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“All Generations Shall Call Me Blessed”

Updated: May 29, 2020

Blessed! Who is this blessed one

Whom every age shall praise?

And who spoke this prophetic word

Of all the coming days?

Mary, the Mother of our God,

With soul inspired by grace; So in our hearts and on our lips

Let her sweet praise have place.

O Virgin pure! O blessed one!

We hail thee lovingly; Rejoicing while our lips fulfil

Thy words of prophecy.

And most we love in thy fair month

To sing thy purity, And how the Mighty One hath done

Such wonderous things to thee.

And while we praise, and while we bless,

Our hearts call out to thee, O Mary, Mother, for His sake

Do thou our Mother be!


Virgin full of goodness, Mother of Mercy, I recommend

to thee my body and my soul, my thoughts, my actions,

my life, and my death. O my Queen! help me, and deliver

me from all the snares of the devil; obtain for me the grace

of loving my Lord Jesus Christ, thy Son, with a true and

perfect love, and after Him, O Mary, to love thee with

all my heart and above all things. Amen.

-St. Thomas Aquinas

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