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"Work on; fight for the Lady of All Nations."

April 4, 1954

Old Thoughts

I see the Lady standing there with a very serious look on her face. She says to me,

“Here I am again. Listen carefully! From the beginning, the Handmaid of the Lord was chosen to be the Coredemptrix. Tell your theologians that they can find everything in their books.”

Now I see an old library with lots of books. The Lady points this out to me. She pauses for a moment and smiles to herself as if inwardly amused. Nearly whispering, she says,

“I am not bringing a new doctrine. I am now bringing old thoughts.”

The Immaculate Conception

The Lady pauses again and then says, “Because Mary is Coredemptrix, she is also Mediatrix, she is also Advocate. Not only because she is the Mother of the Lord Jesus Christ, but––and mark this well––because she is the Immaculate Conception. Theologians, I ask you: do you still have objections to this dogma? You will be able to find these words and thoughts. I ask you to work for this dogma. No, do not be afraid! A fight will break out. They, the others, will attack you; but the simplicity of this dogma lies in these last thoughts which Mary, the Lady of All Nations, gives you today. Fight for and ask for this dogma. It is the crowning of your Lady.”

The Lady says all of this with emphasis on almost every word.

The Lady and the Holy Spirit – The Apostles

Then she gazes before herself for a long time. She has a peculiar expression on her face; it is as if she looks like Mary of long ago, when she was still in the world. Then she says,

“The Lady, the Handmaid of the Lord, was chosen and made fruitful by the Holy Spirit.”

Now the Lady pauses and I see a haze, a radiant veil coming about her. Then she says, very slowly,

“The Lady was chosen. She was also to be present when the Holy Spirit was received. The Holy Spirit had to come over the Apostles,” and, raising her forefinger, the Lady says with emphasis, “the first theologians! For this reason, the Lord wanted His Mother to be present there. His Mother, the Lady of All Nations, at the departure of her Son became the Lady of All Nations, the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate in the presence of one Apostle, one theologian as witness. For he had to care for the Mother. She had to care for her Apostles.”

As she says these last words, I first see someone from former times standing beside her, a young man in a long garment. Then that person is gone and I see several priests standing about her.

Keystone of Marian thought

Now the Lady looks at me and says with emphasis, “This is the last time that the Lady will speak about this dogma. She will return, but for other matters. Tell your theologians, however, that now they have everything in their hands. Now they have to fulfill the will of the Lord Jesus Christ. This dogma must come as a keystone of Marian thought. Tell the theologians that the Lady of All Nations wants to see this fulfilled.”

The Pope – The Sacrista

Now the Lady spreads out her arms as if she were holding them protectively over something. Then I see the Holy Father, Pope Pius XII. The Lady says, “I will assist the Holy Father. Mark my words well. He will receive the strength yet to prepare everything. Many changes are to come."

Now I clearly see the Lady standing above St. Peter’s, and everything there seems to be spinning around. The Lady says, “The Holy Father is to carry out his lofty plan as quickly as he can! Tell him that the Lady of All Nations has helped him and will stand by him with the strength he needs. The Holy Father knows everything already. The Lady will give him the strength he needs.”

Now the Lady looks very compassionately at Pope Pius XII. Very softly and almost pityingly she says, “He knows what he has.”

Then the Lady brings her hands back to their usual position and says with emphasis, “Tell the Sacrista that everything will turn out fine. He shall act and carry through with this cause, in the way the Lady asks of him.”

Message for the Bishop

Now the Lady looks at me again and smiles. Moving her finger to and fro, she says, “Now for your bishop. You shall ask him to make known the prayer and the messages.”

I then see a bishop. I do not know which one. I say to the Lady, “He won’t do it; I am so frightened about having to say that.” The Lady looks at me compassionately, and she says, smiling, “Do not be afraid, child, but simply ask this. Tell him that the time has now come. He can give consent that it is my prayer. He can give consent to the building of the church. The signs are in my words––tell him that. Tell him also that the Lady wants her image to be placed in public now, and with it the words that the prayer comes from his Mother Mary, who wants to be his Lady of All Nations, too. Tell him: Mary is taking full responsibility for this.

Later I will give more signs, when my words have ceased. I shall return and speak to the nations. All of this had to precede.”

The Hand of Satan

Then the Lady gazes before herself very seriously. Around the globe on which she is standing, it is as if I would see heavy clouds going by, while the globe is spinning around. The Lady points at that globe and says very sadly, “Look at the world. Mark well what I am going to tell you.”

Now the Lady holds up her right hand, opened towards me. I see a large die lying in it. Then the Lady moves that hand as if she were shaking it over the world. Suddenly the scene changes. I now see a very different hand, more like a claw, which leaves me with a horrid, ghastly impression. In the claw, too, there is a die. The Lady says, “Satan’s hand is passing over the whole world, holding a die. Do you know, Church, Community, what this means? Satan is still the prince of this world. He holds on to everything he can. That is why the Lady of All Nations had to come now, in this time. For she is the Immaculate Conception and thus the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate. These three thoughts in one. Theologians, do you hear this well?”

And it is as if the Lady would put three parts of something into one another, into one whole. Then she says, “The Lady had to bring her prayer now over this satanic world. For the Holy Spirit is still to come over the peoples. Understand this message well. Pray my prayer then, peoples, that the Holy Spirit shall really and truly come.”

At this last sentence the Lady held up her hands, folded, as if to show people how they should pray.

Sacrifice and Fight

Then the Lady pauses again, and she looks at me very seriously, yet with a smile. She says, “And you, child, you are afraid to pass on all of this? Then the Lady tells you: let them come with all their needs, spiritual and bodily. The Lady is here and she will bring them back and help them. Make a sacrifice of your life. Tell your spiritual director that the Lord always chooses the weak for His exalted plans. He can be at ease.”

Now the Lady gazes into the distance and says, “And to all the others: work on; fight for the Lady of All Nations, who must come in this time. I will help them. I will return on May 31st.”

And then the Lady goes away very slowly.

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