Saint John Eudes - Heart of Mary, Mirror of God’s Wisdom and Truth

Updated: May 30, 2020

Divine wisdom and truth are communicated to the holy Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary in no lesser degree than Divine power and strength.

If the Holy Spirit assures us that the soul of the just man is the seat of Divine Wisdom, we can well say that the Heart of Mary, Mother of Jesus, is the throne of this same Wisdom, the highest and most magnificent throne that it ever had or shall have on earth and in heaven.

The Heart of Mary is not merely the throne of Wisdom, but its living image, for it is the Heart of the Mother of Him whom Sacred Scripture calls “the wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:21-24). In Christ are all the treasures of the wisdom and knowledge of God, and He certainly dispensed them in an incomparably higher manner to His Mother than to King Solomon and all the sages and wise men of the universe.

Mundane prudence and the wisdom of the flesh never found admittance into her wise Heart, which was and still is an inexhaustible treasure and bottomless abyss of angelic prudence, holy science, heavenly light and wisdom divine, because her luminous Heart always was and ever shall be the abode of the Eternal Sun and of Uncreated Wisdom, Who has always dwelt therein. It is the city mentioned by the Prophet Isaias: “One shall be called the city of the Sun” (Isa. 19:18).

St. Bernardine of Siena expressly states that Our Lady was so completely filled with the light of Divine Wisdom from her mother’s womb that from the initial moment of her existence she possessed a perfect general knowledge of the Creator and of all irrational, rational and intellectual creatures. (1) Our Lady knew all these things in God, as in their first and universal cause, for God was the single object of her gaze as well as of her love. She saw God in all things, and all things in God. She beheld God in all creatures, as the principle, end, center, exemplar, author and preserver of every created being, and she saw every creature in God as participating in His sovereign Being and divine perfections. God loves all that is, and hates nothing that He has made, according to the divine word: “Thou lovest all things which thou hast made” (Wis. 2:25), so also the Holy Heart of the Mother of God was always filled with affection and even respect for all God’s creatures. She looked upon the reasonable and intellectual beings as images and semblances of God; she considered the irrational and insentient beings as marks and vestiges of God; in a word, she saw in all creatures the expression of the wisdom of God and participations in His Divinity. If the Heart of the Mother of the Eternal Sun was thus bathed in divine splendors from the beginning of her life, judge of her progress and her end. As her heart ever grew in grace and love, so also it increased in light and wisdom.

“Mary is rightly represented as clothed with the sun,” says St. Bernard, “for she has penetrated into the profound abyss of divine Wisdom more deeply that we can think or believe, to such an extent, indeed, that she seems to have become immersed in that inaccessible light, so far as it is possible for a creature who does not have a personal union with God.” (2)

Since our incomparable Mother is in heaven, entirely absorbed in the ocean of eternal wisdom and knowledge, and as God has made her partaker of His empire and associated her in His divine kingship, establishing her Queen and Empress of Heaven and earth, and communicating to her His own dominion over every creature, so has God filled her Heart with the light of His adorable wisdom, that she may know