faith, that will allow the Lady of All Nations and the Mother of All Peoples to bring great grace and ultimately “peace, true peace to the world.”


(1) In 1995 Rome allowed the public veneration of Mary under the title ‘The Lady of all Nations’, as well as the prayer. In 2002 the local bishop stated that the apparitions in its essence consists of a supernatural origin. In 2005 the Congregation requested a small change in the prayer text. The original clause “who once was Mary” (which refers to the young woman of Nazareth who became the Spiritual Mother of all Peoples), was to be altered to prevent misunderstanding. In obedience this has been done. Presently, most translations use the phrase: “the Blessed Virgin Mary”. See for the prayer in its campaign form the relevant box.

(2) This required new dogma has a long history in theology and in the Tradition of the Church, as studies have shown. See for instance the penetrating study “With Jesus”, by Prof. Dr. Mark Miravalle. It is not unusual that also private revelation preceeds a dogma. The dogma of the Immaculate Conception, for instance, was preceded by the Marian apparitions to Catherine Labouré, Paris 1930. The dogma of Mary Assumption into Heaven was preceded by a Marian apparition to a young French boy, GillesdeBonheure. Mary showed him how her body was carried into heaven by angels. He had to tell Pope Pius XII about it, who 1950 received him in an audience.

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